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Players you want to stay? Ones you want gone?

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    On O, I'd keep almost everyone. Don't resign Darrell Jackson, try to get Wiegmann back. We need to draft a guard/centre in the top 4 rounds I think because Wiegmann may not be back next year, Hamilton's performing at a high level but is going to be 32 next season. If Wiegmann retires, Lichtensteiger may go in at Guard and Hamilton to centre. Then we need to draft a centre to groom for ~2 years behind Ben.

    As far as RBs go, it's interesting. I reckon we either draft one or make a play for someone like Darren Sproles. I think the following will make a strong case for a roster spot next year:

    Hillis, Torain, Pittman, Tatum Bell, PJ Pope, Alridge (especially for KR duties)

    The others (Young/Hall/Boyd) will be fringe I think...I don't expect them to really be in the running.


    Onto D, here's where it gets interesting.

    DT: Thomas, Robertson, Peterson, Powell

    I think Thomas and Robertson were really badly used last year. We mostly used them as 2-gap DTs last year when they are both very similar - suited to 1-gap, penetrating DT play. It's the same situation which led to Gerard Warren getting out of Denver - he's more of a penetrating 1-gap guy, but Bates' system required cloggers. If we use Thomas and Robertson more aggressively, I can almost guarantee you that they'll be much more effective. Powell should be given a proper look as he's an unknown quantity. I think he's predominantly a 2-gap DT which gives us some balance in our rotation. I think Peterson's good value as a rotational guy. I want us to either get another FA DT or one through the draft, preferably a guy who can play as a 2-gap DT (but multi-talented would also be good). That way we can mix and match our DTs quite effectively and could give us a lot of flexibility with our packages. I know a lot of you think that Robertson and Thomas are inadequate, but from what I saw this year, I'm pretty certain they were used badly for most of the year.

    DE: Dumervil, Moss, Crowder

    I'm not adverse to trading Doom, but I think bad coaching contributed to the failure of our DL this year. These guys are all young and worth keeping despite their struggles this year. Moss has shown some good signs so far. I'm hoping we get Spagnuolo because I think he could do a lot with these guys as they're in the same mould as some of NY's DEs. Maybe keep one of Ekuban or Engelberger, but we should also get another body in the draft or FA. I'd like us to try to get an every down DE if possible although that's easier said that done.

    LBs: Williams, Woodyard, Winborn, Bailey, Larsen

    It's obvious we need to get an intelligent, first round MLB in the draft I think. I did originally put safety as my biggest need, but having a beast in the middle would be very beneficial. I think Williams and Woodyard may well end up fighting for the WLB spot and that if DJ loses he gets traded. I love DJ, but he's definitely got some question marks now, especially with the contract. Slowik won't have helped in any way mind...I also think that removing the burden of Captaincy will help him out greatly because he's just not a natural leader and I his play may be suffering a bit as a result. I like what Woodyard and Larsen bring, but there's no knowing if they are "the answers" at the position. Woodyard may get shifted to safety permanently, but that's up to the staff. Larsen's role on the team will really depend on the scheme - he'll fit in some (like ILB in a 3-4...although I hope not a 3-4). If we play Tampa-2, I reckon his role on D will be reduced as his coverage isn't suited to the scheme's MLB spot. Winborn is a good backup and Bailey is useful when healthy. Coaching hurt this group this year, but the biggest factor was lack of leadership IMO. Upgrading that should be a priority.

    CBs: Bailey, Bly, Bell, Williams

    Not much to say here. Bad coaching and no pass rush showed these guys up. But if we had 4 Champ Baileys here last year, we still would've had problems (3rd and 5 with the CBs instructed to line up 12 yards off? Hmm). Bly and Bell played admirably in Bailey's absence, especially against NY.

    S: Barrett, Manuel

    Manuel strictly as a special teamer. He's an adequate backup, but definitely not a starter. Barrett needs coaching up and was showed up in the last game in particular. However, it's obvious he could be great. We'll probably grab a veteran and a draftee here, probably an early draft pick as it is a huge need. I want a cerebral guy who can help lead from the back.

    STs: Leach, Prater Kern

    I think Prater will sort his head out, it's obvious he can do the job (first 5 games) but he needs to be able to last out the season. Elam had similar stats in his first year, I expect Prater to tighten up next year. Kern had a great year, especially for a first year punter.

    Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

    Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.


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      Originally posted by kozzy420 View Post
      Please just name players you want gone and players you want to stay.

      PLAYERS TO STAY = The whole offensive line, Cutler, Bailey(we should get some young cbs and champ will be great for the young dudes) Marshall, Royal, Shefler and Dj WIlliams.

      PLAYERS IM NOT SURE ABOUT = Ekuban, Dumervil, Stokely and Pratter

      PLAYERS THAT MUST GO = Dre Bly and Bell(The CB), along with everyone else i didnt mention. :salute!:

      In the Draft or free agency i would like to get better pass rushers, a young CB and young talented RB's.
      offense can be left up to the staff as far as im concerned.the entire starting defense,except dj gets the axe.all the back-ups who came in and played deserve another look.