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Mock Offseason Ver 1.0 (With Mock Draft and Signings)

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  • Mock Offseason Ver 1.0 (With Mock Draft and Signings)

    Current Active Roster - Players to Keep (33)

    Bailey, Champ CB
    Barrett, Josh
    Bell, Josh
    Bell, Tatum
    Bly, Dre' CB
    Boyd, Cory
    Clady, Ryan
    Cutler, Jay
    Dumervil, Elvis (Extended)
    Ekuban, Ebenezer (Re-Sign)

    Graham, Daniel
    Hamilton, Ben
    Harris, Ryan
    Jackson, Chad
    Koutouvides, Niko
    Kuper, Chris
    Larsen, Spencer
    Leach, Mike
    Lichtensteiger, Kory
    Marshall, Brandon (Extended)
    Moss, Jarvis
    Paymah, Karl (Re-Sign)
    Peterson, Kenny
    Robertson, Dewayne
    Royal, Eddie
    Stokley, Brandon
    Scheffler, Tony
    Thomas, Marcus
    Webster, Nate (Re-Sign)
    Wiegmann, Casey
    Williams, D.J.
    Williams, Jack
    Woodyard, Wesley

    Current Active Roster - Players to drop

    Clemons, Nic
    Crowder, Tim
    Engelberger, John

    Fox, Vernon
    Green, Louis
    Hackney, Darrell
    Haggan, Mario
    Haynes, Alex
    Jackson, Darrell
    Jones, Herana-Daze
    Kern, Brett
    Manuel, Marquand
    McCree, Marlon
    Murray, Pat
    Mustard, Chad
    Pinnock, Andrew
    Polumbus, Tyler
    Putzier, Jeb
    Winborn, Jamie
    Prater, Matt

    Current Reserve/Injured - Players to Keep (4)

    Alridge, Anthony
    Hillis, Peyton
    Torain, Ryan
    Ramsey, Patrick (Re-Sign)

    Current Reserve/Injured - Players to Drop

    Bailey, Boss
    Hall, Andre
    Jackson, Nate
    Nalen, Tom
    Pittman, Michael
    Pope, P.J.
    Russell, Clifford
    Shaw, Josh
    Shepherd, Edell
    Young, Selvin

    Reserve/Non-Football Injury - Player to Keep (1)

    Pears, Erik

    PUP - Players to Keep (1)

    Powell, Carlton

    Practice Squad

    None to active roster

    Key Free Agent Signings (5)

    Shaun Cody (Detroit)
    Jonathan Vilma (New Orleans)
    Darren Sharper (Minnesota)
    Nate Washington (Pittsburgh)
    Shane Lechler (Oakland)

    * I feel we can get the following players at a pretty good price while overpaying on Lechler and Washington.

    Mock Draft Selections(9)

    First Round Selection #12 B.J. Raji, NT, Boston College

    Might be able to trade down a little and aquire a future pick or even an additional first or early second day pick and grabbing B.J. above other teams that would grab a NT. I can see some teams getting Marks and Perry over B.J.

    Please note, Curry, Mays and Rey Maualuga are already selected.

    Second Round Selection #48 Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU (I believe he will drop)

    Third Round Selection #79 Nic Harris, SS, Oklahoma

    Fourth Round Selection Zach Follett, OLB, California

    Fifth Round Selection (Via Seattle for Keary Colbert) Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty (This drop is do to the amount of runningbacks selected in front of him)

    Fifth Round Selection (Original) Anthony Parker, OG, Tennessee (I believe he will drop)

    Fifth Round Selection (Via Dallas for Montrae Holland, reported by BPC on OrangeMane through DREAM that Dallas confirmed it's this year and not 2010) Jose Martinez, K, UTEP

    Sixth Round Selection (Original) Wopamo Osaisai, CB, Stanford

    Seventh Round Selection (Original) Jaison Williams, WR, Oregon

    Seventh Round Selection (Via Atlanta for Domonique Foxworth, can escalate to a Sixth Rounder if he re-signs) Gamble on one of the "high Risk" player (Example: Willie Williams, OLB/S, Louisville, Jackie Bates, CB, Hampton, Dante Love, WR, Ball State LaMarcus Coker, RB, Hampton etc.)

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    Extending Nate Webster? Other than that, it'd be alright.

    Picking up only one safety, and adding no RB's bothers me a bit though.
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      Originally posted by Botan View Post
      Extending Nate Webster? Other than that, it'd be alright.

      Picking up only one safety, and adding no RB's bothers me a bit though.
      Extending for added depth and cost.

      Getting one running back in addition but do not see it as much as a need in comparison to other avenues.

      Will draft one SS and have Barrett playing FS both playing behind Vet Darren Sharper.


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        Ugh! Not too crazy about this one. I'd keep Kern and get rid of Webster, and that's the only major issue I have with the signings and releases. In the draft, love the Raji pick, but I'd skip Tyson Jackson(don't think he'll be there anyway) and take a FS then get James Davis in the 3rd. Sign a DE in FA, but I think with a DT that can collapse the pocket you'll see the DEs getting to the QB more.:salute!:
        Made by Houshmazode


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          After just taking a quick glance over it, I saw a problem.

          Cut Brett Kern? Seriously? He has been our one bright spot in the special teams, and he is only a rookie! How could you cut him?


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            Good Work. Not too shabby. I think this is the year DEN needs to acquire an extra first round selection. DET sitting with a 2nd first round pick (#20) would be a nice place to start... We should trade 2010 picks to do this...

            I think we need ONE immediate impact defensive rookie (Safety or Linebacker) plus a DL prospect. SO, knowing that it takes time to develop these DL projects... DEN should splurge and make it happen, get that guy in here pronto.

            SO... if Mays & Curry are gone. we could makes moves up-down a few spots to make something happen as well.

            I think a Johnson, Chung or Moore (FS) should fall to us in the 2nd, and maybe even a Spikes or Laurainaitis.

            SO... I would grab Brandon Spikes, get another first and snag BJ Raiji and then draft Johnson in the second. Something like this.

            ANYWAY... I would also go after Nnamdi. Champ & Bly are getting older... I think Bell might become a player, but other than that?

            Look... I would like Peppers, Suggs or Haynesworth... I just don't see us having a chance. Of course, this should be our first priority... BUT, if we miss one of these... this is when we go hard after Nnamdi (Plan-B).

            Cody or Carter could be fall-back options.

            For FS... I would take Landry or Atogwe.

            SO... Draft hard to predict until we see what free agents we sign.

            SO... let's start with MLB. What are we doing w/ Woodyard? If he;s a lB, then DJ is the MLB? SO... would it make sense to sign a Peterson or Vilma?

            I guess if we can convert Woody into a SS, then we do this?

            THE GOOD NEWS: BALT cannot keep everyone. Suggs, Landry Scott, Ivy, Lewis are all free agents. WE MUST get Suggs or Landry.

            In a dream... we draft Taylor Mays, sign Suggs & Peppers, ink Mike Peterson and convert Woody to SS.

            Our Starting Defense:

            Mays (FS)
            Woody (SS)
            DJ-Peterson-Baily (LB)
            Peppers-Suggs (DE)
            Robertson-Thomas (DT)

            AND... with this free agent class... DEN could draft a RB in the 2nd round!


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              This offseason fails.