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Killer Friday 13th Pre-Combine Mock

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  • Killer Friday 13th Pre-Combine Mock

    No Trades. No BS. Been working off and on on 7 round mock after Senior Bowl. Here is Day 1 mock for your viewing pleasure.

    Round 1

    1 Detroit Lions - Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest - Best Player and safest pick in the draft. Lions need everything and Curry is the only can't miss prospect in the draft.

    2 St. Louis Rams - Jason Smith OT Baylor - Orlando Pace is on his last leg and breath and almost time to pull the plug. Take your pick at Tackle spot.

    3 Kansas City Chiefs - Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech - Haley is new Head Coach and Dwayne Bowe is their only WR. Chiefs need a playmaker. Oh and better grab him before The Cryptkeeper gets his bony hands on him.

    4 Seattle Seahawks - Eugene Monroe OT Virginia - Walter Jones time has come and gone. Hasselbeck will not last another season on his back. He needs pass protection and Monroe is the best pass protector coming out.

    5 Cleveland Browns - Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State - Best CB in the draft, hometown hero to the rescue. Browns atrocious pass defense gets major upgrade.

    6 Cincinnati Bengals - B.J. Raji DT Boston College - Great Senior Bowl cashes this stud DT stock in Top 10. Coached by Marv Lewis, Bengals need DT to help improve on great finish to last year.

    7 Oakland Raiders - Michael Oher OT Mississippi - Best ZBS OT available. Tom Cable, former OL, now head coach, will want to improve the area he knows best and give his #1 pick QB some time to show off his arm.

    8 Jacksonville Jaguars - Andre Smith OT Alabama - Road Grater OT. Some say he is best suited as RT, but to a pound it first offense he can play anywhere.

    9 Green Bay Packers - Everette Brown OLB Florida State - Pack switch to 3-4 D will go BPA which is Everette Brown. Best pure Pass Rusher in the draft.

    10 San Francisco 49ers - Brian Orakpo OLB Texas - Orakpo needs work. He is very similar to Jarvis Moss imo, and just like the Broncos a couple years ago 49ers are in dire need of a pass rusher, luckily for them they actually run a 3-4 D best suited for Orakpo's skills.

    11 Buffalo Bills - Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State - Not gonna lie to ya, If draft falls like this, Bills will do their best to trade out of this pick. A "game manager" in the Trent Edwards mold best friend is a TE he can trust. Pettigrew is the best TE in this draft and a marriage made in heaven for Bills.

    12 Denver Broncos - Rey Maualuga ILB Southern California - begged for him last year, I thought he would be top 5 this year, but mediocre Senior Bowl dropped his stock. Broncos defense needs an identity. Mike Nolan drafted the stud Willis in SF and now will have his stud in Denver. Rey Rey, is an enforcer and will give Denver D the mean streak they have lacked since Atwater use to blow folks up.

    13 Washington Redskins - Brian Cushing OLB Southern California - I fully expect Mr. Snyder to trade out of this pick. Redskins need a pass rusher whether it is DE or LB. Cushing is an all around beast and will be a star for many years.

    14 New Orleans Saints - Vontae DavisCB Illinois - First team I see possibly trading up, if they do not resign Jonathan Vilma. Saints need to shore up their secondary with young talent instead of wasting cap space on has beens that don't fit their scheme. If Tracy Porter can recover from last years injury Saints will have a formidable Secondary for years to come.

    15 Houston Texans - Louis Delmas S Western Michigan - Smith and Kubiak showed last year they are not afraid to reach for a player of need and they do it again this year. Delmas Senior Bowl proved he is the best FS prospect in this years draft. Texans need a safety to shore up a porous secondary.

    16 San Diego Chargers - Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia - LT and Sproles could be gone. Chargers need a workhorse that can not only run but be a better than average pass catcher out of the backfield. Moreno fits that to a tee.

