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Jets Release Coles

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  • Jets Release Coles


    Hes not bad at all to be honest...not that we need another reciever at the price he would probably want..
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    i love coles, i loved coles for a while, and id love to see him in denver.

    but realistically it wont happen, royal and marshal are both great, and stokley in the slot works well... sadly he wont fit in

    and with our need for a whole new defence cause we sucked ass last year, i think our complete focus will be on defence this off season and many good offencive fas will pass onto other teams (which isnt bad cause our o was fine last year)

    the only thing i could possibly see happening is getting a running back
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      He lives a mile from my house. We have a p/u basketball league that plays on Monday night and he stopped to play w/ us a couple days before training camp in 2007.

      Very cool guy. After he left, we were all saying that we were glad we didn't step on his foot...beings that we're a bunch of hacks!!
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        New update, that really changes things. He is guaranteed 6 million this season, so he could sign with any team he wants for like 2 million and still get that extra 4 from the Jets, he literally can decide were he wants to go with that leverage because he gets paid well no matter what
        Being a Bronco fan is more important than being a fan of any coach or player in particular.


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          He is on the plane to Miami right now


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            I wouldn't mind... Stokes is getting old and has missed time with injury the last two seasons. If we add Coles we'd have one of the top WR groups in the NFL.


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              Why would he come here? What is there to entice him? Money wouldn't be enough. I am sure the guy wants to win at this point. He can go to NE or MIA and stay in the division and have a chance at winning and sticking it to the Jets.

              I could see him in SD where they need a real WR to complement VJ and Gates.

              I would love to see the guy here but I just don't see it happening.


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                Well face it, this was the Jets best year to make something happen and they botched it. So he can sign where ever, I'd love to see him play in Philly with McNabb, they need some WR's. If they could sign him and Housh, they'd be pretty stacked