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Mare to visit Broncos

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  • Mare to visit Broncos

    Clare Farnsworth, of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, reports free-agent PK Olindo Mare (Saints) is expected to meet with the Denver Broncos Tuesday, March 25.

    I havent seen too much of this guy because he was in the NFC, but would he be a good match with the broncos if he lands here, or do we draft a kicker? Thoughts?

    2/3 of the world is covered by water, the other 1/3 is covered by CHAMP BAILEY!

    Originally posted by RiversOWNSDonks
    Chargers will win a SB, before Broncos make the playoffs. I have no doubt about that!
    O no we havent made the playoffs in 2 years how long has it been since Dolts won the SB...O ya
    This might be up for awhile, Im keeping this up until the Dolts win a SB!

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    If his asking price is less than what elam was asking for, than we should sign him.


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      he sucks
      No surprise -- LT left his balls on the bench

      No wonder Haynesworth is asking for so much money. Being a hitman is expensive.


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        At the very least I would expect to see this guy signed to bring in more bodies to compete for the starting position in camp.


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          no thanks