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  • Nice article on Chris Williams

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Chris Williams had no problem persuading his new bride to postpone their honeymoon. Business comes first, and the left tackle from Vanderbilt is close to seeing his hard work and patience pay off.

    The 6-foot-6, 315-pound tackle from Louisiana who wasn't even courted by his home state college could hear his name called within the first 20 selections of the NFL draft. That has made the waiting much easier.

    "We hoped to be in this position where I got to go on a lot of visits. We hoped it would come. She's happy because I'm going to get a job soon," Williams said. "It's a good and a bad thing. I don't get to spend as much time with her as I want to. But it's for the better, our future."

    Williams is in position to become only the second Vanderbilt offensive lineman drafted in the first round, the first since Will Wolford was the 20th pick overall in 1986.

    Not bad for someone who only became a starter as a high school senior when another player didn't show up for a mandatory camp. When Vanderbilt coaches first looked at him, they took a leap of faith on a 6-foot-5, 245-pound kid turning into something special.

    "We saw him run. He could just fly," Vanderbilt offensive line and assistant head coach Robbie Caldwell said.

    The son of Joseph and Sandres Williams in Glynn, La., Williams worked with strength coach John Sisk and the head of Vanderbilt's training room, Majid "Magic" Noori. Williams added muscle with specialized meals, working his way to 260 pounds by Thanksgiving of his freshman year and 290 after Christmas.

    "He's the poster child for our strength training program," said Sisk, who can pull up a computer photo of the skinny Williams who first showed up on campus.

    A change in majors from engineering to human and organizational development cost Williams his eligibility in 2004, when he had been slated to start at center, leaving him to work on the scout team.

    "And to know I was supposed to be starting? It was a long year to say the least," Williams said.

    Williams alternated between left tackle and guard in 2005 helping protect quarterback Jay Cutler, who was the 11th pick overall in 2006 by Denver. He settled in at tackle in 2006 and 2007, and Caldwell counted two sacks allowed in those two seasons, one in the 2006 season opener at Michigan when the coach had missed practice that week due to his mother's death.

    "He was more concerned about me," Caldwell said.

    With long arms and good hands, Caldwell called Williams very technique-conscious and stronger than people realize. He also is very coachable.

    "If you tell him to do something, you better tell him right because he's going to do it the way you tell him to do it," Caldwell said.

    Williams played well enough against the speed rushers in the Southeastern Conference that he was chosen the team's MVP three times last year, and the Commodores ran all their goal-line plays behind him. He finished as a consensus first-team All-SEC by both coaches and the media.

    "Because of his agility and his athletic ability, he stands out as a pass protector," Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson said. "But he's not afraid to come off the ball and block for the run. They require him to pull or anything like that, he can do it."

    He also organized a summer softball league with his teammates the past two years. When a ball knocked out his front teeth, he went to Caldwell to show off his new smile.

    Williams graduated in December and stayed around Nashville to train with Sisk for the NFL combine. A 32 on the Wonderlic test isn't too surprising considering his older sister is an attorney, while his twin sister is studying chemistry. His father supervises an electrical plant back home.

    The wedding was April 5 back in Louisiana, sandwiched between visits with NFL teams including Detroit, Tampa, Houston, Denver, St. Louis, the New York Giants, Kansas City and Washington.

    If Denver drafts him, that would reunite Williams with Cutler. Williams is smart enough to understand he can't control where he winds up. That's one reason he is a recently retired fan of the New Orleans Saints.

    "I was a big Willie Roaf fan growing up. He was kind of the epitome of a left tackle in my book. If I grow up to be the player he was, I'll be a great player just like he was. It's not hard now. While I was a Saints fan, it's going to be my job not to be a fan," he said.

    And when will Williams get to enjoy his honeymoon? Once he finds out when and where his new boss needs him to report to work.

    "It depends on the timing," he said.

    Hope you guys enjoyed the article. He sounds like a really smart, well brought up guy, I would be stoked if we called out his name on Saturday.

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    great read...thanx
    and.........sign him UP !
    i'm a BRONCO'S fan !:go:


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      I wholeheartedly agree. if he's there at 12 he's ours.


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        I've seen Chris Williams play twice in person..

        I'm a HUGE SEC guy so I love when the Broncos get a SEC player but guys Williams is NOT the OT we need,just isn't agood fit for us.I've seen him play in person twice, he plays soft and at times looks very stiff.Seeing video of Clady he just looks like the type of OL that fits with the Broncos!

