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OFF THE WALL Offseason, trade-heavy!!!

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  • OFF THE WALL Offseason, trade-heavy!!!

    Free Agents; OT Wayne Gandy, LB Boss Bailey, WR Bernard Berrian

    Trades; we give our #12 pick, and CB Dominique Foxworth to Lions for #15 pick, a 6th round pick, and DT Shaun Rodgers

    we give WR Javon Walker and a 4th rd. pick to Jets for DT Dwayne Robertson

    we give LB Ian Gold to Cincinnati for a 4th round pick

    Our Draft would look like this;
    Rd. 1.* S Kenny Phillips
    Rd. 2. WR Eddie Royal
    Rd. 4. OT Duane Brown
    Rd. 4. FB Owen Schmitt
    Rd. 5. RB Anthony Aldridge
    Rd. 5. LB Jordan Dizon
    Rd. 6.* CB Glenn Sharpe
    Rd. 7. P Mike Dragosavich
    Rd. 7. K Tyler Melhaff

    We add 2 starting DT's, 2 deep threat WR's (one can return kicks), 2 good LB's, a starting FB, a possible LT, and Lynch's replacement. Totally ridiculous I know, but possible!!!

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    very interesting that you think phillips is a 15th pick, especially after his combine, he is talented but he would have been able to silence the critics with a better showing at the combine.

    as for the rest, good luck to you my friend........


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      From Dove Valley is that Shanahan and company were not impressed with this years safety core at all, so taking Phillips at the 15th pick would be out of the question because well, if he didnt 'wow' Shanahan it means that for the most part will be dealing with the Safety position in the FA market.

      Also with that said if we draft anything in the first would be an back or OT.

      Address the Defensive line before looking for a safety. We need to fix the D-line before drafting a safety.
      McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

      Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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        if we land Rogers, Robertson i think i'l wet my pants in joy.


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          Then when Kenny Phillips doesn't fall our draft is a bust.


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            I like everything you said here, except I think we draft RB with our first and perhaps Kenny with our second or just pick up S with FA. I do not like it though, that coaches base how a player will be on the combine. Is is possibly someone just had a bad day? Top players have bad games all the time and players with bad combines are drafted late and become studs in the NFL! If you look at the top drafted players in the NFL who are ranked that way because of a good workout in the combine, they usually end up sucking.


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              Or maybe it's just shanny playing the old smoke and mirrors trick on everyone. I wouldn't be suprised if was just lying to try and get who he wants.


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                Address the Defensive line before looking for a safety. We need to fix the D-line before drafting a safety.[/QUOTE]

                It may just be me but I think that bringing in Rogers and Robertson would be considered addressing the D-Line!!!

                As for Phillips, I want them to draft a Jonathan Stewart as much as anybody, but I just don't see it happening, Shanahan never does what I want him to do!!!