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If Denver was starting from scratch

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    Vernon this league you have to apply pressure on the QB and you need a good DE. Plus he is stout against the run. He does it all.

    B-Marsh owning Al Harris(Aka: the supposed most physical corner in the league)

    Mock Draft:

    **If Ellis/Dorsey fall**

    1) Dorsey or Ellis(whoever falls)
    2) Devin Thomas
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell

    **If Ellis/Dorsey dont fall**

    1) Desean Jackson
    2) Pat Sims or Trevor Laws(whoever falls)
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell


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      Originally posted by foolio2000 View Post
      Either Jake Long or Chris Long. It is my belief that the game of football is won up front. In the poll I chose Jake Long because when starting out the o-line is more important than the d-line. However, after thinking about it I like the depth at OT in this year's draft so I would choose Chris Long. I think Chris Long will be a HOFer like his father was.
      It's interesting how some people view this poll from the perspective of the position (need), versus the depth at that position, versus the talent of the individual (best player). Your thought process seems to cover all considerations.

      And the Longs can outright play!!!


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        Jake Long in the 1st round, Then take Rubin (DT) in the 2nd, then trade down my 3rd and 4th picks to add extra picks in the 5th 6th positions.

        then take the best players for O and D lines.

        1st: OT
        2nd: DT
        3rd : OT
        4th : DE
        4th: DT
        5th: C
        5th: OG
        6th : DE
        6th : DE
        7th : P

        would basically be my 1st areas of consern then throw alot of UDFA's as fodder for next year's draft and pick the rest.
        McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

        Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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          With most of the polls in, it has been declared that Jake Long is the one and only player playing for the Denver Broncos. We wish him all the best!!! (hope he's got lots of friends....)