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  • Build MY team contest

    I thought of this one today (I am home sick) and figured I may as well give it a chance.

    The rules are as follows: I am going to give you my base offense and base defense, and I want everyone of the participants to fill the 27 spots I want filled (11 starters on both sides, plus a number 2 back, nickel corner, and slot wideout. Plus Punter/Kicker) with only members of the 2008 draft class. You may use undrafted free agents (and unless you are the trade master you will need to)

    The team does not have to be built to win this year, but I want at least some semi respectable team with an eye towards the future (we need to at least survive the year decently, that is to keep the whole thing from being boom or bust-fest)

    The draft that I agree with and like the most will win CP's from me for the next 10 times I can give CP's to them, along with having my "Team" in my sig with a thank you to my new GM!

    The draft picks we have are as follows:

    We have the top and last pick in every single round: 14 picks
    In round 2-7 we have selection number 16: 6 picks
    And in rounds 4-7 we have selections at number 21-4 picks

    That gives you
    2 1sts
    3 2nds
    3 3rds
    4 4ths
    4 5ths
    4 6ths
    4 7ths

    That is only 24 picks!!! You may trade as long as the value matches up, but that is the only reason you can, up or down.

    Now for my base offense:

    It will be a two TE set with one TE playing the H-Back sort of role (think the Colts) I want to run a zone stretch scheme similar to Denvers and Indys. I do not have a preference for burners or possession wideouts.

    That makes the Depth Chart look as follows:

    Slot WR


    On D we will run a base 4-3, and whatever you decide to do with our secondary my defensive coach will make the best of the talent at hand whether that be in man, zone, tampa 2, cover 2 or anything in between. You get more freedom here, but I will need one leader on this side of the ball. That is important.

    You can have any sort of picks for DT's: Nose, Quasi, Under- but depending on what you do end up choosing as the D I hope you have some sort of reasoning (To make it more interesting... its optional though)

    Depth Chart as follows:




    Nickel DB

    AND dont forget my Punter and Kicker!!

    Things to remember if you want to win:

    Explanations would make this more interesting, maybe not on all picks, but at least some!

    I am not particularily fond of Quarterback Matt Ryan of Boston College... I think he will be a bust

    All picks must be in by the Friday before the draft at 10 PM EST (Next Friday) and I will select a winner on the Saturday of the draft before the 3PM start!
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    No trades (too complicated) and you have 27 positions to fill with 24 picks.

    That makes the Depth Chart look as follows:

    QB Woodson (3c)
    RB1 Hart (6b)
    RB2 Simpson (7a)
    WR Hardy (2a)
    WR Monk (4d)
    Slot WR Shields (5d)
    TE Davis (5c)
    HB Owens (4a)

    OLT Cherilus (1b)
    OLG Young (5a)
    C Juctice (4c)
    ORG Krause (6b)
    ORT Carl Nicks (2c)

    Depth Chart as follows:

    RDE Chris Long (1a)
    DT Lokey (7b)
    DT Clement (6d)
    LDE Jackson (3a)

    WILL Highsmith (5b)
    MIKE Lofton (2b)
    SAM Bell (4b)

    LCB Branch (3b)
    RCB Lowery (6a)
    S Fields (7c)
    S Eubanks (7d)

    Nickel DB Phillips (UDFA)

    Key points to draft:

    I think this team offers a good balance on offense to pass and run. Big blocking WRs combined with a bigger yet still mobile Oline.

    Defense is a little light on pass defense and will need to address getting a top of the line Safety and pass rushing DT, but should be very stought against the run with some OLB that have blitzing skills.
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      WOW...that's a pretty interesting idea....

      Does anyone have the Draft Value Chart available?
      Thank You theMileHighGuy!!!


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        Originally posted by LastBoyScout
        Does anyone have the Draft Value Chart available?
        Bronco fan from Packer Land.
        Lefty Writer on The Sports Show with Woody Paige and Les Shapiro
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          Very Much appreciated! I guess I've got some work to do now!
          Thank You theMileHighGuy!!!


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            Alright, with selection #1 Overall, since we all KNOW that it's impossible to trade out of that slot, the Las Vegas JoRos select OT Jake Long. The plan is to play him at Left Tackle, and at worst, to move him to Right Tackle.

            The JoRos then trade their #31 Overall and Mid-3rd Round (#79 Overall) selection to the Washington Redskins for the #21 Overall selection which is used on DT Trevor Laws. It was necessary to trade up because Washington is considering drafting Laws, and Jacksonville is known to have him atop their draft board at #25 Overall.

            The Las Vegas JoRos then draft Chad Henne at #32 Overall, the 1st selection in the 2nd Round. Henne is the selection because he has a very strong arm, is a tremendous leader and personality, and is the most ready to play *now* as any of the QBs in this draft. If it weren't for injuries this season, Henne would be the top QB in this draft, no question.

            The JoRos then trade its Mid-2nd Round selection (#47 Overall) to the Carolina Panthers for their two 3rd Round Selections (#67 and #74). Carolina uses the selection to nab QB Joe Flacco to backup the annually injured Jake Delhomme.

