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  • Kentwan Balmer On Film

    Low def

    Hi def

    That is the video to ECU's game winning drive against UNC this year,a game I attended in person.

    You may see Conner Barth in this video as well but more importantly, we get to see Kentwan Balmer in crunchtime. I dont like highlight videos because it only shows the good. Here is a whole drive to digest.

    Remember he is #90, the DT furthest away from the camera.

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    Wow, not impressed at all!!!


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      Personally everytime I hear the name Balmer I think bust that is why I was so dissapointed with NFL.COM's Broncos on the clock. shame


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        I think Balmer is pretty good. I don't know why some on here are so opposed to him. Not to mention he is ripped physically, he almost looks like a LB.

        Granted, he's not my favorite possibility at #12, but I wouldn't complain either. He has some upside and he obviously would address a need.


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          Let's face it there is not enought here to make any type of valid judgement. Based solely on this segment, he did not look like a first round NFL defensive lineman. . . or a second. . . or, well you get my point.


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            Doubled at least 80% of the plays shown in that clip... so I'd say he did his job.
            Club Leader: Robert Griffin III > Andrew Luck

            ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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              Originally posted by GridironChamp
              Doubled at least 80% of the plays shown in that clip... so I'd say he did his job.
              That doesn't mean he'll be drawing a double team in the pros, he was the last one out of his stance on every one of those plays.

              But like Dean said, this clip proves nothing......