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    Originally posted by lancane View Post
    Hell no...he has problematic written all over him; people would have looked to him to be a nose at the pro level, but he admitted he wants to lose weight, is trying to and that he lacks stamina to finish a game. In simple terms he is a short lardarse who can not be anything more then a backup and he does not want to even play at a heavy weight.

    That is why he did not even make the list, I would not be surprised if he is one who drops all the way through and ends up and undrafted free agent, or a seventh round pick!
    I agree taylor would be a very bad pick for a NT in a 3-4. Now as a 4-3 NT or a backup DT on a 4-3 will his place in the NFL. He just isn't a guy I would count on in a game to demand a double team, heck he didn't demand one in college whats that say about his game in the pros.