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Kenny Phillips is the answer to Broncos needs.

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    Originally posted by humpbobby View Post
    I cant say much with the screen name that I use but I have had it so long no changing now...
    I liked Bobby Humphrey.He had some good games for us.I remember one Monday night against K.C. he was unstoppable.

    No Phillips at 12.Not that I like our saftey status we are too slow.We do have plenty of experience though.


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      KP will be a huge pick up if we can get him in the 2nd. But if we go RB or OT in the first, we need to go OT/DT/LB in the 2nd. Unless we trade down and pick up another first day pick.

      Besides, the saftey class from next year is a lot more impressive than Kenny Phillips. Also, we can some good talent late in the draft for saftey. They aren't going to be starters right away, but are going to be good depth and slowly learn the game.


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        Originally posted by FireShanahan View Post
        If we draft Kenny Phillips. The reason being...Lynch can play closer to the line of scrimmage where he's better and because he's older and slower. Phillips is smart and fast enough to play both halfs of the field with ease. He can play TE's in man with no problem at all. So if he's not playing the TE as Boss clearly can himself then that would give him the freedom to roam the field and make all kinds of plays (ala Ed Reed, Bob Sanders). He is a pure playmaker and would make up for Dre or Champ getting beat if that was to happen (notice where was the safety in the GB game even tho it was Bly fought for getting beat). He would be great for the future with tutoring from Lynch, one of the all-time greats. We already missed out on one of the good young safeties in Reggie Nelson last year but Kenny is even better because he can play close to the line and will lay the big hit too! Trust me the guy is that good and would be even better with our secondary. He would also allow either side to play the zones or the flats for easier picks and the corners can have better awareness and coverage because he can play the ball on WR's after they are released (Giants, Colts, Ravens, Bucs). The reason I mentioned the Giants is because although alot of credit was given the D-line, there Safties played great too. They allowed the corners to play underneath for the short routes that kept NE rolling and able to set teams up for the deep balls. If you watch the SB or the last game of the season that the Giants should have won. You'll see that the safties were instrumental in those games. He can play WR's man to man also for those who have doubts about Fox and Paymah. lol. Kenny Phillips is clearly the best safety in the draft and the best possible pick that we can make to better this team. I know we need o-linemen and d-linemen but the offense isn't struggling as much as the defense and Kenny would solve alot of problems as far as the defense goes. We can find a quality D or O linemen in later rounds but Kenny is one of a kind and we will not find anyone close to him trying to draft a safety from this thin group in the later rounds. Also, he would keep the long list of great safeties of Broncos tradition going. Draft Kenny!!!
        you don´t follow football very much, do you?


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          Originally posted by jhns View Post
          Safety is a need unless you like waiting until everyone leaves and starting rookies all the time. We have 4 OK safeties right now. 3 of them will be gone in the next 2 years. The 4th still needs to improve a lot before he is seen as the answer to either safety spot. I would say it is not out of the question that we get a safety. Especially if Phillips is there in the 2nd.

          I would agree that the two lines our our biggest needs though.
          Tyrell Johnson of Arkasas is climbing but he would be a nice fit if we could get him. But picking a safety in Rd. 2 may be a bit early. I would rather take an MLB in the 2nd. We probably need the identity of our D to come from the MLB or safety positions much like our tradition.


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            KP is not all that and a bag of chisps i have been saying that since friggin Oct
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