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Broncos sign long snapper

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    Originally posted by G3N3S1S View Post
    All signings are important. Don't you get that?
    Yes because the Niko signing was just as important as this one. Its not like this Paxton character is going to be competing for the starting MLB position. Or how about Manuel signing? Yes we all know how well our defence did last year.

    Sure all signings are important. More so than others. This one did not break the bank, nor did it fill an importance. This is a utility pickup. Id say this is no different than us signing Rashod Moulton. Yeah that's right, look him up in the Broncos roster.


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      Did we pay Ricardo Milton 5mil?


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        Originally posted by ttejuco View Post
        I dont understand why all of you are freaking out. This move is absolutely irrelevant. This deal was dirt cheap and all of you are acting like it is going to break the bank.

        This guy is not going to be our starting cornerback or linebacker. He is not going to be running the ball.

        This guy is here for special teams support and nothing else.

        So dont get your panties in a knot. Geez settle down, nothing better else to do than whine about an unimportant signing.
        The problem is, Leech was probably the BEST long snapper in the NFL. Not only is he extremely accurate, he has a lot of speed on his snaps, and speed is also very important, as it gives the kickers a split second more time.

        With all the holes on D, why replace a position that was already very solid? Makes me wonder how well these new guys grade film.


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          This is a stupid signing, maybe McDaniels didnt think the broncos had a LS because Leach never gets his name mentioned in games, which is typically the way you want it if you are a LS.
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