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    it would be cool to have hillis the starter to pound the opposing defense

    then we insert fast guy like our own anthony alridge (dont forget about him yet) to bust a big one


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      PH is the ONLY stud in a stable of RB scrubs. There's something intangible that makes him what I call a "football warrior," in the tradition of other FW's like Ed McCaffery. I am convinced had he not hurt his hammy he wouldve helped us win at least one of the final three games.

      Did U notice that when he was playing then inserted in a starting role that our D performed better, mostly because they were not on the field so much?

      Time to clean out the stable. New team, New era. However, Hillis is an essential cog in any system that will be inserted, starter or not. And I am sure McDaniels will see this. Expect a lot of action in F/A and the mid-late draft rounds for a new crop of RB's, because a strong running game will be one crucial step in helping the D improve their game.
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