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    If anything Poole is back in Denver for retirement.
    Just my thinking.

    Getting rid of Bly would be a mistake; Foxxy can't tackle well at all, he just raps up and sits there hugging people (great guy- can't tackle), but I like Paymah, and Jack ...
    The coaches will do what's best and I don't think that means getting rid of Dre


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      If we can get a 3rd for Bly I would love it. I think Foxworth could be a good starter and Paymah would be fine at the nickel. But if we can't get a 3rd or better I think we keep Bailey, Bly, Foxworth, Paymah, and Williams. However we cannot keep Foxworth on the bench IMO if he doesn't get serious action this year I think he leaves in FA.


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        we're better keeping Bly. I still have faith that he can do it. He's a ball hawk, so sometimes he gets beat trying to make the big play. But sometimes, he makes the big play. I think he's better than Foxworth right now. Though, if we did do this for some reason, I think Fox could do it.

        And yes, about three weeks ago I think I put forth the opposite opinion. I said to get rid of Bly and start Fox. But I've reconsidered. The only way that works is if Jack or Paymah prove as good or better than Fox, giving us the same depth. Because we need that.