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    Originally posted by Cutler2007 View Post
    It really looks like one of two things are going to happen:

    1. Nolan and Martindale really liked what they from Larsen on film, and do not not want to sign anyone to block him as a starter. He may actually get a legit shot to win the job. If not Davis can fill the role and we go ILB next year.

    2. Denver really likes a guy in the draft, and once again does not want to block his spot with a big signing.

    That is how I see it anyways.

    i think they like larsen, realize davis is 3-4 vet depth with expirience to teach scheme differences whoc can still start in case of injury.

    As for the draft they probally are salivating at the thought of getting guys like Mckillop/Phillips/Holtzclaw/eberelle etc.....who all are dropping because of how deep OLB and DE/olb is this year. All 4 of those prospects i mentioned should excel inside in the 3-4 because of there intagibles they bring


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      all the new guys we've just pick up are not what we need

      This new coach is driving me nuts first trys to trade Jay then goes out and gets all these run backs, when we have some of the best in are last year rookies. What happened to all of them last year was a freak year when have you ever seen 7 running backs go down in one season? I think Pat must have been high when he pick this coach I say lets trade him and get Mike back any takers?


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        why dont we get taylor he can play olb/de if we want 3-4 he is perfect and can get him for cheap.
        we can get 2-3 years out of him. help us out with leadership.

        we need guys like him.



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          Brian Dawkins is the man. The defence will be drastically improved with him. Watch out Chargers!!! I find some great stuff on this site:


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            Just looking over the list and wondering do you guys think the Broncos can,will make any more moves ?

            Not sure of whos still available atm....
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              Is Chris McAlister still available? We probably won't do that, but I think we should take a look at him as FS. He's been a great coverage guy, he is tall, has great range, nice awareness, experienced player who was part of one of the best defenses. He has decent frame to play safety and can tackle. Depends on the money he would demand.



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                well I am guessing that we now have freed up cap space after the trade but I am not sure. We were out of money and even thats the case I dont think we have enough for McAlister. Ild rather though we had him then goodman and your right we can place him at safety
                2016 Draft:


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                  Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
                  Our FA signees wil be......

                  Chris Canty/Mike Wright/Kenny peterson/James Sanders/Gerald
                  Sesabaugh/Ryan Fields/Michael Pittman/Tatum Bell/Lamont jordan or Maurice Morris

                  our draft picks will be....

                  1. DE/OLB Larry English
                  2. S Michael Hamlin
                  3. CB Mark Parson
                  4. ILB scott Mckillop
                  5. NT Dorrell Scott
                  5. DE/OLB Orion Martin
                  6. DE Jeremy Navarre
                  7. ILB Ronnie Palmer
                  7. C/G Dallas Reynolds

                  MARK IT DOWN MUG
                  Hrmmmm. I guess that's the problem when you stick your neck out and make predictions...


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                    Bucky Brooks saying we need another OT, what the hell? There are at 23 positions we should sooner improve than signing Levi Jones. This is really a joke.

                    I hope we pick up another few MLBs, hopefully Derrick Brooks, just for his experience!


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                      Hows About Signing Mario Urrutia/ 6'6" 232lbs ?

                      I would love for the Broncos to have a gander at Mario Urrutia. He is currently in free agency from the Cincinnati Bengals. He was drafted by them in 2008. I remember watching him he played at Louisville and he is pretty bad, Being 6'6" and all. I just think that he would fit in great with Royal & Mckinley for the future of the Broncos seeing that we might lose Marshall. I'll be praying that we pick Urrutia up!!!.