            Next, the JoRos trade their Late 2nd (#63 Overall) to the Denver Broncos for the Broncos two 4th Round selections (#108 and #119) and two 5th Round selections (#139 and #148). The Broncos don't value 2nd day selections under Mike Shanahan and move up to nab WR Earl Bennett, on personal request from QB Jay Cutler.

            Next, the JoRos trade the top selection in the 3rd Round (#64 Overall) to the Cincinatti Bengals for #77 Overall and #112 Overall. The Bengals move up to acquire DE Jeremy Thompson, the last of the blue chip DEs still on the board, a position of dire need for them.

            And then the JoRos trade #67 Overall, which they acquired in an earlier trade with Carolina, to the Detroit Lions for selections #87, #111, and #144. The Detroit Lions have their eye on RB Matt Forte since they missed out on Mendenhall in the 1st Round. Forte gives the Lions the much needed physical element to their ground game.

            With the #74 Overall selection the JoRos select OT Kirk Barton to anchor their right side. Barton showed excellent athleticism in post season workouts, enough that he may be able to play Left Tackle. Between he and Jake Long, the tackle positions should be a team strength.

            With the #77 Overall selection obtained from the Bengals, the JoRos select CB Tracy Porter from Indiana, a shut down calibur CB with elite Punt Return ability.

            With the #87 Overall selection obtained from the Lions, the JoRos select FS Quentin Demps, a ballhawk whom runs in the 4.3 range.

            And with the final selection in the 3rd Round (which is #99 this year), the JoRos select TE Craig Stevens, perhaps the most complete TE in this draft and certainly the best blocking Tight End.

            With the first selection in the 4th Round (#100 Overall), the JoRos take RB Kevin Smith, thereby making his dreams of playing for the JoRos come true. Smith is a good fit in the JoRos one-cut-and-go system.

            With their second selection in the 4th Round, #108 Overall acquired from the Broncos, the JoRos take behemoth DT Frank Okam out of Texas. Pairing Okam with the ultra-quick and hustle of Trevor Laws gives the JoRos a nice DT duo.

            With selection #111 Overall, obtained from the Lions, the JoRos select WR Marcus Monk. Monk is a tall, rangy WR that has shot up draft boards from the 6th Round range to the early 4th area after a very impressive Pro Day where he ran in the 4.4s. Essentially a poor man's James Hardy.

            With selection #112 Overall, obtained from the Bengals, the JoRos select OC Steve Justice. A fiery personality and leader that is a bit undersized, he is tailormade for the scheme employed by the JoRos.

            With selection #115, the 16th pick of Round 4, the JoRos select Slot WR Dexter Jackson, whom also moonlights as the fastest WR in this draft and a kick return dynamo.

            With selection #119, obtained from the Broncos, the JoRos select MLB Spencer Larson. Larson will be the leader of the defense. A flawless person with all the intangibles you look for, he had a superb Pro Day and is climbing up draft charts. The critique with Larson was he lacked the athletic capability, he proved all that wrong at the Arizona Pro Day.

            With selection #120, the 24th selection of the 4th Round, the JoRos select SS Craig Steltz from LSU. A known hard hitter whom excels against the run, also has solid ball skills.

            The final selection of the 4th Round, #135 Overall, nets the JoRos CB Zack Bowman of Nebraska. Before the season, Bowman was considered a lock to be a 1st Round selection but suffered through several injuries and a rough senior year. Bowman rejuvenated his stock by turning in great post season workouts. If you hit on this selection, you have a #1 calibur NFL CB.

            With the first selection in the 5th Round, #136 Overall, the JoRos select DE Wallace Gilberry from Alabama. Considered by some to be too small and too slow, all Gilberry did was notch ten sacks while being exceptional against the run.

            With selection #139 Overall acquired from the Broncos, the JoRos select SLB Ezra Butler. Coming out of Nevada, Butler is a little bit raw, and he's disappeared to an extent this offseason, but he has impressive physical skills and projects well to the SAM LB spot in the NFL.

            With selection #144 obtained from Detroit, the JoRos select K Taylor Mehlhoff, the top K in this draft.

            With selection #148, acquired from the Broncos, the JoRos select WR Adrian Arrington. A tough #2 type WR that is fearless across the middle of the field and shows some niftiness. Reminds some of Rod Smith, and like Smith is overlooked due to a lackluster 40 time.

            With selection #149, the 16th selection of the 5th Round, the JoRos select P Durant Brooks, the top P in this draft.

            With selection #157, the 24th selection of the 5th Round, the JoRos select DE Tommy Blake. Blake, whom had a meltdown of sorts prior to this season is a risk, but he has apparently gotten his act together and if he returns to form, which was a 1st Round prospect, he could be a steal on the level of Terrell Davis and Tom Brady.

            With selection #166 Overall, the final selection of the 5th Round, the JoRos select CB DaJuan Tribble. Tribble projects as a nickel back in the NFL. His poor timed speed, drops him to this point in the draft. He's a ballhawk of sorts with return skills as well. Has some off field concerns as well.

            With the first selection of the 6th Round, #167 Overall, the JoRos select TE Jacob Tamme of Kentucky. Tamme projects as an H-back in the NFL, and has excellent receiving skills. Not much of a blocker at all though. Offers some nice versatility as a long snapper.

