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Umenyiora and Tuck, not highly rated in their draft

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    Originally posted by jvw View Post
    Tom Brady
    Compared to how many others? If you would read my second post you will find that I said that to prove the point that one can't always get good talent in the later rounds and it's safer to pick what looks like a better player than gamble on a later pick. I'm not lessoning the later rounds, I'm saying getting good players in them are rarer than earlier rounds.
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      I think a lot of the success that the Giant defensive line recieved towards the END of the season is related to the scheme that the defensive coordinator was running. Individually - Tuck, Strahan, and Umenyiora are all very talented players - playing in the right scheme. How often did the Giants rush only FOUR lineman during the playoff and superbowl run? Answer: not very often on passing situations. The defensive coordinator was clevelry inserting blitzes on obvious passing downs generating significant pressure that the Patriots could not handle.

      The Broncos seem to rush four for majority of the game and specifically passing situations. They are not an attack defense like the Giants played in the playoffs. They have been a read and react defensive philoshy. Hopefully that changes, but that is what I was hoping for when Coyer left.


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        Originally posted by RC278430 View Post
        How often did the Giants rush only FOUR lineman during the playoff and superbowl run?

        "Their front four is what really set the tone for four quarters," said New England's Randy Moss, who admitted the Patriots couldn't match the Giants' intensity.

        "Those guys (on the defensive line) should be the most valuable," Giants wideout Amani Toomer said. "They went after (Brady) with a vengeance."

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