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    So, isn't Stewart supposed to be some great KR, too? So we spent our top two picks on guys who are going to play STs for us this year? I hate to bust bubbles, but there is NO WAY IN HELL that either Jackson or Stewart cracks the starting lineup with Henry, Marshall (if healthy), Stokely, and Colbert.

    The best Jackson could hope for is that Marshall doesn't return and he gets to play the slot - he won't beat out 2 veterans his first year. He'll return kicks at best.

    Stewart won't be starting as long as Henry is on the roster, either. He'll be another KR. I doubt he'll even beat out Selvin Young as the backup, especially if he's coming off surgery and misses the majority of offseason work.

    This mock is exciting for some folks but is a NIGHTMARE when it comes to addressing the real needs of the Broncos. No DT until the 4th and no depth at OT. WE HAVE 2 OTs on the roster. We have 5 RBs (and another 2 playing FB that can step up in a pinch) and 9 WRs...why does everyone think we're going there first???????