    17 New York Jets - Matthew Stafford QB Georgia - I predict Stafford will be in the Green Room and ESPN/NFLN will harp on the Aaron Rogers freefall. No #4, rest of the QB's couldn't start in the UFL. Rex saw how a well coached rookie can do and will follow the same plan.

    18 Chicago Bears - Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri - It is not always the QB fault. RB can't do it all on his own. If the stud TE is going to be asked to block all the time then a playmaker at WR is needed. Devin Hester is not the answer. He is a glorified returner. Maclin is what's missing from a porous Bears offense.

    19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Percy Harvin WR Florida - Joey Galloway belongs in a nursing home. Bryant may be too much to re-sign, so WR is needed. QB may be an option here but Gruden is gone and their are serviceable QB's on roster. They need playmakers to get the ball too and Harvin can do it all. Run, catch, and return.

    20 Detroit Lions - Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest - Jim Schwartz D in Tennessee had a ballhawk secondary. Smith is a ballhawk CB. Match made in heaven.

    21 Philadelphia Eagles - Eben Britt OT Arizona - Thomas and Runyan are senior citizens and it's time to find an understudy. Especially if McNabb is to remain in Philly.

    22 Minnesota Vikings - Mark Sanchez QB Southern California - Tavaris Jackson experiment is over. The Vikings are built to win now, yet they cannot find a QB to lead the team. Sanchez comes from a Pro ready team in USC that would beat a few teams in the NFL. USC QB's are the exception to the 1 year rule makes for a bad QB.

    23 New England Patriots - Aaron Maybin OLB Penn State - Patriots need to get younger everywhere on defense. They need a stud Pass Rusher to pair with this years NFL Rookie Defensive Player of the Year Jerod Mayo.

    24 Atlanta Falcons - James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State - Falcons are going to be without both OLB this coming season and Laurinaitis isn't the sexy pick but he can do it all. A poor man's Curry.

    25 Miami Dolphins - Alex Mack OC California - SURPRISE! Recent rumors have Tuna and Soprano not too happy with current OC Satele. Tuna prefers a bigger, stronger fish and Alex Mack fits the bill.

    26 Baltimore Ravens - Sean Smith CB Utah - Ravens only "weakness" would be the secondary. They shore it up with a kid who is flying up draft boards. A ballhawk "tweener" can play CB or Safety.

    27 Indianapolis Colts - Peria Jerry DT Mississippi - This is most likely the easiest pick to predict. Colts need a DT. Plain and simple.

    28 Philadelphia Eagles - Chris “Beanie” Wells RB Ohio State - SURPRISE! Buckhalter is a FA. Westbrook is always hurt. McNabb needs a running game if he wants to win a Super Bowl and keep Westbrook healthy. The new Thunder/Lightning this season is Beanie/Westbrook.

    29 New York Giants - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland - Manning suffered without Plax. This is a pick of necessity for the Giants and Manning.

    30 Tennessee Titans - D.J. Moore CB Vanderbilt - Nick Harper isn't getting any younger and Secondary depth is the most pressing need other than WR, which coincidentally Titans have passed on in 1st round last few years.

    31 Arizona Cardinals - Larry English OLB Northern Illinois - Chike Okeafor and Bertrand Berry are long in the tooth. Antonio Smith may be gone in FA as well. Cardinals are going to need to upgrade the pass rush through the draft. English is a polished 3-4 LB who can get to the QB but also drop back when asked to.

    32 Pittsburgh Steelers - Tyson Jackson DE Louisiana State - Steelers are in the envious position as defending Super Bowl Champions and drafting for depth. Jackson is prototypical 3-4 end and the only spot on Steelers roster that could really use an upgrade.
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    Round #2

    Round 2

    33 Detroit Lions - Ron Brace DT Boston College - Schwartz drafts his Haynesworth type to anchor his DLine.

    34 Kansas City Chiefs - Clint Sintim OLB Virginia - Pioli gets his Pass Rush specialist for new 3-4 D.

    35 St. Louis Rams - Kenny Britt WR Rutgers - Torry Holt can't avoid the AARP calls any longer. Compliment to Avery, who came on at end of season.

