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what scenario is worse?

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  • what scenario is worse?

    #1 - opening game at oakland on MNF.

    the raiders win 38-0 - mcfadden runs for 240 yards and 3 scores, J russell gets over 300 yards passing with 2 scores and cutler is picked off 4 times. torain comes in and looks amazing before going down with a season ending injury as both legs are broken. oakland laugh us off the park.

    #2 - week 2 at home to SD, first home game of the year.

    we lose 50-10 with rivers playing incredibly, cutler is sacked 5 times by merriman and with the last sack rivers comes on and starts jawing with cutler.

    the crowd leave at half time and shanny leaves with 10 mins to go and heads out to the changing rooms!!! lol

    don't worry, these are only nightmares, we will crush these 2 and take the west

    but if you HAD to choose one or the other..............?

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    I would choose neither! How about an option #3, because if we do lose one or both of those games I think the scores will be a LOT closer than 38-0 or 50-10.

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      Originally posted by bronx_2003 View Post
      #1 - opening game at oakland on MNF.

      #2 - week 2 at home to SD, first home game of the year.
      i don't see whats so bad about either of those. im exited about both of those games!

      not sure what the stuff INBETWEEN means...... but i;ll disregard it as a typo.
      disclaimer: if the above post appears to contain outrageously illogical content, ITS PROBABLY SARCASM


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        ooooooh!...evil thread maker!
        i say" none of the above", bout' Jay Cutler sweeps the afc west with his, renewed strength,rocket arm and host of speedy new recievers.
        not to mention the vastly improved defense with the return of solid veterans and the surprising impact of several young players.
        i expect the broncos to bring their "A game" next season from week 1 til' the closing bell. look out afcw ...we might just get ...our swagger back!
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        i'm a BRONCO'S fan !:go:


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          if i had to pick, i would pick #2 because SD is still a good team. but if we lose 38-0 to the raiders, on opening night, on MNF, i would be pissed
          Thanks Sporting4life!

          Welcome to Denver Von Miller!!

          Originally posted by MarshallMoss
          My bet is open to anyone. 7 sacks minimum playing at least 14 games in 2011. I will eat crow if I am wrong, and will cp everyone who takes my offer. If you lose, you will be happy to send a cp my way![/B]
          Bet Taken! Although i hope you win


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            I'd say the raiders scenario. I dont want to have Raider fans starting
            Russell > Cutler threads. But I think it is unlikely the Raiders are very good this year.


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              Why is this posted in the Draft/Trade/ FA forum?

              BTW, get lost if you're gonna post this trash.


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                I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit....

                Neither one of these scenarios is going to happen and it makes me sick just to read it!


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                  #2 because there are no injuries
                  "Brady... drops back... sees receiver wide open... and throws it away"


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                    I want those twenty seconds of my life back...


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                      Originally posted by str8jacket View Post
                      I want those twenty seconds of my life back...
                      Me too....
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                        If Madden runs for 240 yards on us with grease on his face and a turducken in his stomach it cant get much worse than that. I doubt he can even walk 240 yards. Oh wait, McFadden not Madden... nevermind.


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                          Both scenarios would make me sick for weeks...They would leave a scar for life.

                          I would hate to think how I would feel if the Broncos lose at home like that again.

                          I cant handle losing to the Raiders that is the worst...
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                            I hate negativity . Haha jk.
                            Originally posted by darth-hideous
                            Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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                              it was just a bit of fun.

                              i would HATE it if we lose at home to SD for the THIRD year in a row - we HAVE to take back invesco THIS year!!!