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Welcome back my friends, to the mock that never ends...

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    surprised to see draft both a kicker and a punter. I know we need both, but considering the depth troubles we have, I would figure we could pick up a LB in that spot.

    Obviously I'm not on board with the DJ pick at 12...but.... everyone has their favs.


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      Originally posted by Max Power
      It's a Broncos mock, and don't worry - it ends.

      #12 and #115 (1264 pts. total) traded to the Detroit Lions for #15 and #76 (1260 pts. total)

      What's in it for Detroit? Rashard Mendenhall. They are uneasy about him getting past the Panthers and Bears, and they really don't want him to go to the Bears, so they move up to prevent that and add to their own offensive arsenal. With the recent release of Kevin Jones, RB appears to be a big need for them. Denver essentially moves down 3 spots to upgrade their mid-fourth into a mid-3rd.

      #15 - Denver selects WR/PR/KR DeSean Jackson from Cal

      I think he is the kind of explosive playmaker our offense needs, and he will help reduce the pressure on Marshall and bring the threat of the deep ball. His added impact as a return man makes him a great piece to continue the effort of improving the special teams too.

      #42 - Denver selects DT Pat Sims from Auburn

      This kid played great in the SEC and was MVP in his bowl game against Clemson and he could become a Pro-Bowler with good coaching and experience. If he's not a starter right away, he's at least a solid piece to the rotation.

      #76 - Denver selects OT Duane Brown from Virginia Tech

      Depth to further fortify the protective barrier in front of Jay Cutler.

      #104 - Denver selects DT Frank Okam from Texas

      Everything about this guy is big - his motivation/conditioning concerns, his talent, his state of origin, and most notably the man himself! He should help the run defense when he's in but will only be used sparingly because we don't want him wearing down and getting winded out there.

      #130 - Denver selects C John Sullivan from Notre Dame

      This is probably Nalen's last season and although Hamilton will probably replace him, he's no spring chicken either (will be 31 in August) and more depth never hurts.

      #140 - Denver selects FB Jacob Hester from LSU

      Cecil Sapp is on a one year deal so he may not be back next season, so finding his replacement may be the way to go here. Hester is a truck running with the ball and could find a niche as a short-yardage, goal-line back and on ST.

      #174 - Denver selects K Taylor Mehlhaff from Wisconsin

      A late round flyer on a kicker who can do place-kicks and kickoffs both very well is the likely order here. He will compete for the job with Prater and possibly Mare or some other vet and even if he doesn't win and is cut as a result, hey - it was only a 6th round pick.

      #202 - Denver selects P Mike Dragosavich from North Dakota State

      Same type of deal as the previous pick, can't just let this Paulescu guy win the job by default. Drago would have led Division I-AA in punting average as a junior and finished second as a senior if he had enough attempts.

      #209 - Denver selects CB Marcus Walker from Oklahoma

      I actually think this guy is a late round sleeper. He has a lot of starting experience for a top program and is said to have good athleticism and ball skills. His problems are he is raw technique-wise and has a tendency to gamble a lot. Kinda sounds like Dre Bly, huh? This pick is insurance/depth for the possible departure of Foxworth either this or next offseason.

      I like some of the picks, but dajx at 12 in light of marshalls injury is a waste, insurance for marshall is key so sweed or hardy makes more sense. Djax will not be able to fulfill a full time #1 role at wideout if marshall does not return.

      Pat simms actually was weaker than a bunch of other Dt's i dont dislike him, but balmer, moore, Bryant, laws and Rubin i would take before simms

      i like the duane brown and okam picks, but 1 O-tackle doesnt suffice when you only have 2 on your active roster.

      Center is not an option we have 2 back-ups, nalen and wiegman, plus hamilton can play center as well. center wont happen in this draft

      We just resigned cecil so as much as i would like a FB it wont happen either with 3 on the active roster, and mike bell switching between TB and FB.

      good effort but some of those picks arent needs anymore.

      we need 1 WR of marshalls Tangibles(hands,Size,Speed,strength, vertical)
      We need a DT
      We need 2 OL at the minumum
      1 ILB
      1 CB

      those should be our trget needs


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        DJ is picked at #15, not #12.

        Carry on.


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          Originally posted by Max Power
          DJ is picked at #15, not #12.

          Carry on.

          I WILL......... he isnt worth a 15th pick either