            With the 16th selection of the 6th Round, #183 Overall, the JoRos select OG Andrew Crummey of Maryland. He's coming off a broken leg and lacks strength and power, but projects well to a finesse block scheme.

            With the 24th selection of the 6th Round, #190 Overall, the JoRos select LB Larry Grant of Ohio State. A very good blitzer and very athletic, is very raw as a JUCO transfer. Major upside, also some risk. At worst, will be a special teams ace.

            The JoRos then trade their 4 7th Round selections to move into the bottom of Round 6, obtaining pick #197 from New England. New England loves acquiring selections and often hits on players late in the draft. With #197 Overall, the JoRos select OG Pedro Sosa of Rutgers. Sosa has some ability to play Right Tackle in a zone blocking scheme, but should be a very solid selection at OG in that type of scheme. Has excellent feet and agility but no power.

            With their final draft selection, as well as the final selection in Round 6 at #207 Overall, the JoRos select RB Ryan Torain. Torain, whom suffered a Lis Franc injury, has solid ability and size. He can offer snaps as a RB and a FB. A solid backup that before his injury was considered a 3rd Round area prospect.

            That makes the Depth Chart look as follows:

            QB Chad Henne (#32 Overall)
            RB1 Kevin Smith (#100 Overall)
            RB2 Ryan Torain (#207 Overall)
            WR Marcus Monk (#111 Overall)
            WR Adrian Arrington (#148 Overall)
            Slot WR Dexter Jackson (#115 Overall)
            TE Craig Stevens (#99 Overall)
            HB Jacob Tamme (#167 Overall)

            OLT Jake Long (#1 Overall)
            OLG Pedro Sosa (#197 Overall)
            C Steve Justice (#112 Overall)
            ORG Andrew Crummey (#183 Overall)
            ORT Kirk Barton (#74 Overall)


            DE Wallace Gilberry (#136 Overall)
            DT Trevor Laws (#21 Overall)
            DT Frank Okam (#108 Overall)
            DE Tommy Blake (#157 Overall)

            WLB Larry Grant (#190 Overall)
            MLB Spencer Larson (#119 Overall)
            SLB Ezra Butler (#139 Overall)

            CB Tracy Porter (#77 Overall)
            CB Zack Bowman (#135 Overall)
            SS Craig Steltz (#120 Overall)
            FS Quentin Demps (#87 Overall)
            Nickel CB DaJuan Tribble (#166 Overall)

            P Durant Brooks (#149 Overall)
            K Taylor Mehlhoff (#144 Overall)
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              Round Pick # Player Pos School

              (1) 1 Jake Long - OT - Michigan
              (1) 32 James Hardy - WR - Indiana
              (2) 33 Dre Moore - DT - Maryland
              (2) 48 Phillip Wheeler - OLB - Georgia
              (2) 64 Justin King - CB - Penn St
              (3) 65 Earl Bennett - WR - Vanderbilt
              (3) 80 Andre Woodson - QB - Kentucky
              (3) 96 Jeremy Thompson - DE - Wake Forest
              (4) 97 Kevin Smith - RB - UCF
              (4) 112 Johnathon Goff - ILB - Vanderbilt
              (4) 117 Steve Justice - C - Wake Forest
              (4) 128 Kellen Davis - TE - Michigan St.
              (5) 129 D.J Wolfe - FS - Oklahoma
              (5) 144 Kenny Iwebema - DE - Iowa
              (5) 149 Will Franklin - WR - Missouri
              (5) 160 Traded for # 182, 218, 219
              (6) 161 Derek Lokey - DT - Texas
              (6) 176 Justin Tryon - CB - Arizona St.
              (6) 181 Larry Grant - OLB - Ohio St.
              (6) 182 Kerry Brown - G - Appalachin St.
              (6) 192 James Silvia - SS - Boston College
              (7) 193 Tyler Polumbus - OT - Colorado
              (7) 208 Andrew Crummy - G - Maryland
              (7) 213 Marco Dragosavich - P - North Dakota St.
              (7) 218 Mike Cox - FB - Georgia Tech
              (7) 219 Kalvin McRae - RB - Ohio
              (7) 224 Brandon Coutu - K - Georgia

              UDFA N/A Brian Witherspoon - CB - Stillman


              QB Woodson
              RB1 Smith
              RB2 McRae
              WR Hardy
              WR Franklin
              Slot WR Bennett
              TE Davis
              FB Cox

              LT Long
              LG Brown
              C Justice
              RG Crummy
              RT Polumbus

              RDE Thompson
              DT Moore
              DT Lokey
              LDE Iwebema

              WILL Wheeler
              MIKE Goff
              SAM Grant

              LCB Tryon
              RCB King
              FS Wolfe
              SS Silvia
              Nick. CB Witherspoon

              K Coutu
              P Dragosavich
              KR Witherspoon
              PR Witherspoon
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                ok lets see...

                because of the fact that you made everything so specific and stuff, i'm going to assume that we can trade for whatever picks we want, as long as its on the draft chart. All of the trades are realistic in terms of value you can check yourselft

                Ok, so, first overall draft is worth 3000 points so i'm gonna trade down to get the 25th, the 26th, the 27th, the 56th overall, the 62nd overall, the 63rd overall. it adds up to 3000. We all know this will never happen but the value matches and thats all you asked for

                1, 25th: Philp Merling: great DE, this draft is deep on Dlineman and he just might be a steal
                1. 26th: Lawrence Jackson: perfect DE, fast, big, and strong. Sort of like a semi freak.
                1. 27th: Desean Jackson: Fastest reciever in the draft, big play threat each time.
                1. 31st: Antonio Cason: Lighting fast Cb with great vertical ability to compliment.

