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    Originally posted by stnzed View Post
    I think Williams is best at WLB, and I still kinda think his comments last year about MLB was just talk. I'd much rather see them upgrade at MLB and SLB than move Williams again.

    It's not popular around here but I think DL and LB are far bigger concerns than S, which isn't a particularly strong position in this draft class anyway, and I still just do not like what the Broncos look for in a safety.

    Other than John Lynch, who brought more to the table than just ability, I can't think of a single safety that they've brought in that is worth a crap.

    Through the draft, you've had Gem's like Kennoy Kennedy, Eric Brown, Sam Brandon, Chris Young, Tony Veland and Cory freakin Gilliard. All of them sucked!

    Look at the free agents they've brought in: Nick Ferguson being the best, but hardly Tyrone Braxton (Much less Steve Atwater).......but you've also had Gem's like George Coghill, Billy freakin Jenkins.......IZELL REESE!!!!!!!

    This team has never proven it can spot an impact S in the draft or in Free Agency .......not once! So combine that with the fact that this safety draft class leaves a lot to be desired, and I absolutely cringe at the thought of this GM taking a swing at this group of S's in the 1st round.

    Even though I'd love for this forum to finally get their 2 to 3 S's, I hope Denver realizes that MLB/SLB/DT/DE/CB/RB are just as big of a need, if not more.......
    Another believer!! DL and LB should be taken in the 1st 2 rounds IMO, and I would take DE/DT with the first 2. It would be nice to get a 2nd pick in round 2 for a LB but not counting on it. It's looking like we will pick in low to mid 20's.


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      Originally posted by Goatmaster View Post
      my dad went to USC so i watch them alot. their defensive players are good on paper but maualuga is way out of position alot of the time and fili loses his gap way to easily, its sad that people think these guys are so good
      Funny, they used to say the same thing about Junior Seau...