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    Originally posted by Max Power
    I would puke if that's our draft. For one, we don't need Harvey, and two, Okam is a big reach in early round 2 at this point.
    Why wouldn't we 'need' Harvey?

    Moss and Ekuban are recovering from major injuries...and even if they both come back, Harvey has the ability to play both sides opposite of Moss or Dumervil...and I would rather have 'too many' pass rush threats than not enough, which is what we currently have
    Now, Part II
    To me Okam is no differnt than Shaun Rogers or Kris Jenkins when they left school and fell into the second round, which is where I think Okam will end up. You are going to see him rise during the Combine because he has unusual physical just don't find many men that are 6'3 1/2"-328 that can move the way he can move or do the things he can do. He is also a perfect fit for what the Broncos want, which is why Shanahan has chased DT's of a similar build in the past...they also have a history of selecting multiple players from the same school, so the fact that they selected Crowder
    means they respect what Texas does Defensively, so Okam would not suprise me at all...
    DT's Okam's size do not grow on trees, and no one is going to just give you a Kevin Williams or whoever in trade, so you have to draft and develop your own, and Okam's physical abilities make him worth drafting IMO, because if you hit on him, he could be the final piece in a great D-Line puzzle with Thomas, Moss, Crowder and Harvey, me, he is no more of a 'reach' than any other player you would take in the second round, or they wopuld have been drafted already.

    So , you could say you would hate this Draft for now, but in four years, you might be singing quite a different tune.


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      Originally posted by lancane
      Or cause us to be a team which still can not win more then nine games in a season! Hahaha...
      So how is that any different from any other draft scenario?


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        Originally posted by MindField
        So how is that any different from any other draft scenario?
        Simple, I was just stating their is no sure-fire matter the reasoning behind people's decisions it does not mean we will improve or get worse, that depends on more then one addition to this team.


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          Originally posted by AllEyezOnZach27
          Just what we need. Two players that wont do anything to our defense for at least 1 maybe 2 years. We have plenty of youth at DE, they just need to get more experience and playing time. Moss, Crowder, Thomas and Dumervil all have amazing potential and can all become Pro-Bowl players. They just need time to develop and we will see what they are really made of.

          Harvey would just be another rookie that we would have to wait for due to the adjustment to the NFL game for d-linemen. Everybody is looking at how the Giants won the Super Bowl this year and wants to copy them but every single Super Bowl winner has won the game a different way. If Shanny is going to bring us back to Super Bowl contenders its not going to be a hard-core defensive team. He stated himself that he wants the same type of defense that we had when we won in '97 and '98. One that doesnt give up a lot of points and can make big plays but is never asked to win the game. We are an offensive team and always will be until Shanny is no longer the coach.

          I agree that we need to fix the defense but there is no need what-so-ever to turn the team into something that it isnt. BPA/need is the way to go not reach/need!
          All I know is that I watched the combination of Jarvis Moss, Derrick Harvey and Stephen Harris absolutely destroy what was considered to be a great Ohio St O-Line, and be the major force behind pulling off one of the biggest upsets in College football history. I see no reason why the players that played for the best College football team that year (Florida), in the biggest game of the year in College football's National Championship could not develop to a very good, if not great squad in the NFL...that means they played at a dominant level at the highest level of competition in College football, so why wouldn't that have a chance to translate to the NFL? To me, that makes no sense.

          Harvey is considered a better prospect than Moss was, and can rush from either side. He also could give us three dominant pass-rushing DE's, which very few teams can match. That would allow the Broncos to maximize their matchup potential with each player, rotate them, and keep them fresh.

          To me, the two qualities you have to have in becoming a great Defense is the ability to stop the run and harass the QB, and with this collection of players, we would have a chance to do just that. Would that take time? sure....but don't tell me that isn't the case with any rookie, because it is. Especially some O-Lineman, who the Broncos NEVER play as rookies.

          Nothing in the draft is a guarantee, so before you criticize this one too far, you better have a better, sure-fire, no fail answer...but of course, you don't, because there is no such thing come draft time.

          But most of all, I would argue that getting a pass rusher of Harvey's talents, on the heel of drafting Dumervil and Moss is a special opportunity, because you just don't get a chance to draft pure pass-rushers that me, next to QB, they are the single-hardest commodity to come by in the you take 'em when you get the chance, period.
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            No matter how you slice it, we need productivity from our d-line. We can't just count on rookies either, we need some more veteran leadership with good work ethic in here to teach the young guys on the d-line.