    36 Cleveland Browns - Clay Matthews OLB Southern California - Can you really go wrong with a USC LB?

    37 Seattle Seahawks - LeSean McCoy RB Pittsburgh - Most teams use a dual threat backfield. Not Seattle they had 3. McCoy comes in and changes that.

    38 Cincinnati Bengals - Shonne Greene RB Iowa - Benson will be re-signed. He showed promise at end of the year. He is best in RBC with a speedster paired with him.

    39 Jacksonville Jaguars - Darius Butler CB Connecticut - Secondary problems ran amuck last year. Butler can slow the bleeding.

    40 Oakland Raiders - Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina - Fast rising posession WR. Will compliment Higgins and give "Fat Boy" Russell a huge target for Jump Balls.

    41 Green Bay Packers - William Beatty OT Connecticut - OL depth for the old guys on the line. Gotta keep Rogers upright till he can inhale that Favre magic.

    42 Buffalo Bills - Max Unger OC Oregon - OL was a disaster and it starts with the man in the middle.

    43 San Francisco 49ers - Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma - Singletary wants to pound the ball. Here is a huge man to open holes.

    44 Miami Dolphins - William Moore S Missouri - Yeremiah Bell may be gone, but even if he stays the secondary is a mess and the other Safety spot needs upgraded.

    45 New York Giants - Paul Kruger DE Utah - Giants can never have too many DLinemen.

    46 Houston Texans - Robert Ayers DE Tennessee - Fast Riser and showed he has pass rushing skills in Senior Bowl. Texans hope he can be Luigi to Super Mario.

    47 New England Patriots - Victor “Macho” Harris CB Virginia Tech - Enough is enough with retread CB's. Last years pick Ty Wheatley is not a sure bet to stay healthy.

    48 Denver Broncos - Rashad Johnson S Alabama - See Ya Marquand Manuel! Don't Let the door hit ya, where the Good Lord Split Ya! Saban connection comes into play.

    49 Chicago Bears - Connor Barwin DE Cincinnati - Bears lacked a consistent pass rush last year. Seems NFL has figured out Mark Anderson.

    50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Josh Freeman QB Kansas State - New Regime, New QB.

    51 Dallas Cowboys - Patrick Chung S Oregon - Roy Williams is gone. Say hello to his replacement.

    52 New York Jets - Donald Brown RB Connecticut - Thomas Jones is old and don't think it is possible for him to get any slower. NCAA leading rusher. Can't go wrong new coach new offense for years to come.

    53 Philadelphia Eagles - Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State - McNabb will take a pay cut to stay in Philly after this draft. New LT. New RB. New WR. Offense will click next year.

    54 Minnesota Vikings - Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma - Insurance against Bryant McKinnie.

    55 Atlanta Falcons - Troy Kropog OT Tulane - RT candidate to help secure the line for Matt Ryan.

    56 Miami Dolphins - Jairus Byrd CB Oregon - More secondary help. Secondary was the worst unit on Dolphins last year.

    57 Baltimore Ravens - Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma - Flacco, say hello to your new weapon!

    58 New England Patriots - Jonathan Luigs OC Arkansas - Depth for the O Line never hurts for a team that has the luxury to draft for depth so early.

    59 Carolina Panthers - Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech - Add a bit more weight and Panthers won't miss Peppers with their new clone.

    60 New York Giants - Chase Coffman TE Missouri - Manning missed 2 things last year. First was Plax (taken care of) and Jeremy Shockey. Say hello to his replacement. Sorry Boss.

    61 Indianapolis Colts - Derrick Williams WR Penn State - At least Marvin Harrison didn't shoot himself. Manning gets his newest deep threat.

    62 Tennessee Titans - Fili Moala DT Southern California - If Haynesworth can't be re-signed titans need a space eater in the middle of the D-Line.

    63 Arizona Cardinals - Javon Ringer RB Michigan State - Bye Bye Edge. Hightower meet your new backfield mate. Speedy Ringer can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and also return kicks.

