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    I was just reading '98 Broncos / No 1st Rd. RB !! on here and we do need to draft a o-line. Just wondering who is with me?
    Soon to be Pro Bowler!!!

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    im with ya, with Ryan Clady or Chris Williams as my choices. While BSU players tend to do well in the pros, I like the latter better because he helped protect JC's blindside in college, and has excelled playing in the tough SEC (allowing 1 sack in 11 games last year?) R Harris is just too big a ?? with his back surgery, and both Clady and Williams are stud tackles. Both could start, or at least contribute immediately IMO.

    Then to complete the Commodore triumvirate, we draft Earl Bennett somewhere. JC loved that kid's field smarts and toughness.


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      Originally posted by BroncoFanSteven
      I was just reading '98 Broncos / No 1st Rd. RB !! on here and we do need to draft a o-line. Just wondering who is with me?
      I'm with ya! Draft O-Line.........

      in the 4th and 5th round. Can't go wrong with Jeremy Zuttah and Cory Lichtensteiger.


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        I will be happy if Denver takes an OL in the first depending on who might slide. I like Clady or Williams.

        If Dorsey or Ellis slides I think the Broncos would be crazy to not pick them. It's unlikely that either get by the Bengals but until the draft plays out it's fun to speculate.


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          build the team in the trenches, thats what we need to do!!


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            Preach on, brother!
            Originally posted by Broncoholic3233
            FF is awesome!


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              Exactly...we need to fix our trenches. We need to build the OL and DL through the draft, or trades for young studs. I would love to have Ryan Clady as our LT for years to come. He is a big, tough, and mobile OT that can protect JC's backside. Someone mentioned Ryan Harris, he played at the end of the season and Shanny was saying that they wanted to give him some experience. I think that he is the front runner for the RT position but Erik Pears is going to push him for it. With these guys, our line would look like this:

              LT - Ryan Clady
              LG - Chris Kuper or Ben Hamilton
              C - Tom Nalen
              RG - Montre' Holland or Chris Kuper
              RT - Ryan Harris

              After just one draft pick, we could fix our OL and then we can focus on the DL. Now, if for some odd reason Ellis falls to #12, then we take him. Other than that, we take Clady