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    Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    Fine, but if you didn't think it mattered to anyone, why would you post it and then vehemently defend it?

    I agree with this. My comment on al-qaeda was an attempt at humor, pointing out a political point.

    What about the poor, uneducated, oppressed white youth? So now all of the sudden black people and mexicans are the only ones allowed to have a crappy childhood? I grew up in a single-parent home for the better part of my "youth". I had to raise myself and teach myself wrong from right.

    I had to make my opportunities. Most of these "oppressed, poor, and uneducated" black and "chicanos" have the choice to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get it together, but, sad as it is to say, they become enamored with the the lifestyle pimped on tv and radio. These kids think its cool to get welfare, not have a job, carry around guns, fight dogs, etc. etc.
    These people then end up in jail, where MAYBE they will see the error of their ways, then they become a citizen again.

    So, little Jose or little Tyrone go gangbanging and get caught, thrown in prison, and then are released. Does society tell them they can't have hopes and dreams? No. Is it hard to get a job as a convicted felon? Of COURSE it is, but I guarantee you, if they are the best of the best at what they do, be it Construction or Carpentry, they are going to return to that field and no one is going to tell them they can't.

    I agree. Pedophiles are controlled and looked after long after they are released from jail. Murderers are usually spending their lives in prison, or on death row.

    Harming a child and killing a human being are far worse that killing dogs. Again, I'll reiterate for the last time that I think what he did was disgusting, but it wasn't anywhere CLOSE to pedophila, rape, or murder.

    That is what I want to believe. People that think just because they grew up in the "hood" they are hard and know what's up, and all of these suburban people just don't get it and live in the safety of their "little suburban box". Why be prejudiced towards people that made a decision to have a quiet safe life for themselves and their families in the Burbs? The only thing this method of thinking does is perpetuate the cycle of racism and prejudice.

    Everyone in this country has the same rights as the next person. I don't live in a little suburban box. The neighborhood I grew up in killed people, son. Even as an adult, I STILL don't live in a suburban area. I do live in a nice safe area because I don't want my daughter growing up dealing with the same things I had to, while still being afforded the same rights and opportunities as everyone else in this country.
    Well, I think the both of us have made valid points on a lot of different spots. I think we can both agree to drop it now. He'll get another chance, that's more than likely a given. Hopefully, by the grace of his own will, he can learn to control himself in a more adult manner. Hopefully when he gets out it is finally all out of him. We can only hope, I guess.


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      yeswhat he did was wrong but i still do believe that he should have another chance.
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        national dog fighting association