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My dream draft...for now. (I put alot of effort into this)

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  • My dream draft...for now. (I put alot of effort into this)

    Ok. I'm going to try and do one of these.

    I did my best to provide both REASON, and information to back up my picks. Its ALOT of information, and I don't expect anyone to read it all, although I tried to bold important parts.

    This is only my opinion of what we should do, based on what I think I know. I'm going to do my best to give good reasons for each pick, but its just my opinion, and im sure many will disagree.

    Finally, NO draft pick is guaranteed to work out so at best, ANY "mock draft" is educated guesses at best, right?


    1.) Kenny Phillips

    Ht: 6-3 Wt: 195 40: 4.55
    Position: S
    Year: Class of 2005
    High School: Carol City
    (Miami, FL)
    College: Miami (FL)

    Phillips (pre-combine) is alone as the elite talent at safety in the draft this year. Admittedly, this pick is risky because it absolutely requires that we get a solid DT top improve the D line. The potential reward for this pick though, to me, outweighs the risk. Phillips can play free or strong, and would play an important role in the back field with or ith out John Lynch. Kenny Phillips IS NOT by any means, Sean Taylor or Steve Atwater. He is, a guy who will have a solid 10+ year career with a few pro-bowls. He POTENTIALLY, could be a great player with many probowls.


    Compares To: SEAN TAYLOR-Washington...Like Taylor, Phillips is a very efficient tackler working inside the box, sort of like a linebacker with the way he squares his shoulders and sticks his hat into the action. He has good pass-coverage skills, but can be fooled by the receiver's head fakes or by the play-action in the backfield. He has great confidence in his timed speed and has seen action at cornerback because of it. His body is well-built, but there is still room for additional growth without having the added weight impact his overall quickness. If he is not the first safety taken in the 2008 NFL Draft, it would be a major surprise. He could be a very nice replacement for the late Sean Taylor in Washington's attacking defensive scheme.
    He is a leader on the field, and a vocal player. Something we sorely lack.He gets his teammates into position, and he is a high character player. He does not off-field issues. If any can find PROOF, that he is been involved in an big off-field incident post a link.

    Here is a Scouts Inc. analysis.

    Strengths: Reads routes well, shows excellent range in zone coverage and is experienced playing a centerfielder-type role(Thats important if he is playing with Lynch, who if most effective in the box on run support.. Changes directions well, explodes out of cuts and is capable of matching up with slot receivers as well s tight ends in man coverage. Times jumps well, fights for the ball while it?s in the air and can come down with jump balls. Aggressive, reads opposing quarterbacks? eyes and flashes the ability to make plays on coverage. Fills hard when reads run, closes well and flashes the ability to deliver the big hit. While doesn?t always do a great job of breaking down, generally wraps up upon contact and is an adequate open field tackler. Vocal, gets teammates into position and is a leader on the field.

    Weaknesses: Has the second gear to recover in most situations but can be overaggressive, is vulnerable to play action and gets caught out of position too much. Lacks elite ball skills and a player with his talent should be more of a playmaker. Doesn?t read keys all that well and takes too many false steps. Lacks elite size and can get engulfed by linemen. Takes too long to shed blocks, occasionally avoids contact and is going to be more effective playing off the line than he?ll be lining up in the box(No problem with Lynch). Takes poor angles to the ball, can overrun plays and should make more plays in pursuit. Tough and can play through pain but missed the final three games of the 2006 season with a broken thumb and durability is somewhat of a concern.

    Overall: Phillips is slightly undersized and he needs to get stouter against the run but he?s willing in run support and he?s tall enough to add weight without sacrificing speed. More importantly, he covers a lot of ground in zone coverage and can match up in man coverage making him the most complete safety in this year?s class and more than likely a first-round pick.
    Alot of his problems sound like they could be fixed by better coaching, and professional training staffs. He has the frame to be able to add some weight and keep his speed to improve his run defense.

    The part about him having diffculty shedding blocks is troubling, which is why I repeat, we need a solid DT for him to be a big playmaker.

    My Final thoughts: Phillips is a great option at safety that could improve our defense front to back. He has the talent to become elite with proper coaching, and alot of players (especially Champ Bailey) have said Slowik is one of the premier DB coaches in the leauge. He can be effective with or without John Lynch next year. He would CERTAINLY be an upgrade over Abdullah.

    2.) Pat Simms DT Auburn


    Positives: Thick, powerful build. ... Impressive quickness off the snap. ... Penetrates through the gaps and can blow up the play before the quarterback even has time to set-up. ... Good explosive use of hands to pop the offensive guard and disengage from blocks. ... Stout run defender with the lower body strength and natural leverage to hold up at the point of attack. ... Developed into a team leader as he matured.

    Negatives: Consistency is the biggest concern with Sims. ... Developed into a dominant performer in 2007, but had posted only 16 career tackles before his breakout junior season. ... Can be a bit undisciplined in his play, breaking through the line with such quickness that he loses his gap responsibility.

