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Do you think we may pull off a big FA signing this year?

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    Originally posted by Broncosojia View Post
    IMO, we should trade Bailey for a 1st and a 4th, then use the money that was freed up by trading him (which is a lot of jack) to sign Nnamdi.
    First of all its doubtful you'd get those picks because of his salary, age, and injury problems. Even if we could its not smart to trade the most talented player on our defense. Not to mention the only partial leader we have on that side of the ball. Man we needed Lynch back in the secondary this year for leadership alone.


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      CHAMP aint going anywhere. IF ANYTHING, they would move CHAMP to FS.

      BUT, I do think we should sign Nnamdi. AND, if you recall... Shanny had lots of nice things to say about the CB. I thought he was tipping his hand there

      With Champ & Bly aging... We could definitely make a run at Nnamdi. Guys like him DO NOT come around often. We do not have much depth at DB either. I think Bell might develop... but who knows?

      We could also sign Corey Ivy from BALT... THEN, we shift Champ to FS and dump Bly?

      I do think it'll be a long shot we get Haynesworth, Suggs or Peppers.

      SO... why not sign Mike Peterson (MLB) & Nnamdi? As you said... Have to get creative (like when we almost traded for Tuck)... Have to do something creative there. Like draft a DT early and then trade a 2010 pick for a DE?


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        I am almost a 100% that we will get either Peppers or Vilma!