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    Originally posted by orangeblue72 View Post
    I think what we really need is a good veteran QB to help Cutler settle down and mentor him. As far as defense goes, I like the fast LB's but we need some size on the line start pushing back on these teams that are larger. Our offenseive line is good but that could use size to compliment strength. You have to watch free agent signings that sometimes these players will have career seasons to be better marketed and make more money. It's not always the case but it does happen. As much as I do not trust Warner he has done a great job of preparing other QB's, he has replaced Lienert but Manning sure improved with his help. Good job on listing these players even the ones from Detroit...
    Kurt deserves another shot at starting after he has played so well this year. He should be paid like a starter and I dont want to pay a guy that kind of money to hold a clipboard. Sign JP Losman, Brian Griese, Alex Smith, Gus Ferotte, or someone who could manage a game and not lose it for us if Jay gets hurt.


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      Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
      1. Terrell Suggs (Baltimore)
      2. Julius Peppers (Carolina) **Rumored to be Franchised
      3. Chris Canty (Dallas)
      4. Kenechi Udeze (Minnesota)
      5. Kevin Carter (Tampa Bay)
      6. Bertrand Berry (Arizona)
      7. Ebenezor Ekuban (Denver)
      8. Antonio Smith (Arizona)
      9. Dwan Edwards (Baltimore)
      10. Michael Montgomery (Green Bay)

      Kenechi Udeze is out with leukemia, i was jsut schooled by a new poster on it. thanks MUG

      guess canty, carter, smith or berry could be options maybe suggs


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        You can cross Chris Gamble off the list, MUG.......


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          I hope we get a chance to sign S Atogwe (Rams).


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            Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
            I hope we get a chance to sign S Atogwe (Rams).
            I prefer Sean Jones but would be happy with either one. There is just something about an ex-Brown that seems familiar for some reason.

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              Willie McGinnest is retiring. He texted my Sis last week.


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                Is Nick Collins' contract up? because he is a great safety and would be a huge addition to this defense.


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                  Just remember, it is FA that lead to the problems we have. The question is "how do you build a football team" and the answer is "through the draft". Rey Maualuga is the perfect place to start.


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                    i would like to see any of the fallowing in a broncos uniform next season honestly we need to spend money on free agency..... the draft has been no good to us on the deffensive side of the ball and if we dont get any vets who's going to mento all the young guys anways we need to spend money if we want to win

                    CB 4. Phillip Buchanon (Tampa Bay) i just have a gut feeling about him

                    DE 1. Terrell Suggs (Baltimore) he's just a beast
                    2. Julius Peppers (Carolina)unlikely to be let go from Carolina

                    MLB 3. Jonathan Vilma (New Orleans) oh boy i love the thought of Vilma coming to Denver he and DJ would be reunited as they both played together in the university of Miami

                    S 1. Jermaine Phillips (Tampa Bay) just have a gut feeling bout him

                    DT 5. Tank Johnson (Dallas) has had off field issues in the past but as of late he has settled down and he would add depth at the DT position

                    1. Albert Haynesworth (Tennessee) just a beast but unlikely to be let go by the titans
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                      our answer at RB

                      Get Darren Sproles!:salute!:


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                        My wishlist would start with Mike Peterson and Vilma. Peterson has fallen out the favor of Del Rio for trying to pump up his team by celebrating a somewhat meaningless sack. He was later giving an explanation for his actions and was benched. Huge run stuffer and exactly what we need and will be less expensive having had a small issue. Vilma and DJ have played together and can cover huge amounts of the field freeing up Peterson to smash up the middle. Boss can fill in of the bench.

                        I would also like another big receiver. Stokley seemed to me to drop too many important catches this year. plus Cutler seems to have a problem throwing the ball too high or too low for him. I would move Royal to the slot and release Stokley to save some cash.

                        I would not waste a high draft pick on a RB in the draft. We will not have 7 RB's on the IR next season. Torain did not even has a chance to show what he can do. Same goes for Alridge. Hillis should stay FB for the dual threat in the back and I'll be happy.

                        I would draft a QB this year. Earlier I saw a comment about needing a veteran QB to help Cutler, but Ramsey is exactly that. I believe in the opposite. I think Cutler may mature more if he has to teach another. Did anyone else notice at the start of the year Cutler had swagger and as the season went on he reverted back to taking the field looking at the turf all sad like. Drives me Nuts! Stay pissed off when things go wrong Jay!

