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Broncos must draft Knowshon Moreno!

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  • First, of all i'll literally throw my T.V. out the window if we take Moreno or Wells in the first round..

    1. If the big 4 (Curry, Raji, Orakpo, Brown) are gone we take Jackson since he fits Mike Nolan's system very well.
    2. Rey Maulauga would be a very good pick, and was not considered a reach until injury. Plus, the damn Chargers would take him if we don't, i'd absouletly hate seeing him in one of those gay charger uniforms.
    3. Trade down and take Ron Brace.
    4. Or, trade down and take English.


    Btw, Andre Brown in the 4th Round would be a better pick than taking Moreno in the first..
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    • I wouldn't be offended at this. I don't think it's the best choice with our needs, but Moreno is the real deal contrary to what other have said IMO. I'd still go with

      1st round - LB, either Rey or Cushing
      2nd round - DL, Hood or Moala
      3rd round - RB Andre Brown or FS
      4th round - if no RB in 3rd the Coffee from Alabama
      5th round and above I'm a BPA guy. If possible a CB, another DL, and OL or 2. And please get a decent kicker.
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      • Originally posted by rbagcfab View Post
        That is my point! If we were going to draft a RB high in the draft we would not be out there signing 3 fa running backs. I did not say that we shouldn't draft a running back I just pointed out the fact that Moreno at this point would be a F*cking stupid move. The earliest I could see them drafting someone would be Donald Brown in the second and even that would be to early. And it should be YES TO MAUALUGA!
        First off, ILB is less of a need than RB. We signed Andra Davis, so that must mean we're not going after Rey. I disagree that drafting Moreno would be a stupid move, it would take our offense from good to elite. I just don't see us taking Moreno.

        PS Donald Brown won't be available in the 2nd round, McCoy has a better chance of being available but it's likely both of them are gone
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        • Andre Brown in the 3rd Round is exactly who we need.

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          • I think if we are going to use a first round pick on a RB he better be a franchise back and I don't think Moreno is that. He is talented but he lacks elite speed and that will hinder him in the pros. If we have to draft offense with the 12th pick the only person worthy of the pick is Crabtree. We need Defense something fierce. We need to draft someone on that side of the ball period. I think we should draft Jackson, Maybin or Cushing if Raji, Orakpo and Brown are gone.


            • I'm totally against wasting a 3rd or 4th round pick on a running back. These rounds are perfect fo us to get a safety a linebacker and even a nose tackle.


              • Chris Wells ran two sub 4.4 40's at is pro day today.

                Don't forget about him.


                • agreed

                  Ya a stud tailback is something every team that wants to win a championship should have either in place or on the wish list. It simplafies what happens on offense. If you can get a guy that picks up good yardage no matter the down first second or third, who can sell a play fake, who can pick up a block in protection, and can leak out into the flat or infront of the backers and make the catch... youve got something that makes the fluid, rythm, flow of the offense that much better. Throw in steamrollin ability or home run capability or both and youve got somethin real special. Stud backs are somethin that doesnt come around every year and should be definately looked at. That said i hope we go defense with the first but.... the heck with it well hang 50 on ya.
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                  • Im with U dude (and MUG as well). Im not that hot on Moreno but if--and I say if--Don Brown is still on the board when our 2nd pick comes up it'd be a no-brainer not to get him. :go: He could fill in and help this team immediately.

                    y'all who cry draft defense only are neglecting the larger view, and IMO the FA RB signees, save for Jordan, are all hospital ward outpatients with BIG ?? marks attached. We've not had a stud back since Portis, and looked how he helped out our (at the time) mediocre defense... Time to pull the trigger.


                    • There is 0 chance that they draft Moreno. None. You don't pay a substantial amount of money to 3 FA RB's to then tie up more cap space in the position by taking a 1st round RB. Especially when you have pressing needs on defense to address. People can argue all they want about how Moreno would be BPA and that we're missing that franchise back, but their FA moves are a clear indicator of the direction they want to go, which is not a 1st round RB.

                      So maybe he is being overlooked as our 1st round pick, but for good reason.