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  • I found this hilarious

    What a weak argument. Seriously he can't break tackles WHAT!!!! And on top of that you pick a video to support your argument when there are plenty other videos that disprove your argument.

    My argument against McFadden
    Posted by Ian
    On January 14th, 2008 at 01:01

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    Posted in Running Backs McFadden is too small:
    Many people compare D-Mac to Adrian Peterson, and there’s the common misconception that he’s a bigger guy. McFadden is listed at 6′2, 205. Lets take a look at the height/weight ratios of the top 20 running backs in yardage from this year:
    1.) Ladainian Tomlinson (5′10, 221)
    2.) Adrian Peterson (6′1, 220)
    3.) Brian Westbrook (5′10, 205)
    4.) Willie Parker (5′10, 210)
    5.) Jamal Lewis (5′11, 245)
    6.) Clinton Portis (5′11, 220)
    7.) Edgerrin James (6′0, 220)
    8.) Willis McGahee (6′0, 232)
    9.) Fred Taylor (6′1, 228)
    10.) Thomas Jones (5′10, 215)
    11.) Marshawn Lynch (5′11, 215)
    12.) LenDale White (6′1, 235)
    13.) Frank Gore (5′9, 223)
    14.) Joseph Addai (5′11, 214)
    15.) Justin Fargas (6′1, 220)
    16.) Brandon Jacobs (6′4, 264)
    17.) Steven Jackson (6′1, 231)
    18.) Marion Barber (6′0, 221)
    19.) Ryan Grant (6′1, 224)
    20.) Earnest Graham (5′9, 225)

    There are only 2 players listed UNDER 215, Willie Parker and Brian Westbrook. Both of those players run between the tackles and get tough yards, something McFadden does not do. Not mention they are both 3 inches shorter as well. As for the comparison to Peterson, his build isn’t even close to AP. Adrian Peterson is 6′2, 220. If you don’t remember, last year at the combine, AP was one of the strongest running backs, which I can assure you McFadden won’t be this year. Watch McFadden run compared to Peterson. McFadden hits holes fasts, explodes through them, and runs 60 yards barely touched. Peterson would break like 5 tackles on his way to a 60 yard run. Watch these videos. Although it’s a small portion of their carries, you can see the difference in running styles. It’s not even close.

    Adrian Peterson

    Darren McFadden

    McFadden Can’t Break Tackles:

    McFadden is like Reggie Bush in my opinion, only 2 inches taller with less agility. He does not have the ability to run over someone. He has a good stiff-arm. But in the NFL, linebackers and safeties are much faster and stronger and he will not be able to rely on that. The most successful runners in the NFL have the ability to run through tackles and bounce of people.

    When I say he doesn’t have great agility, I mean that he’ll have to be a speed back in the NFL to be successful, and to be a speed back, you have to have amazing agility. Guys like Reggie Bush and Warrick Dunn come to mind. They can’t break tackles, but they can move laterally so quickly to make people miss. He won’t be able to run past everyone in the NFL.

    There’s a huge difference between being a college RB and an NFL RB. McFadden is a great college RB. I don’t think his game translates that well to the NFL.

    After watching him in a few Arkansas games this year, McFadden wont initiate contact to defenders, he tries to run around them. The guys that can initiate contact and explode into defenders are the ones that are successful in the NFL. Peterson, Jones-Drew, Ryan Grant, Brian Westbrook, LT, just a few that come to mind that make their living by playing physically.

    So Who’s Number 1?

    Personally, I believe that Jonathan Stewart is the number 1 running prospect this year. He’s 5′11, 230 lbs. Has been clocked at a 4.34. Will be the strongest running back in this class. Check out his profile on Oregon’s website. His measurables are unbelievable. He’s more of a pro-style running back, but he played in an option system at Oregon that fits the style of more of a speed back like Slaton/Devine over at West Virginia.

    I know I disagree with most of the “experts” on this one. But how many times have these “experts” been wrong. Reggie Bush was supposed to be the best player to come out since Barry Sanders. Charles Rogers was supposed to be the next Randy Moss. Mike Williams was supposed to be the next Keyshawn. Cedric Benson the next Ricky Williams. I could go on and on. Once again, they’ll be wrong

    For the lazy people.

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    i found that accurate IMO

    i do not think McFadden will be a very good back in the NFL,


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      First off you can't judge a player by there height and weights. You can compare but don't say just because he is lighter he won't be good. I happen to think he will be a very good Running back in the NFL. Going by your logic i guess Barry Sanders wasn't a good running back at 5-8 203. Okay so he isn't as short as Barry but at 6-2 he will put on weight during his first couple years just like everyone on your list that you just named would. It's funny how alot of haters talked about Peterson last year how he would not amount to anything cause he exposes himself to the hit. Well this year all of his big runs he isn't hit by anyone and on his other runs he absorbs the hits. So I hope McFadden proves you wrong.


