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Broncos sign RB Michael Pittman.

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    Anyone know who/if we cut someone to make room?

    Thanks ahead of time.
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      I personally think it's not all that bad of a signing. Pittman brings with him plenty of experience and a great catcher out of the backfield. The league is becoming more and more of a running back by committee. Your seeing it everywhere. The old days of 1 running back are becoming obsolete. If Henry cant go because of injury (And we see that he cant all too often), then a group of different pace backs is a good idea. We have a good group but all too young and inexperienced so Pittman would help


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        I thought they were talking to Pittman even before the draft, it could be that they have had on again/off again talks, and now this signing could be a not-so-subtle hint to Henry......That'd be nice, but I'd still rather see them kick Kevin Jones' tires instead......


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          Originally posted by broncofansd
          I think this means the end to Travis Henry!!! I think he is cut next week.

          i think not.


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            This pick up is 99.9% desperation .01% value.
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              Originally posted by Ian
              Anyone know who/if we cut someone to make room?

              Thanks ahead of time.
              i heard we cut jay cutler.


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                Originally posted by atl-bronco
                I've seen Pittman run with force at times with the Bucs; A ZBS may propell him somewhat........but 10 yrs in the league is quite a bit of wear and tear.

                True he has been in the league for 10 years but over those 10 years he has only had 1300 carries and 415 catches, so he is not near as used and abused as some 10 year vets.

                I LOVE this signing, I live in Tampa and have told some of my buddies here for years that I would LOVE to see Pittman in Orange & Blue. He's tough, runs like a mack truck, catches exceptionally well out of the backfield and is excellent in picking up the blitz. I think he will show that he can be more than a 3rd down back in our ZBS scheme and may even end up starting after a few weeks!!!



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                  Why not? We need one of young guys to step up and take the spot, not just hand it to them, 2 veterans will add fuel the fire.

                  Plus these young guys may be afraid that either Pittman will slap their wife around or Henry will impregnate her.

                  I would love to see us just cut both Henry and Pittman, and roll with Torain, Young, and Hall. Then keep Alridge around as a #4 back and # 6 reciever!


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                    he is maybe a 3rd down back but most likely doesn't make the team. This guy was a good back three years ago.
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                      I think you are all looking at this the wrong way. What does he have to offer? On the field I would say not to much. I think he was brought in for two reasons. 1) to be an extra set of legs of take some of the work away from Henry and Young. 2) to help Torian learn. I think that they are similar type backs. Show him how to run a route and to catch passes.
                      I think this is a camp move, and he will be cut before the season. Unless he shows something and earns a spot
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                        Another Possibility.

                        Some on these threads have argued against using the term rebuilding. Some prefer calling it transition.

                        In this time of transition, it seems that Shanahan wants each position to have at least one veteran to provide some quality leadership.

                        The OL has Nalen, Hamilton and Wiegmann.
                        The WRs have Stokley and Jackson.
                        Graham is the vet TE.
                        The DL has Robertson, Ekuban and Engelberger.
                        The anticipated starting trio of LBs all have experience.
                        The secondary is full of veterans.
                        Lynch encouraged Cutler to step up and take more a vocal, leadership role.

                        However, the RBs have had only Travis Henry and Cecil Sapp. Could it be that Pittman has been acquired in anticipation of him being the veteran leader of the RBs?
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