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    Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
    You want another reason to dump Pittman....he did horrible last night handling the load in the 2nd half...he's got no milage left, no more gas in the tank, whatever you want to say.

    Also, I read someone saying they don't want "any of these scrubs at RB, I want a horse."

    You want a horse, well how does a train sound to you....Ryan Torain
    He did great in training camp...woo. Stop talking him up and let him show it on the field (if he ever gets there)


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      Originally posted by str8jacket View Post
      Knowshon Moreno or Lesean McCoy would be just fine by me. But just watch Shanny take a ginormous reach this next year as he did with Jarvis (yes, I am still bitter at the fact that we traded a pick that would eventually be used on Mason Crosby). Or go for some scrub LB like that one from OSU that I'm too lazy to spell right. Laurenwhatshisname. Yeah. Reach. I said it. He looked pathetic against LSU.
      But very few teams looked against LSU. That's saying how good LSU was last year. Luarenitis (sp?) I think will be a for sure fire top 5 pick because of his name, college and the division he played in. I think he's the next Brian Urlacher in terms of talent, but not the same in terms of leadership and smarts.

      The LB I wouldn't mind overshooting a little for would be Rey Maluaga. He's a beast and a leader. Denver would be wise to choose him over Luarinitis. He's the kind of LB that Denver needs. Heck, they missed out on a few in the past draft. So it's time they drafted a stud again to start in the middle.

      But back on topic, Dallas has some pretty good backs who might get released and Denver should test out. There might be a few guys that teams never gave a chance to shine that are pretty good. But I seriously don't see any vet's of Pittman's calibur being cut. Pittman will stay, but only as a knowledgeable vet and very very short yardage ( as in few centimeters short) situation back.


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        Bring back the great Dayne.


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          Originally posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
          Bring back the great Dayne.

          i wouldnt mind that the dude rushed for more yards and TD's then any back we have on the roster right now, and we know he can pound the ball sometimes.


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            I would rather pick up Keon Lattimore, or just roll with what we got which should be a lot when Torain returns.


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              I would rather have rueben droughns back in denver than any of these other guys.

              first of all, there seems to be no doubt that droughns will not make the giants roster, they have too many youngsters who have player a lot better this preseason. brandon jacobs, derrick ward, ahmad bradshaw are pretty much locks; and danny ware has played really well so he has the best shot to make it as a possible 4th RB. i dont think reuben even has a carry this preseason, that tells me that the coaching staff is not high on him and he will get cut.

              secondly, he is a proven commodity. we know he has had success in denvers running system (1200+ yards in his starting season). whereas all these other guys are unproven. if we have to pick up someone who gets cut from another team, i believe we should get someone we know has the tools to be successful here.

              next, we do not need a quick/speedy guy. we already have selvin young, andre hall, and anthony alridge... we have all the quickness we need. what we dont have is an inside runner. sure hall has looked good running between the tackles but he is more of a speed back. other than hall all we have is michael pittman, who quite frankly has looked ghastly this preseason. we also have the two FBs but i would rather see them as a lead blocker than a runner. reuben droughns could give us the inside presence that the other guys lack. i'm not saying we should give him the starting job, i still support selvin young. all i know is that if we have a 3 and 2, i would feel most comfortable to see reuben droughns taking the field than michael pittman or andre hall, and that is what it should all come down to: the guys who gives us the best chance the succeed, and we know reuben droughns can here in denver.
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                Originally posted by mx_stiles13 View Post
                What about Chris Henry from the Titans?
                After the last Henry we got from the Titans, no thanks. lol


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                  i think alot of people on this board want a clinton portis type back again.....for awhile i disagreed with that philospohy, but after seeing what we have at RB i am concerened while i think we will be servicable moving the ball, i again wonder how we will be scoring the ball. i feel that it really is time to focus on getting ourselves a proven back in FA or drafting 1 high. this year i was against it because i wanted a center an LT and it looks like we did pretty well. however if we are going to contend for the SB i really am starting to think we may need that franchise back.......


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                    elevation INC.

                    Thats what I've been saying all the long. I was very high on Stewart or Mendenhall but do understand the Clady pick but we need a franchise back. Unless Torrian pans out our running game will be servicable at best. It will be more of moving the ball up and down the field into the red zone but no one to punch it in. As great as Elway was he needed Davis to win a Superbowl. He tried for years with just his arm but accomplished winning a SB once he got Davis, then the offense was truly balanced and dangerous. If any of you guys are betting on Young or Hall, then you'd better wake up. They would not be starters on any other team in the NFL. Many of you speak of not picking up backs about to be cut from other teams calling them "SCRUBS" well thats what we have! Pittman too old and was never starting material, Young goes down at the slightest contact/cannot run inside, and Hall only a step above Young but is a tougher runner. I said before that this team was not as far away to being an elite team once again; if we had that back!!!


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                      In the next college football season, watch for Mike Ford out of South Florida. He's a very tought runner who will be available in the 2nd/3rd round area.