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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    I do agree with you a little that Rey is a little too hyped up at the moment, but to think that Larsen will be better than him is just insane. Larsen had ONE good game and over pursued on several runs. Just look at Turners second TD run in the ATL game. It's a cutback and Larsen pulls himself out of position and then gets dominated by the offensive line and then stops running when he's like 5 feet away from Turner and he's still 5 yards away from the endzone.

    He over pursues, gets owned by a blocker, and gives up on the play.

    We see things completely different 1:33 in.

    Only guy that over pursued was Woodyard who lost cutback contain. The entire D flowed right and the play was a counter. Larsen saw, took the Guard head on and chased Turner. Winborn went unblocked and stumbled around, Fox over pursued.

    That TD was not on Larsen, it was another LB that lost cutback containment (think it was woodyard).

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      Maualuga is definitely more talented then Spencer Larson. The problem is that you don't need a lot of talent at ILB in the 3-4. You just need one stud. Provided that we move DJ Williams inside, I don't see the need to have big dollars invested in both ILB positions.

      So, earlier someone said if you'd rather have Larson than Maualuga, you must be high. That's probably a fair assessment standing alone.

      However, the correct statement should read: "I'd rather have Larson and another Top 12 selection than just Maualuga".

      And that is my stance. I think Larson and DJ can do the job inside. Lets find another piece of our team puzzle at #12.