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Would you take a 1st and 3rd for Brandon Marshall???

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    What I really believe is that Jay Cutler is a very good QB. Not perfect and definetely not mature but his potential when the Light Bulb finally goes off - Is off the charts.

    But there is also the concept of team and a good QB on a bad team still is bad. Our Offense is good but Defensively it isn't.


    Champ Bailey - Excellent CB but is over 30 and contract up in 2 years????

    Brian Dawkins - Excellent Safety. Signed a 5 year deal but probably will only play 2.

    DJ Williams - very solid LB but won't make the hits that Al Wilson would.

    and the rest of the team is average or below.

    So by trading a Brandon Marshall/Dumervil/Scheffler and drafting a Connor Barwin , Sean Smith , BJ Raji it would more than even out in my mind.

    Denver needs to draft some very talented players on DEFENSE.


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      I don't believe that most argue about how the trades would benifit the team (even if Marshal is addition by subtraction), but the trade value we would recieve would be highly unrealistic and as such so would the probability of Denver being able to draft the players you listed.


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        A second round pick for Tony Scheffler....thats funny. We will be lucky to get a fifth for him.
        New England Patriots GM


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          Originally posted by broncofansd View Post
          This is a Forum and I can post as many posts as I want. So if you don't like them , just don't read them.

          -a guy goes to a doctor and says doctor my arm hurts when I move it like this. The doctor says don't move it like that.

          Easy enough. Now pay me my $150 dollars
          There goes a time when all that is taken to an extreme...

          Whenever I come to the Draft, Trades and Free Agency section I look for news and useful info but all that goes away because of your useless dribble of mock drafts, it's gets ridiculous.

          If you want to make mock drafts make ONE thread dedicated to your mock drafts and just post them here. There comes a point when enough is enough and your dumb mocks are spamming this forum.
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            You should make a mock with Marshall being traded, then another mock with Scheffler being traded, then a mock with Dumervil being traded, then another mock with Cutler being traded, and finally more mocks permutating all those trade possibilities.


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              Originally posted by broncofansd View Post
              It could happen. Getting a 1st , 3rd and Steve Smith would be enticing to McDaniels.

              Fact - Torry Holt is a excellent WR. Very crisp route runner and would come cheaper than Marshall's contract that is up next year. Torry is only 33 and has atleast 3 good years.

              Tory Holt has a bum knee that may not get him signed by anybody, imo, his career is done


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                Where is the link for Bum knee on Torry Holt???? Some Proof please!!!


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                  Originally posted by broncofansd View Post
                  Where is the link for Bum knee on Torry Holt???? Some Proof please!!!
                  I founf this from some blog but why would this guy lie lol ?

                  Hey Fisherman Heres ans awesome website with tons of info and Forums www.Coloradofisherman.comApril Fools


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                    Can some please ban him for posting this?
                    My god man, this is beyond off-limits this is just CRAZY.
                    But w/e