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Trade Marshall For Boldin Straight Up?

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    [QUOTE=Champ444;2781795]The mods need to do something about this because everytime I see this crap about Marshalls political views it makes me want to start an argument. For the last time he said it was about Unity, Of ALL PEOPLE.
    Get over the freakin election, and stop posting this crap because the minute someone responds, they get jumped on for talking politics on a sports thread, which I think is asinine, but its the crap rule, so I follow it!!!!!

    Last, Brandon has really pissed me off lately and I have grown tired of defending him to people like the thread starter. That said, if they trade him, its because he didnt want to be here, just like Jay didnt. The only one that seems to have any sense is the Scheff IMO.
    Brandon can kick rocks if he wants to pull Jay Cutlers antics. Its about my beloved team, not one player, not even the best Quarterback to ever play the game. Elway. It was not ever just about him either. These players better learn that. I like Josh's approach, they need to learn it, or beat it!!!![/QUOTE]

    Exactly - Too many people on these boards don't want to understnd that point. "If the inmates are running the asylum, you're in DEEP trouble"


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      Just a rumor, but aint it all? It sounds crazy cribbs and a draft pick, but who knows?


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        personally i am hoping for boldin, i like many of you have given up on marsh, i like the guy, i dont really care about his off field "problems" and to be honest he does deserve to make more than 1.5 mil a year when recievers like "85" are getting astronomical amounts of money and last year he was terrible, the way marsh and jay went about doing it is wrong, making it public, but now that he has i say good luck to you.

        now as for where to trade and for what....i like boldin, he doesnt like arizona, he is a proven great reciever, some may say he is in the sme boat as marsh, asking for more money, but he is different, hes been waiting 2-3 years for his contract, he didnt lead the league in dropped passes...

        marsh obviously doesnt want to be here any more, so trade him, but i think we need to get an equally skilled reciever in return for him or no deal...

        just my .02
        ^^ Thnx CHARGER$ for the awesome sig.