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Call this crazy, but here me out!!!

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  • Call this crazy, but here me out!!!

    OK, as free agency wears on it is pretty odvious that we are not going to address our 2 biggest needs OT/DT so I came up with an idea!

    It's pretty odvious that Shanny is not going to sign a high profile OT (Maurice Williams, Jason Fabini) so I have an alternative. I think we absolutely have to get some kind of veteran in there to compete on the right side and at least provide quality depth!

    ENTER...............................George Foster!

    WHAT Have I officially lost my friggin mind?

    He's a Free Agent and I bet we could get him cheap after riding the bench all year in Detroit. He has expierience in our system and if Pears or Harris do go down I would feel more comfortable with a guy that has expierience in our system. I doubt he has any other suitors so I say why not, at least we get a decent back-up for cheap and don't have to waste a day 1 pick on a LT and force him to play RT!

    Also how smart would Shanny look if he traded this guy for Dre Bly then got him back the following year, I think this would be a good move!!!

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    yep, that is Crazy
    didn't they get rid of Foster cause he was a lazy turd and was not making the coaching staff very happy? doubt they'll welcome him back


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      We want our QB to stay on his feet, George has proven he is unable to pass block. I would rather see a rookie come in and compete with Pears and Harris


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        MUCH rather see Tatum back!


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          Your crazy.


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            Wouldn't you rather we hear you out?


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              Originally posted by mjwrenrn View Post
              Wouldn't you rather we hear you out?
              Not if this is the best idea he's got. Go after Jake Scott!
              Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
              FF is awesome!