                Trade 33rd overall draft for 78, 79, and 81 overall drafts.

                2 16th: Trevor Laws how the heck did a DT get 35 bench press and get 113 tackles in a season?
                2, 56th: Justin King I think he could be the best safety in the league. best tackler, CB speed.
                2, 62nd: Ray Rice: Exellent all round back with great power, speed, hands, and blocking.
                2, 63rd: Chris Johnson: Exellent complement to Rice as maybe the fastest RB all time.
                Trade the last 2nd round draft pick for the 88th, 115th, and 116th picks.

                3, 1st: Cliff arvil a great OLB with great athletism and stenghth
                3, 14th: Josh Johnson most athletic QB in the draft that can develope with a strong arm
                3, 15th:
                3, 16th Johnathan Goff Amazingly good MLB with a great 40 time and a really good bench press
                3, 17th:
                3, 24th: Eddie Royal Should be an absolute steel. This guy is a more physical desean jackson
                3, 32nd: Jeremy Zuttah a 35 bench press and an amazing 4.90 40, no sacks allowedin 2 years....
                4, 1st: Kirk Barton this guy is like another zuttah combining great experience wiht speed and strenght
                4, 4th: Kellen Davis: wow thats a fast TE.... and really really tall at 6 7
                4, 19th: Tom Zbikowski: Exelent strenghth and tackling ablility, good, passionate hard worker
                4, 20th: Wesley Woodyard: Great speed, should complete an exellent LB lineup
                4, 21st: Mike Mcglynn rated as 4rth best guard in college football.
                4, 32nd: Owen Schmitt: anything more to say about htis guy?
                5, 1st: Will Franklin: Best reciever at this point, combines top speed with great height and leaping
                5, 4th: Frankl Okam: Could have been a top 2 round pick but extremly undrrated.
                5, 21st: robert Felton: Big and physical, even for a guard
                5, 31st: Drew Ratovich: Rated as 7th guard in the nation
                5, 32nd: John Sullivan: one of the top 5 centers in the league.
                6, 1st: Chad Rinehart: hes big at 320 and strong

                Trade last 3 seventh rounds for a 2nd round 6th rounder

                6, 2nd:
                6, 4th:Terrence Wheatley:good speed and leaping ability
                6, 21st: Art Caromody pretty good kicker
                6, 32nd: Darunt Brooks: Great punter with a 45.1 average

                Lastly, i rounded up all the extra picks i got while editing (they are still blank) and it added up to 470 points, which i traded.

                2, 8th: Aquib Talip: Has really good speed but most importantly is 6.1 and has a 38 inch vertical

                Ok if you don't want to read all that, heres a depth chart

                QB: Josh Johnson
                RB: Ray Rice, Chris Johnson
                FB/Te: Owen Schmitt (we all know hes got good enough hands to play TE)
                WR: Desean Jackson, Eddie Royal, Will Franklin
                TE: Kellen Davis
                LT: Jeremy Zuttah
                RT: Kirk Barton
                RG: Drew Ratovich
                LG Miike Mcgylnn
                C: John Sullivan
                RE: Phillip Merling
                LE: Lawrence Jackson
                DT: Trevor Laws, Frank Okam
                ROLB: Cliff Arvil
                MLB: Jonathan Goff
                LOLB: Wesley Woodyard
                CB: Anoine Cason, Aquib Talib , Terrance Wheatley
                FS: Justin King
                SS: Tom Zbikowski
                k: Art Caromody
                P: Darunt Brooks

                Analysis: Quite possibly one of the best defenses that can be drafted like this. Combination of Phillip Merling, Lawrence Jackson, Okam, and Laws could become one of the best in the league and LBs are underrated. The secondary is all 1st and 2nd rounders exept zbikwoski, who can help with the run game.

                Offence could use some help, but the running game should be sufficient with a two headed monster in rice and johnson. Josh johnson could be better later on and the recievers should be really good with jackson, royal, and franklin. Oline is the weakest postition but the raw talent is there. The center of the Oline is great, and the OTs are underrated but a combination of athletism and strength. Could be a great unit in the future even if they struggle at first.

                Ok theres my draft so what do you think?
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                disclaimer: if the above post appears to contain outrageously illogical content, ITS PROBABLY SARCASM


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                  There you go JoRo. You better mail me a case of beer or something.