    64 Pittsburgh Steelers - Herman Johnson OG LSU - Big Ben doesn't wanna be Flat Ben. Steelers need OLine Depth.


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      I disagree with many of those picks, but the Broncos draft is alright, not the best I've seen though.


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        Originally posted by Max Power View Post
        I disagree with many of those picks, but the Broncos draft is alright, not the best I've seen though.
        Agree Completely...


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          luv it for one reason!!!!

          I disagree with many of your picks but I give you credit for the work. This is what mock drafts were made for, if everyone's was the same it would not be interesting. I love your idea on our pick though.......Rey is something special, mark my words on this and I am tired of hearing about his play in the senior bowl. One bad game does not make a player and how many of those has this guy had.......NFL decision makers know this and this is the guy I think we need most!!!!!!!


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            Nice Job!! I know how much work these things can be. You even did one-liners to boot.

            Now, my thoughts:

            1. Too early for a LB. We saw how amazing Patrick Willis was and he didn't go until 11th Overall.

            2. Maybe. I agree with OT.

            3. Agree.

            4. I disagree with OT here. Jones is older but still in good shape and a Pro Bowl calibur LT. RT Locklear can probably switch to LT when the times comes. They really need a RB, NT, or WR.

            5. Cleveland actually had one of the better secondaries in the NFL last year. They do not need secondary help.

            6. Maybe. I think he'll be gone though. RB and OT are bigger needs as well.

            7. Maybe. I think Jeremy Maclin goes there though.

            8. Maybe. They need a LT above all else. I think Smith is the riskiest LT of the top 4 though.

            9. Agree if he's there.

            10. Agree.

            11. Too early for Pettigrew. OLB and DE are needs.

            12. Ugh. It makes sense, kinda. I believe in DJ and Larson though. This puts one of them on the bench. I think we could address another position of need.

            13. Maybe. I think OT has to be the primary concern. Could see a major reach here.

            14. Agree *if* Cushing is gone.

            15. Too early for Delmas. Sean Smith seems more likely. Could happen though I suppose.

            16. Maybe. I think he's a Top 10 lock though.

            17. Agree, though its likely someone trades up to get him before here, maybe even the Jets. Buffalo seems like a prime trade spot as they could take Pettigrew here.

            18. Agree if he's there. No chance though. He'll have dynamite workouts.

            19. I think they take a QB to groom. Harvin does make sense though.

            20. Maybe. Though Detroit's GM said getting bigger on defense is the #1 goal. Taking the smallest CB doesn't do that.

            21. Maybe. It's definitely a need area pending FA.

            22. Doubt he slips this far, but would be a good selection. I think Alex Mack goes here otherwise.

            23. Very possible. He needs to show alot in offseason workouts to get in the 1st Round. He's small and skinny. Those types (Julian Peterson, Manny Lawson) tend to fail in 3-4 defenses.

            24. Maybe. He's not super athletic though, I think he's locked in as a MIKE, and they don't need one of those.

            25. Agree if he's there, though LB is a major need, both inside and outside.

            26. Agree if he's there. I think he goes long before this. As a Safety.

            27. Agree, though Atlanta could snag him.

            28. No chance he lasts this long. None.

            29. Very possible. OLB is a big need along with S.

            30. Maybe. They had a the top passing defense, doubt they go that direction, they have depth. I think they force a WR here.

