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    Prater has huge Upside because its near impossbile to teach power but you can teach accuarcey but in the end it al comes down to technique and hopfully with a new Special Teams staff he can learn to be a better Kicker.

    On the other hand i would not be against if we brought in another guy or 2 to compete with him maybe make a contest out of it.

    Matt Prater vs Graham Gano vs Pat McAfee

    That would be a great contest i think it will come down to Gano and McAfee as they both are better kickers then Prater in my eyes.

    Also if some of you remember Denver had Prater competing with Garrett Hartley in 2008 training camp Hartley now plays for the Saints and is perfect 13-13 long from 47 in field goals and perfect 28-28 extra points personaly i think the Saints got the better kicker there.


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      Originally posted by japfaff View Post
      Yeah people like to think that if your kicker shnaks one or two they are garbage. A good kicker hit 80% of his kicks. Prater hit just less than 75% in his first year. If he gets over his mental block of 40-49 yard kicks we are going to have ourselves a Pro-bowl caliber kicker

      Just to give you something to compare it to....
      Vinitari 77% 3 missed PAT
      Goskowski 77% missed PAT
      Elam 74% missed PAT
      Josh Brown 73%
      Lindell 67%
      Bironas 80%
      Jeff Reed 72%
      Stover 73%

      These are the stats of some of the best kickers first full season..... I say that Prater is right on par..Plus he has a bigger leg (cept for Elam back in the day)
      great stuff. I love a fellow fan who goes and does a little research rather than have everything they say as the gospel. Well done and I agree bring a lil competition in, but I think he can do it. :salute!:
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        Originally posted by dwills#1fan27 View Post
        Mike Nugent is the guy I want.
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, I second that!