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                    01. Round 1, Pick 01 Chris Long
                    02. Round 1, Pick 32 Jarod Mayo
                    03. Round 2, Pick 01 Limus Sweed
                    04. Round 2, Pick 16 Eddie Royal
                    05. Round 2, Pick 32 Duane Brown
                    06. Round 3, Pick 01 Andre Woodson
                    07. Round 3, Pick 16 Jermichael Finley
                    08. Round 3, Pick 32 Tony Hills
                    09. Round 4, Pick 01 Steve Justice
                    10. Round 4, Pick 16 Earl Bennett
                    11. Round 4, Pick 21 Frank Okam
                    12. Round 4, Pick 32 Wesley Woodyard
                    13. Round 5, Pick 01 Steve Slaton
                    14. Round 5, Pick 16 Jeremy Zuttah
                    15. Round 5, Pick 21 Mike Hart
                    16. Round 5, Pick 32 Stanley Franks
                    17. Round 6, Pick 01 Kirk Elder
                    18. Round 6, Pick 16 David Vobora
                    19. Round 6, Pick 21 Al Phillips
                    20. Round 6, Pick 32 Bryan Smith
                    21. Round 7, Pick 01 Terrell Vinson
                    22. Round 7, Pick 16 Brandon Coutu
                    23. Round 7, Pick 21 Bo Rudd
                    24. Round 7, Pick 32 Derrick Huff

                    FA Jason Shirley
                    FA Cole Bennett
                    FA Owen Tolson
                    QB Andre Woodson

                    He's a leader, and in many ways similar to Matt Ryan, at least when you talk about his intangibles. All the experts say how Ryan's got all of the immeasurables, yet Woodson was the one carrying his team on his back in pursuit of a National Championship last year first. The only knock on the guy is his technique, but that can be worked on and taught at the next level. One way or another, he can get it done, and I expect him to at the next level, as well.

                    RB Mike Hart
                    RB Steve Slaton

                    My strategy here was to use the early picks on the offensive line, and use a couple late picks on complementary running backs. First up, power horse Mike Hart. His last name says it all, and he can be another Marion Barber, because while he lacks the speed, he can will himself to production in the big leagues. To compliment the power man Hart, I've chosen Steve Slaton, known for bumping it to the outside and using his speed to burn the defense. Behind the zone blocking offensive line, I think the two would give the team a solid tandem which to utilize.

                    WR Limus Sweed
                    WR Eddie Royal (KR)
                    WR Earl Bennett

                    Quarterbacks, regardless of their talent, can look good if you protect them and give them a good set of receivers. Good quarterbacks can look great with help around them. From the get go, with guys like this Andre Woodson will look good, and eventually turn to great with talent like this around him. Limus Sweed is an experienced receiver, having gone to school for four years, he had his head on straight and would be great for the other receivers to model themselves after. Eddie Royal is the man to stretch the field and do kick returns. Earl Bennett provides an excellent slot receiver.

                    TE Jermichael Finley
                    TE Cole Bennett

                    It was my understanding that there would be one receiving tight end, and one blocking tight end, similar to the Scheffler-Graham dynamics already in place. I have the left tackles you can have faith in, whereas the Broncos don't, and leave Graham in to block fairly often. Hence, I didn't place much burden on finding a blocking tight end, and found one that's sole purpose is to block. Instead of operating out of the two tight end set, though, I recommend that most of the time it will be a three wide receiver set. Either way, it works, with one Cole Bennett who's an undrafted tight end who specializes in blocking. Two is (but number one on the depth chart) Finley, who's superb at pass catching, with mediocre blocking abilities. Still, he's a fantastic choice out of Texas, to go along with Limus Sweed.

                    LT Duane Brown
                    LG Jeremy Zuttah
                    OC Steve Justice
                    RG Kirk Elder
                    RT Tony Hills

                    My strategy drafting offensive lineman is to get a set of tackles in the mid rounds of the draft, of which all are very talented, and let them fight it out for the starting tackle spots. The others will be relegated to the inside positions, where they should excel. The exception to this is the all important center, Steve Justice, who will be snapping the balls. Duane Brown and Tony Hills are solid prospects, and I expect them to start. Zuttah's a sleeper pick, but if he doesn't surprise anybody, he's able to play any position except for center across the line. Kirk Elder is the other exception to my strategy. Out of Texas A&M, he's one of the top prospects at guard for a zone blocking system, and can be had in the sixth.

                    DE Chris Long
                    DE Bryan Smith

                    You'll notice I went against the trend and picked Chris Long first overall. The other Long, Jake is iffy whether or not he'll even be a true left tackle, or he'll have to move to left tackle. If that's the decision I may have to make, I'll hold off on the tackle position until later in the draft, where I can do the same thing for less of a price. So instead of going offensive line, I'm sticking in the trenches and using the first overall pick on a can't miss player: Chris Long. They say defense wins championships, and we all know it starts up front, so who better to rush the passer and even stop the run in this draft than son of Hall-of-Famer Howie Long? On the other side I've got a converted linebacker, Bryan Smith, whom had 13.5 sacks in the midst of a single season.

                    DT Frank Okam
                    DT Jason Shirley

                    Down in the middle I've taken a couple of chances on my players. I've gone Frank Okam, whom faces the same criticisms that Shaun Rodgers faces, will he gear up? I think so, that's why I'm taking him. He may get lazy in the off season, but as evidenced in recent months, when he needs to get into gear he'll do what needs to be done. And that's when it matters, when you're on the football field. Next, 330lbs lineman who runs just under a 50.0 40, are you kidding me? Problem is, his technique and football skills need improvement, and he's had character issues. I think his sheer athleticism and power, though, make him and Okam a tandem not working passing up. Talk about clogging up the middle, and stopping the run. Of course Chris Long will be taking care of the pass rushing.

