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  • Sanchez

    The broncos should get rid of Cutler and Draft Sanchez. That guy will be a stud. I find some great stuff on this site:


    • Mock Draft??

      Round 1 (12) - BJ Raji - NT
      Round 1 (18) - Rey Maugula - OLB
      Round 2 - Pat White - QB (just incase this whole orton thing dosent work)
      Round 3 - Shonn Green - RB
      Round 4 - Chip Vaughan/William Moore - SS
      Round 5 - Larry English - ILB
      Round 6 - Jarron Gilbert/Paul Kruger/David Veikune - DE
      Round 7 - AQ shipley - C
      Round 8 - Nick Reed - ILB

      Then I'd move Peyton Hillis back to fullback, I'd Release Spencer Larsen/Ryan Torain
      Also make a clean sweep of the training staff because you shouldnt have that many running backs go down in one season.


      • Not a fan of Maualuga. Raji & Tyson Jackson would be great in the 1st if they were available. We gotta address that D line.

        I also like the Shonn Greene pick. Anybody heard of another Iowa player named Mitch King? He'd be a solid 4-5th round pick that can play DE in a 3-4.


        • For thos who think we will get BJ Raji at 12th keep dreaming he is considered the top defense prospect next Aaron Curry who we wont get either. The packers will take him when they get on the clock if he doesnt go before then. If we focus on Everette Brown we might even get another pick by dropping back but thats about as delusional. Granted some mock drafts have him falling to 12. I dont see us getting a qb in the early part other wise we would have traded with the lions.

          First Round:
          (12-16)Everette Brown-Think Elvis Dumervil only for run stopping this is the best rush linebacker in the draft and a top DE if we get him we can move him and Moss around. Plus many think he is a better prospect the second LB in this draft class (which is not saying much) Maualaga. Heck some experts think he is better then Orakpo.
          (18) Ty Jackson- I know you guys want Maualaga who will probably still be available but how often can you get a DE so well fit to a 3-4 system he has the strength and speed to get it done.

          I say the 2 of the top 3 DE in one round is successful

          Second Round:
          (48) Evander Hood- Strong enough to play DT fast enought to play DE do I have to say more.

          Clint Sintim is a good LB for 3-4 in case Hood isnt around

          Clay Matthews may be 3rd generation nfl player and a good DE/LB but ild take Hood or Sintim if we can get them.

          James Laurinitis wont be around unless the coaches are morons

          Marcus Freeman and Sen'Derrick Marcks arent good enough for the 2nd round and to good to be around for us to get them in the 3rd but they are good 3-4players

          Third Round:
          (79) Jarron Gilbert- The size to be a 3-4 DT and the strength to be considered one of the best OL penetrators. His endurance is not considered great which is why he drops to the 3rd but with what he can do its worth it.
          (84) Darry Beckwith- His Size and his speed are like that of Mayo so he can be a good ILB for us. Experts say he would be rated higher if he was on a team he could have stood out on.

          Zach Potter- Can play 4-3 or 3-4 can play DT or DE his pass rush capabilities and long arms plus his great spin make him a good candidate.

          Vince Wilson- A good DT/DE

          Sherron Martin- We need depth at CB and at FS but ild hope he falls

          Fourth Round:
          (114) Asher Allen- Champs injury plus Andre Goodman as #2 we need some help at CB and he is good enough to be a top prospect not good enough to go in 1 or 2 if hes available this is good.

          Mitch King- 3-4 DE

          Rhett Bomar- If we need to have a QB hes a good one he would be a first rounder if he didnt break NCAA rules, and considering that he was rumored to be better then Bradford before he got the boot he seems like the best bet for a guy who buys into the Patriots best buy QB he is good.

          Fifth Round:
          Lydon Murtha- At least he made it to the combine he is a good player to have for depth at OT but thats it

          Sixth Round:
          Quan Crosby-Wr Depth is needed

          Curtis Taylor
          Cary Harris
          2016 Draft: