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  • Mock 4/24

    Well after Signing Dewayne Robertson, I think our draft changes.

    Here's my Mock draft

    We send our # 12 pick to Houston for their #18 and #79

    They need an OT to protect Matt Schaub and I'm pretty sure Chris Williams or Ryan Clady would fall here.

    1. Jonathan Stewart RB

    You know it, you can't resist this freak of nature. Sure he has an injury but it'll heal by training camp. Last year, we really didn't have dominant RB ( We never do, with the exception of TD). Look at the Vikings, one of the worst teams. Draft Peterson, and BAM almost playoff bound ( If it wasn't for us!!). But yea, you get the point.

    2. Kenny Phillips

    His Stock is falling, hopefully enough for us tp take him. Why doesn't anyone address Safety this year? John Lynch is most likely retiring next year and Ferguson has left us. We draft Phillips, have Lynch mentor him. He has the potential to become a Ed Reed/Sean Taylor (R.I.P) Type safety.

    3. Duane Brown OT

    ZBS blocker right here! Man, this guy's athletic, strong, and fits into our system magnificently! He's a backup to Ryan incase Ryan doesn't work out or something.

    4a. Eddie Royal WR

    Am I the only one who gets shivers in their spines when Glenn Martinez was our KR/PR?? Man, this guy is fast, and elusive. We draft him as a KR/PR, and develop him into a 2nd String WR.

    4b. Frank Okam DT

    Wow this guy is huge, he's a beast! He can become a starter is he trains more. Alongside Thomas, they could blossom as a Good Young Duo.

    5a. Owen Schmidt FB

    Atleast I think thats his name, but yes. I saw some footage, holy %$*!! This guys a punisher!!

    5b. Terrence Wheatley CB

    Didn't watch much on this guy, but we need Depth. Bailey, Bly, Foxworth (Future is Cloudy), and I forgot who's our 4th guy. Wheatley is a hometown athlete that has good hands, vision, and he's speed is ok.

    6. BKA ( Best Kicker Available)

    7. BPA ( Best Punter Available)

    7b. Best Player Available

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    i'd like us to go RB in the first, but i don't know if Stewart would be there at 18. i like the idea of trading with the Lions, down to 15, to get an extra pick or two. seems you have more faith than most in our current O-line, too. in addition to drafting Peterson, the Vikings also added an elite LT in Hutchinson and i believe they also picked up a stud FB, i can't remember the name... but yeah, they put a heavy focus on improving the run and BAM.


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      Isn't Hutchinson a OG? Stewart will not be there at 18, Houston wants him too. No trade. Just Draft Stewart at 12, and Owen Schmitt. That improves are shortyardage and goalline issues right there.
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        I will go with who you got here and say good mock ...

        You have got to get WR Eddie Royal, Virginia Tech out as a 4th round pick ..

        If not you will need to add that he is going to slide big time almost 2 rounds from where he is really projected ...

        If the Broncos could land KP in the 2nd I will be all for it....

        I dont touch 5b. Terrence Wheatley CB I dont like that pick but others will say his value is way off as well ....

        Thanks for the Mock !!!!
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          Would love this draft,

          But not so high on Eddie.
          Will Franklin's my guy