                    WLB David Vobora
                    MLB Jarod Mayo
                    SLB Bo Rudd

                    You want your leader? You've darn well got it in stud Jarod Mayo, reminding me of Broncos great Al Wilson, school aside. He's got all of the measurables, intangibles, and anything else you need to play football, and lead others through the battle. On the outside, Vobora represents the weak side backer, who racked up 134 tackles and 2 sacks in 12 games last year. On the strong side you have Bo Rudd, brother of Tampa Bay linebacker Barrett Rudd. The younger sibling actually has better tangibles than his brother coming out of college (drafted in the second round), but hasn't shown the same football promise that Barrett did, and has now shown. But that won't stop me from taking a chance on him late, to fill one of the final voids on the team.

                    CB Al Phillips
                    CB Stanley Franks
                    CB Terrell Vinson

                    The idea here is that the defensive line will be providing the pressure to relieve the defensive backs. So instead of going for cover corners, I'm going by production, based off players who are ball hawks, and can make the big plays off the bad passes that'll be forced when the Q doesn't get the time he needs. Al Phillips had 17 interceptions through his collegiate career, runs a solid 4.40 40 time, and also has solid size. The only knock on the guy was his level of competition, playing at Wagner. Stanley Franks, while undersized at 5'11", 167 lbs, only needs to add some meat to his frame. The boy knows football, though, picking off nine passes in a single season at Idaho. Terrell Vinson runs a 4.43 40 time and had five interceptions and two pick sixes at Purdue. The same idea can be applied to former cornerback, converted safety, Derrick Huff, who picked off nine passes as a senior at Eastern Kentucky.

                    FS Derrick Huff
                    SS Wesley Woodyard

                    Wesley Woodyard, a linebacker converted to safety. He's a bit small for linebacker at 6'0", 227 lbs, but he'd make a great defensive back. The guy's a tackling machine, and the Kentucky alumni can provide quarterback Andre Woodson some rapport. Oh, and if you think he, a former linebacker, is too slow for the job, he just happens to run a 4.41 40 time. As a leader back in college, he's another player whom has the intangibles and can provide for the questionable personalities on the team. Through it all, he'll be able to provide size, speed, an smarts when the others are lacking, serving as a leader for the other defensive backs.

                    QB Andre Woodson
                    RB Mike Hart
                    RB Steve Slaton
                    WR Limus Sweed
                    WR Eddie Royal
                    WR Earl Bennett
                    TE Jermichael Finley
                    TE Cole Bennett
                    OT Duane Brown
                    OG Jeremy Zuttah
                    OC Steve Justice
                    RG Kirk Elder
                    RT Tony Hills

                    DE Chris Long
                    DE Bryan Smith
                    DT Frank Okam
                    DT Jason Shirley
                    LB David Vobora
                    LB Jarod Mayo
                    LB Barrett Rudd
                    CB Al Phillips
                    CB Stanley Franks
                    CB Terrell Vinson
                    FS Derrick Huff
                    SS Wesley Woodyard

                    K Brandon Coutu
                    P Owen Tolson
                    R Eddie Royal
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                      This seems like a cool idea. I thought I'd give it a shot. So here goes.

                      Trade 1(1)-3000 for 1(2)-2600 and 2(50)-400 and trade 2(32)-590 for 2(40)-500 and 4(103)-88.

                      1(2)-Jake Long OT Michigan - Beast. Great player to build team around.
                      1(31)-D.Connor MLB Penn St. - Very good LB from linebacker U, some say he has reached his peak in ability but i say he can still develop and is a good defensive leader.
                      2(40)-Malcom Kelly WR Oklahoma probably wont be there but if he is what a great value pick
                      2(47)-Joe Flacco QB Delaware - at 6'7" I'd say hes got a good look at the field and isn't slow either I think with some good coaching he could develop nicely.
                      2(50)-Ray Rice RB Rutgers - Small but doesn't lack power, a many of undersized RBs have proved critics wrong.
                      2(63)Trevor Laws DT Auburn - Great combination of speed and strength.
                      3(64)-Calias Campbell Miami(Fla) - Could easily drop this far with his injury this past year a steal in the 3rd.
                      3(79)-Terrell Thomas CB USC
                      3(89)-Earl Bennett WR Vanderbilt - Slot receiver that some say is 1 dimensional, but i disagree, with coaching i think he could play no2.
                      3(95)-Jonathan Goff- LB Vanderbilt
                      4(96)-Owen Schimitt FB/HB West Virginia - Great player, good blocker and is good for short yardage situations.
                      4(103)-Kirk Barton OT Ohio State
                      4(111)-Jeremy Zuttah OL Rutgers
                      4(116)-Beau Bell OLB UNLV - fierce player that is almost always where the ball is.
                      4(127)-William Franklin WR Missouri
                      5(128)-Marcus Griffin S Texas
                      5(143)-Orlando Thomas CB Boise State
                      5(148)-Branden Ore RB Virginia Tech
                      5(159)-Nick Hayden DT Wisconsin - I really think this kid will be great.
                      6(160)-Corey Lynch S Appalachian State - This kid and John Lynch have more in common than just their names.
                      6(175)-Trevor Scott DE Buffalo - can play TE and ST as well. Put 225 up 32 times and ran a 4.5 40.
                      6(180)-Steve Justice C Wake Forest - some people have him falling this far some have him in the 2nd. If this is a reach then just Best Center available.
                      6(191)-Pedro Sosa OG Rutgers - Rutgers lineman are always great, I kept Rice with his guards.
                      7(192)-Art Carmody K Louisville- If Mehlaff happens to fall this far I'd take him.
                      7(207)-Kellen Davis TE Michigan State
                      7(212)-Mike Dragosavich P North Dakota State
                      7(223) Mr.Irrelevant-Nile Legania CB Wayne State(where? lulz i believe its in new england somewhere) Dude has speed to burn... ran a 4.24

