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    Originally posted by broncofansd View Post
    I never attacked MUG. I stated that until Y. Bell is resigned that he is a Free Agent. It took til the last minute to resign him but until then he was listed in The Denver Post as a player that Denver would look at.

    But no MUG says he isn't available so that is it. Fact is he was a player Denver was considering. So MUG doesn't know everything.

    He has been very Condissending and Critical and not very classy.

    Actually, I informed you that Bell and Miami had a contract essentially in place in an attempt to help you because your football knowledge was not up to date.

    You cried about that and told me I had poor football knowledge.

    And then I owned you. Completely owned you. On the one topic that I tried to help you with.

    If you could actually take criticism, and learn from it like a normal person, I would have no problem with you. But as it stands, you are by far the worst poster on this website. You, by your actions, have earned that moniker.

    You should move to a new message board where the posters might appreciate you. That place probably does not exist, but you should try.


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      Originally posted by broncofansd View Post
      Elevation , I have read your posts and am not impressed with you knowledge or lack there of.

      I think that I will just from now on Keep posting my Mock Drafts and Just IGNORE you Raider fans!!!
      not if you lose this

      to call established posters with more time on this board raider fans. Seriously i would expect that kind of behaviour from a 8 year old

      really... i mean really?

      Please go to the Orangemane. please
      Last edited by Broncosinindy; 02-27-2009, 12:49 AM.
      The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
      While he sits by his hearth at home.
      Quickly finds when questioned by others .
      That he knows nothing at all.


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        Hillis can run catch fly and teleport!!!!!!



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          Originally posted by Broncosinindy View Post
          Best broncos website on the net right now is you have to take this stie with a grain of salt..
          i acknowledge that this forum is one if not the best football website and on the smack forum anything goes which i don't care about but getting personal over a mock draft and free agent pick ups? c'mon, it's not that serious and I mean both sides, not only the attacker but the attackee.

          Some of us have more experience and a little more know how on evaluating talent but we are not perfect and we are not being paid by the broncos to make these decisions so lets not make it like we are better then someone cause THEY are misinformed or just lack knowledge. they can either listen and get educated somewhat or just stay ignorant but no need to go on for days with page after page of smack where it's not required.

          AT THE SAME TIME those that make Mock Draft every two seconds you obviously do it to get attention so when you get it, handle it. The critiques, it comes with the territory, a little thicker skin is needed especially if your mock is WAY off.
          Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!


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            Originally posted by elevation INC View Post
            this cracks me up....i find it entertaining to mix it up with guys like broncosfansd becaue its fun....i open my self up frequently here and get good criticsm, good review, and bad criticism and bad review....

            as others have said if you flaunt a mock with little or no effort and do it continually you will eventually rub people the wrong way. it should not be a suprise when people cop a attitude.

            As for the sorry but i dont agree with you. There will always be people that will fight here, the best thing to do is just avoid or ignore it.

            Personally for me I will continue to mix it up with anyone that doesnt have a valid reason for attacking me other than to just play the god role, when that happens its on.....

            Case in point said new poster claims infinite knowledge about bell coming here. another Vet poster says he wont leave miami and backs it up with why...original poster freaks out and starts attacking. responseby vet poster attacked is to attack back. final result Bell is resigned by miami. vet is right

            New poster looks like a tool, vet poster proves once again, he has been here long enough to know how some things work.....I personally feel some of the newer posters should learn what the vets have to offer instead of attacking us.

            It wont happen though, because its the offseason and its the wise yodaTX said thick skin is a must have here period.....
            I love mixing it up too believe me i come here for to engage or just watch other engae in friendly fire but recently it has gotten way over the top very quickly and for no reason at all other then ultrasensativity.

            I mean both ways. I'm used to the infighting but this year it's seems everybody is a little touchy and it doesn't take much to set someone off.

            NOT that serious.
            Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!