    Compares To: Sam Adams, ex-Broncos
    I cant find a ton of reports on Simms, but he seems like a big, strong stout DT who could be the run stuffer we need. If he truly is like Sam Adams, thats exactly what we need.

    Dont forget, Adams was a HUGE part of that SB winning ravens defense. And clearly our coaching staff saw qualities they like in sam adams.

    A BIG double team demanding DT is the most pressing need on the team, and I feel like this could be our guy.

    And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.

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    4a.) Jamie Silva S BC

    The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more.

    Compares To: COREY CHAVOUS-ST. Louis...Few safeties in the professional ranks have the instinctive feel for the ball and knowledge of the action in front of him that Chavous displays. Silva plays with the same field vision, ball anticipation and determination. He is a physical tackler who excels in run support and does a nice job of impeding the ballcarrier's forward progress with his hard-hitting wrap-up tackling skills. He has small, yet natural hands to make the interception and is very good at gaining placement in attempts to reroute the receiver. What he lacks in hip fluidness and explosive second gear, he makes up for with solid tackling skills, taking proper angles and great anticipation skills. Toss in his total disregard for his own well-being, determination to make the play and an added bonus with his kamikaze-style of play on special teams and you have player who is certain to be a fan favorite.
    Silva is a big part of my draft, because I think drafting him AND Phillips could make our secondary terrifyingly good. He and Phillips can both player either free or strong, so the combinations you could employ involving Phillips, Silva and Lynch are numerous. Silva reminds me alot of John Lynch, insomuch as he is a solid, hard hitting tackler, who is great at run defense, could learn alot from Lynch, as well as allowing Lynch to take a slightly more limited role. Silva also has better coverage skills than his size or athleticism seem to allow.

    So, Drafting both Phillips and Silva gives us versatility and depth at safety. For example, say its 3rd and long, you could put in Phillips and Silva as quick solid pass coverage safeties. On other plays, you could rotate one out and allow Lynch to play up on run support.

    Silva also has a mean streak. Hell go for the big play and play pumped up. He can make the big hits our defense needs. He could become a guy that the other team's receivers think about before the run a route...

    4b.) Jordan Dizon LB Colorado

    One of the few players I have had the pleasure of personally witnessing. Its real frustrating for me to read scouting reports about him, because everything I have ever seen from the guy tells me his Heart, Motor and the fact that he is a straight up football player, will make up for his lack of "ideal" size and strength.

    Although since the senior bowl, I have read numerous, and nothing but, great comments about Dizon.

    Heres one from Scouts after a senior bowl practice

    Colorado OLB Jordon Dizon is an impressive player. He is a better pure football player than long-term prospect, but he reads plays extremely well and rarely takes false steps. He seems to always be around the football. Dizon should be an instant contributor on special teams as a rookie and could potentially bring more to the table than just special teams value if he gets in a defense that can cover him up and allow him to use his recognition skills.
    With a solid defensive line than can occupy the other lineman, our system is tailor made for quick, athletic play making linebackers like Jordan Dizon. Especially with the secondary we would have to back him up. (Bailey/Bly...Phillips/Silva/Lynch.)

    Again, from


    Positives: Off-the-charts motor, intangibles and leadership. ... Instinctive football player who reads and reacts very quickly. ... Plays faster than timed speed indicates because of instincts. ... Reliably makes the open-field tackle. ... Should be a fantastic special teams contributor on all units. ... Plays through injuries.

    Negatives: Lacks prototypical size for a starting NFL linebacker. ... Finding a position will be difficult as he does not have the strength to take on and shed pro offensive linemen in the middle and is not the elite athlete with the size and speed needed to chase down backs in the open field or staying with top receivers or tight ends. ... Not the most explosive tackler, which can hurt him against larger, quicker backs. ... Gets lost in traffic and lacks recovery speed.
    Again, LEADERSHIP. What our team needs. Besides, any linebacker who "reliably tackles in the open-field" cant be that much of a reach. I cant begin to imagine how many times i've watched the Broncos defense just flat out miss their tackles.

    5.) Frank Okam DT Texas

    Yeah, I KNOW, he probably wont be avaiable anywhere close to the fifth round. But anything is possible.

    MUG has said enough about this man.

    6.) Chauncey Washington RB USC

    Ht: 6-1 Wt: 219
    Position: TB
    Date of Birth: 04/29/1985
    Birthplace: Torrance, CA
    Class: RS - Sophomore
    High School: South HS
    (Torrance, CA)
    College: USC

    This is my diamond in rough pick. Ive yet to hear from a single person who agrees withme and im okay with that. I know its a long shot. Who isnt in the sixth round? Hes a big strong guy who put up some numbers at USC.