                        I would release Bly to save more money as well. Played well in the absence of Bailey But gets eaten alive by larger WR's downfield.

                        I would not offer Scheff too much cash. With the way Graham looked at the end of this season he is now expendable. I love Scheff, but he's expendable and we need to save money.

                        I not for or aganist a move to the 3-4, just f'n Blitz already. Stop using Champ as our run stopper so he can stay healthy. Send 7 or 8 @ the opposition on every down and force teams to get rid of the ball so Bailey can jump routes. Ed Reed gets picks in Baltimore because he knows that the opposing QB needs to fire fast.A receiver can not make a double move in less than 3 seconds ( excluding Royal ).

                        I liked the progression of Barrett and I would like top see him stay a starter.
                        Draft a Safety with our 1st rounder and we should be almost there and use the rest of the draft build even more depth.

                        I do not care who coaches this team as the pieces are almost all there and only a handful of coaches could blow what we have already started.

                        Finally, my last insurance policy I would ponder this season would be a trade for Michael Vick as the backup. He'll be inexpensive and would be a huge asset in case of any problems with Cutler. If Jay continues to run hard into the opposition an injury is inevitable. Vick actually seems to understand he was an idiot and will rebound. We get him for a late draft pick and then shop him one year later when his value increases. Will never happen but I just think it has the potential to be a short term worthwhile investment.
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                          I dont see Peppers or Suggs leaving their respective teams, they want them back to much. steps for improving our defence:

                          1) is sign a DB with the intent that he will compete for the nickleback slot.
                          2) get safety help, but dont drop alot of cash here, look for a 2-3 year deal on someone who may have potential
                          3) In the draft based on the board our number one pick should be either a MLB or Safety. If we draft a MLB he has to be a bruising run stopper. Our other LB's have alot of speed between larson, woodyard and boss bailey but they can get pushed around by bigger fullbacks.
                          Our safety and nicklebacks looked lost in the passing game last year, helped our DB's very little over top, so I would like to see a ball hawking one that can cover up top and has a lot of range and speed.
                          4) get DL help, if nothing else but for depth reasons. In the off season the new coach really has to evaluate Crowder and Moss and decide if they can really play the ends or not.
                          if he wants to switch to a 3-4 defense we might be in even more trouble cause our DL isnt based on size, but speed.

                          It seems after the first round MLB or safety our best bet would be to look for alot of the 4-7th best out there for depth while our draft class from last year and the upcoming year have time to learn the game.

                          What do you guys think? What do other Bronco fans wanna see targeted this off season?
                          Thanks Shanahan for the 2 SB's, but its time to move on. With McDaniels I hope to see at least one more, bringing back solid, fundamental football to Denver.


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                            Originally posted by conannilsen View Post
                            I would also like another big receiver. Stokley seemed to me to drop too many important catches this year. plus Cutler seems to have a problem throwing the ball too high or too low for him. I would move Royal to the slot and release Stokley to save some cash.
                            Say what? Stokley was clutch all year and kept several drives alive. There's no good reason to replace him, he's a true third down safety net. Royal does what he does best at flanker anyway, why move him into the slot?

                            I would not offer Scheff too much cash. With the way Graham looked at the end of this season he is now expendable. I love Scheff, but he's expendable and we need to save money.
                            Firstly, we should have upwards of $20m of cap space to work with since a ton of dead money is coming off of our book. Secondly, cutting Scheff would hardly save money since he's due for 500k this year. Whilst Graham was open a lot this year, note that he was open a lot because teams were paying a hell of a lot of attention to Scheff. I love Danny G but he hardly makes Scheff expendable - Tony's a true deep threat and makes life hellish for safeties.

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                              Even if we draft a NT we need a veteran for the rookie to learn behind and provide depth or even start 1-2 season. Assuming we are going 3-4 and badly need a NT Which of the following would be the best overall pick up???

                              Tank Johnson (Dallas)
                              Grady Jackson (Atlanta)
                              Colin Cole (Green Bay)
                              Rocky Bernard (Seattle)
                              Gabe Watson (Arizona)
                              Ryan Sims (Tampa Bay)
                              Mike Wright (New England)
                              Shaun Cody (Detroit)


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                                Darren Sharper is FA? I want him. How much could he cost?