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    I'm still really interested in Bryant Johnson.

    Same age, with better upside in my opinion.


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      Put it this way....the Niners cut him when they were hurting really bad for good receivers. I live in the bay area and I recall him being inconsistant....big time.


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        Brandon Lloyd

        Not saying that I want him, but im keeping the trend alive.

        He was cut loose from the Redskins, and Im wanting to know what you all think.

        I, myself am not pushing for him, but come on, we've all seen those jaw dropping highlight reel catches...


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          We need a speedy reciever to stretch the field!

          They don't have to be super expensive but right now we don't have that burner WR. If all this guy adds up to is an Ashley Lelie type, that would be fine by me. Not saying he would be the number 2 but bringing in a fast guy for depth and competition is what we sorely need.

          The other ideas I like are Berrian- I think he had a high priced tender put on him or? D Henderson and Stallworth might be options as well. I don't know much about Arizonas Bryant- does he possess great speed?

          If you take Walker out of the picture we are lacking speed. Marshall is fast, but he certainly is no burner- in fact he mentioned the biggest part of the game he needs to work on is his deep routes.


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            My philosophy is players are usually cut for a reason.
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