    Overall: Washington played in 20 games during the 2003 and 2006 seasons, carrying 176 times for 809 yards (4.6 average) and nine touchdowns. He was academically ineligible in 2004 and redshirted but was once again ineligible for 2005. Washington missed six games in 2003 with a sprained right ankle. Washington's career at USC has seen plenty of peaks and valleys. After sitting out two full seasons (2004-05) while academically ineligible, Washington returned to lead the Trojans in rushing in 2006. He enters his final season in 2007 in competition with several younger talented backs for carries. While he's not the most versatile back, Washington is an extremely talented pure runner. Unfortunately, he may not have what it takes mentally to make it in the NFL. In order to solidify a spot in the late rounds of the 2008 draft, Washington must recover from a knee injury, remain a significant contributor on the field and stay out of trouble off the field as a senior.


    Positives: Thick, powerful frame for the position. ... Powerful runner who can grind out the tough interior yards. ... Takes a hit and can continue forward due to his combination of power, balance and good forward lean. ... Secure ball handler. ... Not often used as a receiver out of the backfield, but shows some quickness in his route-running and extends well to make the reception. ... Good size and strength as a blocker.

    Negatives: Lacks the speed to be an effective outside runner. ... Isn't going to make many defenders miss in the open field due to marginal agility and acceleration. ... Academic struggles lead to some concerns about his ability to handle a complicated playbook. ... Some lower leg injuries throughout his career, and had a week-long paralysis in his legs when he was nine that was never diagnosed.
    Not much more to say. Hes got the physical tools. I like to believe our coaching staff is good enough that they could find a way to use a guy like this.


    I have no idea. The seventh round is just a shot in the dark anyway.

    Whew...that took me a while. Edits to come I imagine.

    And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.


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      Hmm two safeties.

      got a question Grey what do we do with the safties we have now?

      I mean isnt that what got Denver into the problems they are right now, drafting multiple in places we dont need.

      Granted we need a FS over a SS, So if we draft a FS in Kenny Phillips and move Lynch to his natural SS position it gets rid of us drafting another Safety til next year.

      Like I said if we dont draft an RB where the talent is proverably better, then we better not look for one at any level in the draft at all. So with that said with the 6th pick, chose a DE over Chauncey Washington who's just as injury plagued as the rest of the injury plagued backs we have. The guy has far... far far... to many weaknesses, the tools are there but the weaknesses are too great.

      I would go Vorbora over Dizon, in the 4th

      I wouldnt draft Okam in the 5th Nick Hayden is a more solid pick at 5th.

      for the 5-6th tweener if you really want RB washington isnt the way to go.
      You go for Cory Boyd RB South Carolina or Justin Forsett Cal as they have decent tangables and would be able to bandage the run game. but to each there own so good try.
      McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

      Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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        good effort man, u are entitled to you thoughts.....perhaps like KAz said 2 safties isnt neccessary......


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          I'm with you man. Drafting to DE's last year isn't bad but drafting FS/SS this year would be? If so why? I think Silva will definitely improve Special Teams and be given the chance to proove if he can start at SS also.

          Phillips i'd love to have i think he'd be a more security thing if everything esle falls through with Mendenhall/Stewart or the O-line guys.


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            Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
            good effort man, u are entitled to you thoughts.....perhaps like KAz said 2 safties isnt neccessary......
            The thing is with the Secondary you have 2 Safeties and a Backup who can start.
            with CB you have 2 with 1 backup that can start.

            With the D-line its good to have multiple DE's and DT's a fresh D-line is harder to wear out then a D-line that stays there 70-80% of the snaps.

            Im hoping Dennison is fired but since I dont see him being sent packing, getting a stud LT in the 1st is out of the question ( i really would like an LT but I just have this weird feeling that Dennison will screw him up like Foster).

            RB would be a great choice in the 1st because the value fits, plus as everyone hopes we dont go "rb in the 1st because we got Henry restructured" that should be voided as Henry himself is already old as it is for RB and was never really stellar for an RB at all during his career. He has too much baggage .

            Safety would be nice but the question is the value, yes we can move down and draft Phillips but if we dont move the right way someone else will act on him then now what?. Phillips has benifited from a weak Safety class, Next year the value for Safety is quite high.

            Still overall DT,DE I could live with us drafting Multiple but not Safety.
            McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

            Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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              Well, I love the players you've chosen. I'd be very happy with a haul like that. Nice job.


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                Hey, thanks for your comments so far evreyone!

                I know drafting two safeties seems odd, and like I said, unless we can get a good solid DT up front, the safeties cant help much.

                But, or safties right now are John Lynch, Hamza Abdullah, and Nick Ferguson.

                Lynch, god bless him is only around from one more year at most me thinks.

                Abdullah showed to good things, but I dont think he could tackled a mannequin.

                Ferguson isn't getting any younger, and is going to an UFA. Most things ive seen about Ferguson say its unlikely hell be back next year.

                Of course, if Sam Brandon shows up somewhere healthy and able to play, that could change things.

                Phillips and Silva both provide talent against the run and pass, both can play at free or strong. I just think with those two playing with Champ and Dre, some big things could happen on defense.

                And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.