                      So our offense would look like this:


                      And the D would go something like this...


                      This is the first year I've studied the draft any deeper than the 3rd round. This is also my first try at anything like this. So tell me what you think.
                      Thanks a lot.


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                        1a) PICK 1 TRADED FOR PICK 12, 21, 28,54 3000= 1200+800+660+360= 3000

                        1a) PICK 12 OL BRANDON ALBERT(virgina tech) a superb guard he is the best in his class but his skill allow him to be very versatile should move and become a franchise left tackle. if tackle doesnt work he is still the best guard in the class

                        1b) PICK 21 WR JAMES HARDY(indiana)- the best wideout in the draft he has size and speed combination that few can match, powerful, and has great hands, very good production in college. he provides a huge target for flacco in the redzone

                        1c) PICK 28 CB ANTOINE CASON(arizona)- He is a very good cover corner with good size and speed. good playmaking ability and tackling skills. 4th best cb in the draft. can bring return ability as well

                        1d) PICK 32 ILB CURTIS LOFTON(oklahoma)- easily the leader of the defense, provides a commanding dominating presence. very aggressive and athletic. flies to the ball

                        2a) PICK 33 DT DRE MOORE(maryland)- Very strong against the run but excels at getting into the backfield as well. great size and speed should pressure the qb consistently

                        2b) PICK 48 RB CHRIS JOHNSON(east carolina)- super fast change of pace back, opens the playbook up with his speed.

                        2c) PICK 54 QB JOE FLACCO(delware)- very good solid qb with a great arm

                        2d) PICK 64 FS QUENTIN DEMPS(utep)- very good in coverage. good hitter

                        3a) PICK 65 OG DREW RADOVICH(usc)- 3rd best guard in the draft, played every game for USC

                        3b) PICK 80 WR WILL FRANKLIN- Great speed compliment and deep threat accross from hardy

                        3c) PICK 96 OT KIRK BARTON- Dominating, aggressive and nasty tackle

                        4a) PICK 97 FB OWEN SCHMITT- Superb blocker, good skills out of the backfield as well

                        4b) PICK 112 OG CHAD REINHART- Best small school guard you havent heard of.

                        4c) PICK 117 WR DEXTER JACKSON- a huge threat on returns, should be a solid slot guy

                        4d) PICK 128 CB JACK WILLIAMS KENT STATE- very good small school cb. good size and speed. good hitter

                        5a) PICK 129 DT FRANK OKAM- beastly nose tackle that will command double teams for lofton and moore to dominate

                        5b) PICK 144 DE BRIAN JOHNSTON- Pass rushing and sack machine(another elvis in hiding)

                        5c) PICK 149 RB JALEN PARMELE- Power back that should complimnet johnson very nicely. big play ability and aggresive runner

                        5d) PICK 160 OLB GUY GEATON- great size and speed, good at getting to the qb

                        6a) PICK 161 OLB DAVID VORBORA- superb college production

                        6b) PICK 176 CB ISAIAH GARDNER- very good cb for the nickel slot

                        6c) PICK 181 TE-TYSON DEVREE- good pasS catching TE opposite schmitt

                        6d) PICK 192 DE BRYAN MATTISON- massive tackling, sacking machine

                        7a) PICK 193 P MIKE DRAGO- Solid punter with a great leg

                        7b) PICK 208 K CONNOR BARTH- didnt miss a kick under 48 yds last year

                        7c) PICK 213 C JEFF CAVENDER- massive cog on boise st great offensive line

                        7d) PICK 224 C ISAIAH WIGGINS- Solid off-season should be very good in the future

                        OFFENSE DEPTH CHART

                        QB - Joe Flacco
                        RB1 - Chris Johnson
                        RB2 - Jalen Parmele
                        WR - James Hardy
                        WR - Will Franklin
                        Slot WR - Dexter Jackson
                        TE - Tyson Devree
                        HB - Owen Schmitt

                        OLT - Brandon Albert
                        OLG - Drew Radovich
                        C- Jeff Cavender
                        ORG - Chad Reinhart
                        ORT - Kirk Barton

                        DEFENSE DEPTH CHART

                        RDE- Bryan Mattison
                        DT- Dre Moore
                        DT - Frank okam
                        LDE - Brian Johnston

                        WILL- Guy Geaton
                        MIKE- Curtis Lofton
                        SAM- David Vorbora