            31. Maybe, but they really need a RB. Plus English should be gone.

            32. Agree if he's there. I think he'll be gone and OL will be the pick.

            ROUND 2

            33. Very likely if they don't take Raji in Round 1.

            34. Very possible, though Micheal Johnson might be even better here.

            35. Very possible.

            36. Again, very possible, though I think he's an ILB in the 3-4.

            37. Agree if he's there.

            38. Don't need Benson and Greene. Same guy. I think they go OC here.

            39. Very possible.

            40. Agree if he's there and they don't go Maclin in Round 1. I can't see Nicks falling past the Top 25 though.

            41. Very possible.

            42. Agree if he's there. If not, Eric Wood would look good.

            43. Maybe, depends what they do with Rachel, at OG or RT.

            44. Makes sense, still think LB or CB is a bigger need.

            45. Yeah, they can. Especially when they have limited talent at OLB and S.

            46. Very possible.

            47. Too early for a pure Cover-2 CB. Also, not a good fit schematically.

            48. Agree if he's there. I think positive he'll be gone.

            49. Too early for a one year DE, especially for a 4-3 defense. They have a one-dimensional pass rusher in Mark Anderson already.

            50. Very possible if they somehow miss a QB in Round 1.

            51. Agree if he's there.

            52. Very possible.

            53. Very possible.

            54. Very possible, and ideal for the Vikings.

            55. Very possible, though their OL played great last year. OC is a concern. And they still need DT help and a TE.

            56. Very possible, though I'm not sure Byrd is a Parcells "guy".

            57. Very possible. Seems a little early for Iglesias though. Derrick Williams has to go first.

            58. Very possible.

            59. Doubt he's around this long, would be a jaw dropper.

            60. Meh, I don't really see this as a need. Could happen though.

            61. Agree if he's still around.

            62. Maybe, seems more of a fit in the 3-4 though.

            63. Agree if they miss out on McCoy in Round 1. I really like Ringer as a complete RB.

            64. Maybe, though I think they have enough OGs, really need OTs.


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              Raji in the 1st............William Moore/Sean Smith in the 2nd

              if Raji is gone.......

              I would go with your scenario for the Broncos and hope that Brace falls to us in the 2nd.....or take Peria Jerry


              FA Targets: DT Jason Jones, DT Pat Simms, S Reggie Smith, LB Dan Connor



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                I like the Lion's pick. It reminds of when the Texans took who they thought was the best player in the draft and bypassed Reggie Bush and got flamed for it. It turned out to be a great pick.

                I'm still not sure about Rey; I'm almost hoping they take Brian Cushing instead.
                Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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                  Tampa won't take a WR in the first. Their #1 need is a DT. Bryant too much to sign? They have the biggest cap amount in the league.
                  They already have grooming QB's, if they don't take a premier one they won't take one at all this draft.


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                    i think it overall was interesting to say the least. I like Rey first round hes a nice physical presence we need with our soft defense. i dont think curry will go 1st and i think malcom jenkins will go befor Vontae Davis IMO. nice work though very well thought out


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                      Oops didnt see you had Jenkins going 5th to Clevand. My fault, not a bad mock draft though


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                        Sounded good, until.....

                        Never heard the term "porous offense" used to describe a weak offense. Seriously, your picks are reasonable and could occur. Better than many I've seen.


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                          "Hometown Hero"

                          How about the Browns drafting a need as opposed to going after a "Hometown Hero". The Browns do not need another "Hometown Hero". The Browns need linebackers not a defensive back. I like the second round selection just because Clay Jr's daddy played for the Browns, Clay Sr.

                          But that first round selection is horrible and yea, I know a LOT of mocks have the Browns picking him but if you actually followed the Browns you would know that Wright and McDonald are very good players.
                          The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                          The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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                            Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
                            "Hometown Hero"

                            How about the Browns drafting a need as opposed to going after a "Hometown Hero". The Browns do not need another "Hometown Hero". The Browns need linebackers not a defensive back. I like the second round selection just because Clay Jr's daddy played for the Browns, Clay Sr.

                            But that first round selection is horrible and yea, I know a LOT of mocks have the Browns picking him but if you actually followed the Browns you would know that Wright and McDonald are very good players.
                            Agreed, the Browns will take either Curry or Maualuga in the end, that is what I believe. And I actually am hoping that Matthews ends up in Denver, so I wish you no luck with that


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                              a 3-4 DE is the only glaring need on the Steelers? How about o-line? Big Ben was scrambling for his life all season, they need a lot of help on the offensive line.

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