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Our Most Pressing Need: a 320+ lb Defensive Tackle

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    Sure scouts.
    What I´m saying though is that he should go as high as he possibly can, and that would be top 5 possibly, if there wasn´t some simmering rumors about his personality. He has to beat the negative speculation while he still can. Sure great scouting reports would benefit him. But the media can be wicked, and not responding to what amounts to slander, could cost him millions, and the type of respect that would make things easier for him in training camp.
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      I think we should draft Boo Robinson for our nose tackle if he comes out this year.

      I would like to see the draft go something like this:

      Round 1) Rey Maualuga - ILB

      Round 2) Patrick Chung - SS

      Round 3) Larry English - OLB/DE (We would probably have to trade up for this one to happen)

      Round 4) Boo Robinson - DT/NT

      .....that is, of course, if these players are all available at the time of our picks.
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        Originally posted by MindField View Post
        Your first sentence is the issue...what is Raji's character? You certainly don't want 'lazy'...

        The deal with Clady, and I admit I was guilty as well, is that there was alot of bad information out on him. He was portrayed as a dummy by some of the scouting sources, and that turned out to be really unfair to Clady. You also heard he was lazy, that he was not a physical player...all in all, I think some of the worst scouting I ever read was done and reported on Clady, which is why I temper my takes now, because I just dont trust what I read anymore, because the stuff on Clady was complete BS.

        So now I approach the draft info from public sources with great caution, because it is not all accurate, and I feel badly about my take on Clady last year.

        The things is, you have to know what you are investing in, and my concern about Raji is that he has only done it for one year. Alot of the busts in the NFL draft are guys that started just one year.

        In a perfect world, Raji would be the ideal choice for a first round pick in the move to a 3-4, but I need much more info on him before I would conclude that.
        your right, there was character concerns before the year started, but i didnt see those this year, he re-fcoused himself to get the job done.....i personally belive the character thing isnt an issue anymore...

        I will concede that the only 1 year of very good production is something to be wary of (see Dre Moore, Kentwan Balmer), and at pick 12 its a risk we probally shouldnt, or can afford to take....

        and your right the scouts havent been that great when it comes to the OL and DL lately, so some more time is needed for some to get a better inkling as to what kind of player he is, and that makes perfect sense to me....

        I also would not have a problem what so ever if we passed on raji at 12 and made sure we got ron brace, Dorrel scott, Casey Hampton or Sammie lee Hill:salute!:

        good post IMO


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          I would draft him at number one overall and give him a ten year contract. I think he´s a sure thing.
          But what am I saying, I have the BOZ as my avatar.
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            Originally posted by Nick View Post
            I like Josh Pinkard ALOT. He has a lot of potential. However he is going back to school.
            nick, you need a sig pic

            its about time...

            Sorry Denver Haters...I've been on an extended business trip....:thumb:


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              I heard Raji did not flunk a class, but was ill advised and did not have enough credits one semester. He also has non stop motor and should be drafted if still available at 12.