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    Originally posted by DURANGO BRONCO View Post
    DJ Williams and Larsen will be more than adequate MLB's in the 3-4. We will need to find a NT, 2 DE's, 2 OLB and at least one saftety to make the 3-4 work. It will be a miracle if we could pull this off in one year, and likely take 2-3 years. It would be a luxury to draft another MLB.
    Safety is last on that list, and of all the positions it will be the easiest to fill. There are some quality free agent safeties in free agency this year, a few linebackers and a few defensive ends and hardly any capable nose tackles. Larsen while he did man the inside well is really an outside linebacker and will likely compete for the strong side position, Williams will want to move back to the interior. That still leaves issues, and McDaniels and Xanders will want to have less to fill come the draft then they will before free agency begins, so chances are high that Denver drafts a couple and nabs a compitent starter in free agency.


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      i think bart scott is the best possible free agent middle linebacker. he knows the 3-4, hits hard, and is a leader. i agree if he doesnt sign with the ravens the jets will go after him because of the rex ryan thing. but that doesnt mean we cant try to get him. if you think about it denver is a much better place to play then the jets, not to mention we had the #2 ranked offense and the jets dont even have a QB for next year. i think bart scott is fair game if he leaves baltimore and we need to go after him hard. if we get a guy like scott to play inside we will have the whole draft to grab safeties, olbs, and lineman....and then possible fill in an offensive player in the later rounds.


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        Bart Scott wants to return to Baltimore as does Suggs. I think Baltimore will retain their entire corps. It is the backbone of their defense and the reason why they were capable to make a run in the playoffs.

        I believe Mike Peterson or Mike Barton are more likely then any of the Baltimore or Arizona linebackers. Another possibility is Vilma, which has some possibilities.


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          Originally posted by lancane View Post
          Bart Scott wants to return to Baltimore as does Suggs. I think Baltimore will retain their entire corps. It is the backbone of their defense and the reason why they were capable to make a run in the playoffs.

          I believe Mike Peterson or Mike Barton are more likely then any of the Baltimore or Arizona linebackers. Another possibility is Vilma, which has some possibilities.
          Vilma hated playing in the 3-4, I do not see any team being able to sign him for that scheme.

          Out of those three I would sign Barton, but I honestly think Larsen would beat him out in camp and we would have another Niko on our hands.

          Best course of action to me is to draft two ILB starting in round 4 or 5. DJ at one spot and a 3 man battle to start at LILB. That way we end up with good depth as well. Guys I like and my picks in bold:

          4th Jason Phillips, Scott McKillop, Dannell Ellerbe, Zack Follett
          5th Mortty Ivy, Daniel Holtzclaw
          6th Jasper Brinkley, Josh Mauga, Lee Robinson, Russell Allen

          Young LBs make good STs too.

          R Ayers - B Cofield - A Haynesworth - CJ ohnson
          J Anderson - J Beason - DJ Williams
          R Bailey - P Amukamara - R Hill - A Goodman


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            [QUOTE=elevation INC;2590957][QUOTE=getlynched47;2589323]I'd take Bart Scott or Angelo Crowell.........both are solid options.

            I'm not a fan of the whole Crowder thing because he's got knee issues, and since he's young he will probably be one of the most expensive linebackers on the list next to Ray Lewis and Karlos Dansby.

            Eric Barton is also a good option....he's coming off a solid season and he'd be extremely cheap....

            barton is coming of a dissapointing season, he also is aging and declining in play very quickly.....he would be a waste of money here....the jets are looking to replace him in the draft with a ILB, and if you read some of there forums they cant wait to be rid of him, kinda like nate webster here......

            Bart scott, angelo Crowell make good sense, and vilma actually did well last year with new orleans so he is a option as well.

            other than that stick to the draft. 4-5 th rd is pay dirt....

            Jason Phillips, Scott mckillop, Jasper brinkley, Daniel Holtzclaw, and Worrel williams(DJ's Brother)......
            lol Eric Barton had a solid I said....

            his deal is up in New York, and they'd rather get somebody else than give him a new contract........but Eric Barton>>>>>>>>>>Nate Webster.......

            FYI he had 119 tackles and 1 forced fumble.......


            FA Targets: DT Jason Jones, DT Pat Simms, S Reggie Smith, LB Dan Connor



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              no possible way baltimore retains all three linebackers.

              i don't think it is a good idea to try and start larsen and a rookie or 2 rookies at ILB either, our defense would be eaten alive with no experience inside. we have to bring in veterans who played in a 3-4 before or our defense will be worse than it was last year.

              i know it wouldn't be easy to sign bart scott but i think it is a possiblity and we are stupid if we don't try. crowder isn't a bad option either but i dont think he is as durable as scott or has the leadership skills.

              if we dont have players with experience in a 3-4 on our roster by camp then we are in big trouble.


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                Bart Scott is going to be the odd man out and he is known to be a very physical guy so i think he would be the best fit. Jonathan Vilma has always been consistent and almost had over a 100 tackles when hes healthy.. the only reason new orleans hasnt resigned him is because in the contract it states if he resigns with them the jets will recieve their first round pick. If either of those two are availble broncos should get them. Can you imagine if they still drafted rey mauluaga it would be great if we leave dj williams on outside. OLB williams MLB mauluaga Mlb Scott/ Vilma already is a solid and young lb corp. All we would need is a dt.. someone like gabe watson 330 pounds or a 2nd - 3rd round dt


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                  Williams is our one bright spot in the linebacker corps. I am sure he has already told the new staff that he prefers the interior, because he does. And he had decent numbers on the inside, again it is the fandom over thinking and not realizing it is not about filling every position, but putting out a compitent unit so we continue to get better and continue to compete.

                  Larsen and Williams are both outside linebackers, both have played the mike position for Denver at some point, that does not make them both options in the 3-4, Larsen will probably compete at strong linebacker, he was a pretty good damn linebacker in college. But do not be surprised if Denver retains most of their linebackers, signs a couple and drafts a couple. They will want to put out the best possible unit, and if in the end that ends up being Larsen, Koutouvides, Williams and Moss then so be it, if it ends up being a different lineup then I would not be surprised. Crowder at 6-4 and 275lbs. will not likely play outside linebacker, he could I suppose...but it is not very likely. Dumervile has a shot, but I would not bet money he does or does not either way.

                  Defensive Line is where Denver is in the worst shape, and defensive backs the best, even lacking a quality starting safety. We have a lot of areas needing fixed, the bad thing is that there are only so many 3-4 capable athletes in the NFL, especially in free it will be the team willing to dish out the most money in some cases. We will just have to wait and see at this point, but I would not rule out Denver signing one of the capable inside linebackers to try and eliminate a draft need.


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                    If NOlan switches to a 3-4, I would trade Dumerville for maybe a 2nd round or 3rd round pick, and then move up in the draft, maybe trading two 3rd round picks for a high 2nd round pick, which would make it the draft order to be

                    1. Rey Malouga
                    2. Patrick Chung
                    2. Conor Barwin
                    4. Best RB available
                    5. Best OG available
                    5. Best OC available
                    6. Johnson-QB out of Tulsa
                    7. Antonio Dixon- NT out of Miami

                    And then through free agency sign Channing Chrowder, convert Jarvis Moss to a DE/OLB, move DJ williams to the other spot.

                    My Wish List

                    ILB-Rey Malouga
                    ILB- Channing Chrowder
                    OLB- Jarvis Moss/Barwin
                    OLB- DJ Williams/Barwin

                    S- Patrick Chung

                    CB- Champ Bailey
                    CB- Dre Bly