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    If we go free agency for more then Fodder and to end up productive I would say Lance Briggs would be the first and foremost addition Denver should think about, but that depends on Shanahan. But if we would waste a pick on Connors who I believe will be a big flop as a pro, and while it may be expensive we all know he is worth it...but if we are keeping D.J. in the middle then going after a good overall veteran would be a good idea and maybe Bailey would do alright as a will-backer and we have depth with Winborn, Gold, Webster, Williams and Beck so one of them will be good enough as at the sam position, I do not believe we need a lot to be a better linebacker unit overall. If we do move D.J. outside again...then I think the wise choice would be Briggs hands down.

    And if we can trade for either Rogers or Spears we would already be much better, the thing is the more we eliminate the more we can move to get quality in the draft...

    If we somehow got Marcus Spears or Shaun Rogers (and) either Lance Briggs or Boss Bailey I think it would already be an improvement.

    If we could get Marcus Spears and Lance Briggs that would be awesome...either way I believe we will be much better then we were...


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      bernard berrian... he would be a great #2 and compliment marshall well, so would stallworth who would be good and cheaper too.
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        My wish-list would be:

        Alan Faneca (He is a FA?)
        Shaun Rogers
        Al Wilson - Since we need an LB, we may as well get one that knows our defense.

        If not Wilson, maybe Vilma. I don't think DJ would mind moving back to Will if Vilma was brought in...Although this would mean all 3 LBs will be from The U. DJ, Webster, Vilma.


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          I don't think Boss would be a terrible idea. If he would come to Denver at a cheap price he would be a slight upgrade over Webster or Gold, but only if he's cheap.

          I would love to see us sign Jordan Gross and Ken Hamlin, throw that in with a trade for Shaun Rogers and I'd say we would have a pretty good start to our off-season!


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            Jordon Gross.

            He had a fantastic year in Carolina's first year in a ZBS. He is a natural right tackle, should be kind of expensive, but won't break the bank. Plus, he's a good character guy.

            You put Gross at RT and then move Pears to LT to compete with Ryan Harris and all of a sudden our OLine problems do not look so bad. I think this could be a tremendous move.


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              If Boss will sign with us for a respectable salary then I dont mind the pick up, but I definately dont want to pay out our a$$ for him, just because of his brother. As for Rodgers, I am tired of trying to patch the line with people who are in the twighlight of their careers. I would much rather see the broncosgo after Briggs than Bailey, and what about possibly going after a OG like Faneca.


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                my wish list would be Lance Briggs, Michael Turner, Shawn Rogers, Boss Bailey