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    Originally posted by Thrasher View Post
    Exceptions confirm the rule, sir.
    Hall actually hasn't been that bad and Pacman was pretty decent, attitude aside.

    So then say which position can be judged better by the combine!
    None of them. People look at a less agile guy, and all they see is weaknesses. What I'm saying to you, is that cornerback is not all athleticism, and guys who perform well at the combine have other weaknesses that you only see on film.


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      Yep, you're completely right and I agree with you since I never denied that.
      Imo the combine is very overrated, still good to judge a DB's skillset.
      Gameplay is always a different thing.
      "Brady... drops back... sees receiver wide open... and throws it away"


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        You know I would love to agree with you guys that the combine is severly overrated, because in part it is. But why is it that every head coach and most assistants show up to it year in year out. It gives an objective playground for these prospects. They are taken out of their element, surely something that they will feel when they are drafted by a team that is most likely not their team of choice. It applies pressure because they are out of their comfort zone and they have to react and put up times. And I also agree THRASHER with the posisition drills for the DBs is one of the better drills to evaluate talent. Just look at last years combine and DRC.
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          Originally posted by GridironChamp View Post
          William Moore ran faster than expected, 4.49, so I'm interested to see if he
          slides back up into the latter part of the fist round.
          I just hope we get either William Moore or Patrick Chung in the second. Either would be a huge upgrade to our secondary. I'm kind of leaning more towards Patrick, but either would be nice.