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Zach Thomas shoots down Denver...

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  • Zach Thomas shoots down Denver...

    Broncos, Thomas end talks
    By Bill Williamson
    The Denver Post
    Article Last Updated: 02/21/2008 02:43:33 PM MST

    INDIANAPOLIS — The Zach Thomas-to-Denver talk is dead.

    His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said Thursday afternoon at the NFL combine that Thomas will not visit Denver. Rosenhaus did say he and the Broncos had preliminary talks about the middle linebacker but they will not continue dialogue.

    "It's not going to happen in Denver," Rosenhaus said.

    Denver was one of six teams to make contact with Rosenhaus after Thomas was cut last week by Miami. He already has visited New England and New Orleans, and the Patriots have an offer out to Thomas, who will visit Dallas and Houston next week.

    Denver is looking for a linebacker. If the Broncos pursue a middle linebacker, DJ Williams would move to weakside linebacker. Rosenhaus said the Broncos asked about Dan Morgan, who was cut by Carolina two weeks ago, but no serious talks have occurred.

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    Hopefully Morgan shoots us down too.


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        I really hope we get DJ back to weakside, I know its been brought up before but I would love to Trade Javon and some picks to the Jets for Vilma, get Vilma and DJ back together.
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          Zach Thomas said he wanted to go to a team he viewed as being able to win a super bowl. We are not that team right now.


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            Good!!!! Who wants to sign a 50 year old linebacker anyways? He can go ahead and sign with the patriots and get his senior citizens discount along with the rest of their linebackers.


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              Oh no, you mean the old, concussion prone vet doesn't want to play for us? What ever shall we do?! With such a crushing blow, I'm calling it here guy. No playoffs, loosing season, worst record in the league. All because of Zach Thomas.


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                If New England signs him, then the Broncos will play against him this year.


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                  Originally posted by Bronco_Rob View Post
                  Zach Thomas said he wanted to go to a team he viewed as being able to win a super bowl. We are not that team right now.
                  If that were his only criteria then he wouldn't be visiting Houston and New Orleans.

                  The article didn't say that Thomas shot down the Broncos; it just said that dialogue will not continue. For all we know, the Broncos asked what kind of contract he was looking for and politely laughed Rosenhaus out of the talks.

                  Whatever the reason, I think this is a blessing in disguise. Thomas would have been a short term solution and a questionable one at that. I'd rather we try someone younger, cheaper and with more upside. Thomas looks like downside to me; whoever signs him will be lucky if he regains his prior form and doesn't screw them.
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