                        LCB - Antoine Cason
                        RCB - Jack Williams
                        S - Quentin Demps
                        S - Dominique Barber

                        Nickel DB - Isaiah Gardener

                        ANALYSIS- the offense should be solid up front with albert and barton protecting outside, reinhart inside with radovich should provide 1 of the better guard combos from the draft. Chris johnson and parmele should thrive as runners in this system. Hardy, franklin, jackson provide a huge amount of playmaking ability at the WR position for Flacco. he has a massive redzone target and consistent catch threat in hardy, frnaklin stretches the field and dexter can take the slot routes and open the field up

                        on d you have a sack machine in johnston, a very good 3 technique DT in moore, and the best NT in the draft in okam. that coupled with mattison provides a solid front 4. Behind them you have lofton who will be the leader, coupled with vorbora who is a staright up football player, and geaton who is the most athletic OLB in the later rds not named wesely woodyard. At safety you have a superb cover safety in demps and a aggressive hitter agains the run in barber. Your corners are extremyly good in coverage and with our front seven should be able to make some serious plays in the passing game.

                        over all we have a balnced offesive attack, and some serious protection guys for flacco. our run game should be effective as should the passing game.

                        on D we have a 4-3 with a nose tackle and 3 technique coupled with pass rushing de's who are good agains the run as well. and the secondary provides good safe coverage.

                        there it is welcome to the super bowl JORO

                        by the way this thread rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                          Wow this took longer than I thought

                          1a. Glenn Dorsey DT – Could be the best DT prospect in 10 years, the cornerstone.
                          1b. Gosder Cherilus OT – Fast and athletic, perfect for your zone blocking system
                          2a. Dan Conner MLB – Great team guy, great intelligence, perfect guy to run the defense
                          2b. Joe Flacco QB – The next Brett Favre, a gutsy gunslinger, with passion and drive
                          2c. Mario Manningham WR - Flacco’s #1 has the speed/ability to match Flacco’s arm
                          3a. John Greco OT – It’s all about the trenches baby!
                          3b. Kevin Smith RB – An awesome runner in a zone blocking scheme
                          3c. Tom Zbikowski SS – Hard hitter, hard worker, and obsessed with football
                          4a. Ali Highsmith OLB – measureables allow us to steal him at this position
                          4b. Owen Schmitt FB/HB – a beast in goal line situations
                          4c. Brian Johnston DE – has the speed to be a very good pass rusher
                          4d. Orlando Scandrick CB – rising up the charts
                          5a. Frank Okam DT – The artery/run stopper
                          5b. Darius Reynaud WR/KR – a strong, athletic receiver that fits well in the slot
                          5c. Terrance Wheatley CB – Small but very athletic and always around the ball
                          5d. Kory Litchensteiger C – solid offensive leader and center
                          6a. David Vobora OLB – sleeper
                          6b. Shannon Tevaga OG – productive and perfect for zone scheme
                          6c. Kory Sperry TE – a previous pick reminds me of our star TE
                          6d. Adarius Bowman WR – big, strong WR could line up across from Manningham
                          7a. Tommy Blake DE - sleeper
                          7b. Ryan Mundy FS – I’m getting sleepy…
                          7c. Mike Gibson OG
                          7d. Brandon Ore RB

                          Undrafted free agents

                          1. Derrick Huff CB
                          2. Brandon Couto K
                          3. Jimmie Kaylor P

                          Depth Chart

                          QB Joe Flacco (2b)
                          RB1 Kevin Smith (3b)
                          RB2 Brandon Ore (7d)
                          WR Mario Manningham (2c)
                          WR Adarius Bowman (6d)
                          Slot WR Darius Reynaud (5b)
                          TE Kory Sperry (6c)
                          HB Owen Schmitt (4b)

                          OLT Gosder Cherilus (1a)
                          OLG Mike Gibson (7c)
                          C Kory Litchensteiger (5d)
                          ORG Shannon Tevaga (6b)
                          ORT John Greco (3a)


                          RDE Brian Johnston (4c)
                          DT Frank Okam (5a)
                          DT Glenn Dorsey (1a)
                          LDE Tommy Blake (7a)

                          WILL Ali Highsmith (4a)
                          MIKE Dan Conner (2a)
                          SAM David Vobora (6a)

                          LCB Orlando Scandrick CB (4d)
                          RCB Terrance Wheatley CB (5c)
                          S Tom Zbikowski (3c)
                          S Ryan Mundy (7b)

                          Nickel DB Jimmie Kaylor (undrf)

                          Special Teams

                          K Brandon Coutu (undrf.)
                          P Jimmie Kaylor (undr.)
                          KR Darius Reynaud
                          PR Darius Reynaud

                          A balanced draft with the best picks in the most important places. No trades, because it’s more fun this way and less complicated. A competitive team for sure.


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                            Glad so many people are adding to this I was kind of curious as to how much interest in this there would be

                            Very good so far from ya all, I am in class at the moment but will read more at work later!
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                              Man, I am impressed after reading some of these over. You guys have really put a lot of work into this

                              I find it really interesting the amount of offense people are tending to pick near the top. I don't mind and don't suddenly change these but it is really interesting to me to see who people find fitting and such
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