        It is starting to look more and more like it will be a OL in the 1st rd..I just hope it isn't Williams even tho like I said I'm a SEC guy!
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          I'm not a big fan of Clady, Williams, or Otah. I think Branden Albert is a beast though. If the Broncos can't get him then I'd say don't go OT with the first pick.


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            Just found this on Chris Williams:

            "Z-Report Says: Word on the streets is that Williams has a back issue that could cause him to come off of some teams boards. If that is the case, he could fall."

            Can anyone elaborate or confirm?

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              The thing that scares me about Clady when you watch his highlight video is the talent he is playing against...will he be able to handle the NFL DE's week in and week out,but one thing is for sure he can moved very..very well for a guy his size and he played in the Zone Block!

              I just hope Jay hasn't been in Mike's ear to much about Williams because he is a HUGE reach at 12 imo and I just don't see a fit there.


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                Originally posted by missstatebronco View Post
                The thing that scares me about Clady when you watch his highlight video is the talent he is playing against...will he be able to handle the NFL DE's week in and week out,but one thing is for sure he can moved very..very well for a guy his size and he played in the Zone Block!

                I just hope Jay hasn't been in Mike's ear to much about Williams because he is a HUGE reach at 12 imo and I just don't see a fit there.
                You got lose that mentality of who he went up against college as way to judge his abilities at the next level. We have seen numerous players make the transition from a mid-major conference to the NFL smoother than a guy from a major league like the SEC or the Big 12, so I would not discount Clady b/c of his league. Good to hear about Chris Williams from someone who has watched him play live. I watch a lot of college ball but there are still so many of these players in the draft who I never got a chance to see. He may be a little overhyped, but he may be the best lineman available when we pick. Personally I want Clady or Albert, but would be happy with Williams.
                Bronco fan from the Land of 10,000 Lakes!


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                  Chris Williams plays soft? That really doesn't seem to matter to the Broncos, imo......


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                    Clady or Albert should be the only OL we should take in the first round
                    and there is a good chance that they wont be there,
                    well clady might be here with the chief viking trade
                    I am a Moss lover


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                      You gotta love the NFL draft scouting reports man..

                      The only place where a guy who gives up ONE freakin' sack against SEC defenses becomes too soft in a matter of a few idle months from football..


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                        jeremy zuttah... jeremy zuttah.... jeremy zuttah..... wait whats everyone talking about? oh right clady vs. williams again. in a few years they won't be able to hold a candle to zuttah. ok thats an overstatement but i think zuttah could just be that good. stronger and faster then anyone in the draft, runs a zone blocking scheme, and is great at pass coverage. think ZBS but with pancakes not cutblocks. but.... seeing that hes projeceted in the one round we don't have a pick in, kirk barton should be pretty good too.
                        disclaimer: if the above post appears to contain outrageously illogical content, ITS PROBABLY SARCASM


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                          Originally posted by missstatebronco View Post
                          I just hope Jay hasn't been in Mike's ear to much about Williams because he is a HUGE reach at 12 imo and I just don't see a fit there.
                          I disagree completely. In yr original post U said he "played soft," but Im not sure what that means. I dont consider someone who was lined up against the toughest SEC defenders week in and out and only allowed 3 sacks in 3 years--and had over 100 knockdowns in his senior year alone--as someone that would play "soft." Quite the opposite.

                          That to me shows top-notch technique, determination, and field smarts, just like a former star LT we once had that's now in the HOF.

                          And all this talk (on other threads) about how because he didnt play in a ZBS (which is wrong, Vandy ran some zbs) so that somehow translates to failure with us is bloody rubbish folks act like zbs is some huge hard to master mystery for big dumb men but it's really not.

                          Im not saying there's no room for improvement, he should bulk up his upper body strength for one. But Shanny likes smart players that will not only learn the system fast, but retain and apply consistently to game-day pressures. CW is his ticket.


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                            Oh I'm not holding against Clady at all...just pointing out one little thing that caught my eye.

                            As far as Williams ,guys Vandy lines up in the shotgun alot of the time so of course his sack numbers gave up will be's pretty well know in the SEC he was "soft" against the run.When someone brings up a OL being "soft" most of the time it means they are not all that great of a run blocker.Now I'm not saying Williams is a god awful don't get to being a 1st RD type player being awful as we all know but he just isn't imo the OL answer for us at #12.

                            I'd take Clady over Williams everytime!
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                              Oh well.

                              I prefer Ryan Clady, Branden Albert or Jeff Otah (and save all that dont fit the system nonsense please) anyway.