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Say Good-Bye to Chris Myers

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    From what I read on Myers was scheduled for a visit with the Raiders. This could be a good reason for the sign and trade (meaning Shanahan didn't want him going to the Raiders)


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      Unless the there is something we dont know about I dont really like this move. I think Myers was playing pretty well and was a young up and comer on the O-line. So with a 6th round pick maybe we could get another player likee him and it will take a few more years to get him some experience.

      Im not gonna bag on the Bronco's but man things have been odd lately....


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        dont know why you guys are was win win for both teams, meyers would be a back-up next year and you dont pay the kind of money he wanted to a back-up, hamilton is gonna take over for nalen after he retires so center isnt really as big an issue as you all think, instead focus on which interior lineman we should draft this april to groom for replacing hamilton when he moves to center!!!!!!