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    Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
    Taylor Mays, Nic Harris, Myron Rolle are all SS. Derek Pegues is the best FS in that class right now and he would be second best if KP went back for his senior year.
    Neg, they are slated as SS but they also play FS.

    a Safety is a Safety but Taylor Mays is fast and could be a major ball hawk.
    McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

    Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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      Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
      so phillips had an off junior year he is still the best overall safety in the draft, so like it or not dont be suprised if in the end denver gets him wit the 12th pick. Since DT is thin in the 1st, safety, OL, and RB are very likely targets four our 1st rd pick.

      i wouldnt be upset if we got phillips, but i would prefer getting S quentin Demps, or S jamar adams who i feel are severely underated and will do quite well at the next level
      Jamie Silva, Craig Steltz, and Corey Lynch are the only other safety prospects in this draft that pique my interest.