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    Originally posted by chhtuson27 View Post
    Felix Jones is a good option if hes available-Green Ellis is not as good as Jones. Felix Jones can run to the outside, or cutback to the inside. Hes great on screens. hes faster than D-Mac and had a better rush avg (10) than McFadden did. Jones was great here in Ar so he can do good. He might be available late because all attention will be on McFadden and not his back up. Jones is one of the top 10 backs in the draft and in my bold opinion-i admit is very bold-could be the next Westbrook-very underrated. Thats my opinion and copmaring him to Brian is a stretch

    Jones is in the 1st round. He may be out of reach but it would still be workable and he's better then most of the RB's after the first.
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      Hart or Forte

      I thought Hart would be a second day choice, but it looks like he is moving up pretty fast. What caught my mind is how low Matt Forte is rated. This is strictly because he didn't play in games against high ranked defenses. If he falls to the fifth or sixth round, lightening just may strike twice ala Telrell Davis. Here is his 2007 season: Two games of 300+ yards! Five games over 200 yards. 2127 yards rushing. 282 yards receiving. 23 touchdowns. And Shanny's favorite, 0 FUMBLES IN HIS WHOLE COLLEGE CAREER! Yes, I yelled that.
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