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        Yea, Mcfadden sucks, hopfully the 1st 11 teams read this and passes him up so we can draft him, the guy is going to be a superstar. and if we were able to some how get him behind our run blocking, WOW


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          Well everyone was crowning Reggie Bush as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everyone here in Houston put Kubiak under the bus backed up and ran him over again because he took Super Mario. Well Kubiak looks like a genius now doesn't he?

          Only reason to draft McFadden so high is to sell tickets. Why do you think Jerry Jones is so enamored with McFadden? It isn't just because McFadden is a Arkansas grad like Jones, it's because Jerry Jones wants a big name to open his new stadium with. Jones is a business man and he knows the best back for the past 2 years playing in the same region he went to college at will be a big ticket seller.

          McFadden is dropping on big boards. Don't be surprised if he takes an AP dip like last year. Why? He is similar to Reggie Bush, and also the last 2 backs from the same school that went in the first round that shared the carries in college, have shown durability issues (Brown/Williams-Auburn).


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            C'mon McFadden Hype Machine, keep that kid in the top 5 so we can Snag Stewart or Mendenhall. then laugh at the team who got him when he finally bust

            Btw. McFadden has made me leery of his high position but If he can deliver then all the power to the team but this kid may end up disappearing from his team making him a non-factor in many games. Yet thats my Honest view of the guy.
            McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

            Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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              Originally posted by BroncoKazuki View Post
              C'mon McFadden Hype Machine, keep that kid in the top 5 so we can Snag Stewart or Mendenhall. then laugh at the team who got him when he finally bust

              Btw. McFadden has made me leery of his high position but If he can deliver then all the power to the team but this kid may end up disappearing from his team making him a non-factor in many games. Yet thats my Honest view of the guy.
              i agree how man of his yards came out of the hog formation . . . . . too dang many, thats why i dont compare him to Peterson,

              adrian was a true RB McFadden is more of a hybrid like Bush just taller


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                The biggest knock on McFadden by sportswriters is his vision to find the open hole. McFadden tends to try to bull through defenders. In the NFL this style of running will not work out too well. More so if he is drafted by a team with a weak offensive line. Even if he does well at the combine, it does not reveal good vision as one of it's factors. This is why Mendenhall is being projected as being ahead of McFadden.


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                  Originally posted by SBboundBRONCOS View Post
                  i found that accurate IMO

                  i do not think McFadden will be a very good back in the NFL,
                  I think he will be good if he goes to the right team. He will not be a good back if he is brought to a team that uses him for power, it just won't work. He is the type of back that needs a bruiser to wear down the defense before he comes in and rips them to shreds. He won't be a bust, imo, but he needs to be picked by the right team. I don't see the Dolphins taking him, they trade down but stay in the top 10. I hate to say it but if the faiders trade up to snag him he will be deadly


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                    By the way just looked it up he has recently been measured at 6-2 215.

                    This is Scott Wright's scouting report on him.

                    An outstanding natural athlete...Has very good size...Excellent timed speed with a burst...Has great vision and instincts...Big play threat who can take it the distance at any time..Elusive with nice feet..Quick and agile...Real strong...Tough and loves contact...Runs hard and does not go down easy...Has decent hands and can be a weapon in the passing game..Plays with a nasty demeanor..Extremely productive.

                    Has some off-the-field and character questions...Legs and lower body are a little thin....Might run too high and open himself up to big hits...Could still improve as a blocker...Does not have a ton of experience as a receiver...Did not really play in a conventional offense in college and shared the workload...Ball security is an issue.

                    Burst onto the scene as a true freshman...The Heisman Trophy runner-up as both a sophomore and a junior...In the summer of '06 he dislocated his toe (which later required surgery) while trying to kick someone during a fight outside a night club at 4am...In January of 2008 was handcuffed during a disturbance outside of a bar shortly after midnight because according to the police report he was agitated and provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident....Often worked as a shotgun quarterback in the Razorbacks "Wildcat" package and showed the ability to throw the ball...Pure football player with all the physical tools who is as good or perhaps an even better prospect than Adrian Peterson was coming out...A rare talent who should rank amongst the top running backs in the NFL very early in his pro career.


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                      Also never ever said Reggie Bush was going to be a great rusher in the NFL. The reason why he was such a great prospect was because he was a threat no matter where he was on the field and you could put him just about anywhere. Look at Brian Westbrook he is not even close to being the best rusher in the NFL but his versatility keeps the defense guessing. Reggie Bush will not be a bust he will end up being a Pro-Bowler in the near future. Mcfadden will also be a great running back.


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                        I agree man. McFadden was a phenominal college player, but I just don't think he'll pan out in the NFL. He's like the Dennis Dixon of the HB class. It just wont' work, he's too skinny and too much of his play is based on finesse. You won't find many scrubs on any football team in the league, other than the Bengals. Half backs have to be able to get those tough yards.

                        Adrian Peterson on the other hand gives me nightmares.