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T. Green and Marty Booker released today Should Shanny Capitilize?

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    I think its so funny how whenever a player is released from another team everyone is always like "OMG! Should we take a chance on him!" C'mon guys.. Marty Booker? Trent Green? You cant be serious..


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      Just asking I want to pick the brains of my fellow bronc fans. Not sayin has to play 1 WR maybe 3rd or 4th string but can we consider a vet playing for us like marty? I live in MIami So I also watch Miami games and I witness Booker in Action and he is pretty solid
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        No disrespect intended cause I like Green and Booker, but we don't need either of them, and seriously, if they couldn't stay on the rosters for the, I dunno, I do like Booker, if he came cheap and was our #4 guy, why not?


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          Originally posted by sbutk View Post
          I'm not defending Booker, just questioning your analytical skills on display right here...

          8 games played by Walker to 15 games played by Booker equates to roughly 0.53. Scale Booker's reception total accordingly, and you get 26-27 (i.e. Javon's). Do likewise with the yardage total, and Javon could be expected to amass 297 yards.

          So, while Booker's totals certainly do not represent WR production that I would jump for joy over, I see it as no worse than Javon's. So I'm curious to know how you would consider this "stinking it up"?

          You cant look at it that way because Javon played only a couple of plays in some of those games.


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            Originally posted by jlhawkins9 View Post
            You cant look at it that way because Javon played only a couple of plays in some of those games.

            And Booker's situation was different?

            ...I'm asking, I really don't know. I'm not one to keep tabs on every player in the NFL. And if that was a caveat of the initial argument, you'd think it would've been stated.
            They're your teammates, now.
            Best of luck, TT!
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            sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

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