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Top 64 prospects from Jnew76

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  • Top 64 prospects from Jnew76

    Some notables:

    19. Ray Maualuga - ILB - USC - A thumper at MLB. Reminds me of Jeremiah Trotter on the football field. Should be a force in the middle for years, but might be a liability in the pass game later in his career. Should rack up the tackles and clog the middle. Needs to play in the right scheme and might have trouble playing sideline to sideline in the NFL.

    15. Everette Brown - DE/OLB - Florida St. - Pass rushers are always at a premium in the NFL. Brown is a pure pass rusher with some question marks, but excellent production. Does not have great size, speed, or strength... Has a real nice repetoire of pass rush moves and a knack for getting to the QB. He is a tweener/hybrid type that needs to prove he can hold the edge and drop into coverage if he wants to be an every down player in the NFL. Probably the closest thing to a finished product as a pass rusher in this draft.

    20. Jarron Gilbert - DE - San Jose St. - When it is all said and done, I may very well have Gilbert as a top 10 prospect in this draft as I think he has that type of talent. Size/speed/strength/production - He has everything. Powerful athlete with the potential, IMO, to dominate at the next level as a 4-3 DE, or as a 3-4 DE... Has excellent ability to play in space and the strength to hold up against the run. Could also add weight and end up as an elite DT. The sky is the limit for Gilbert. Son of former Saints OT Daren Gilbert. Needs to learn to use his hands better to utilize his natural strength.

    25. Brian Cushing - OLB - USC - I think Cushing might be a little better at 235lbs rather than the 243 he weighed in at the combine. He did show very well in the quickness and change of direction drills at the combine, but I think he would play better as an OLB in the NFL at a little lighter weight. He is a natural football player who will work very hard and play every down. If he maintains the weight he might get a look as an ILB at the next level.

    30. Knowshon Moreno - RB - Georgia - Gifted natural runner blessed with some of the best balance I have seen in a RB. Not a burner, and will not make a lot of people miss in the hole. However, he make yards after contact for two reasons... 1.He does not take big hits 2. His balance enables him to take a shot and gain chunks of yardage after contact... He is similar to Emmitt Smith in both of those areas. Can get into the secondary and get the maximum out of runs by angling to the sidelines and maximizing yardage.

    34. Clay Matthews - OLB - USC - Matthews is a bit of a late bloomer and is not nearly as heralded as the rest of the USC linebacking corp, but may very well end up being the best of the bunch. Athletic and versatile LB who could play a few positions at the next level. Excellent bloodlines, definitely has his best football in front of him.

    31. Ron Brace - DT - Boston College - As a 3-4 NT Brace is exactly what teams look for. Plays with leverage, strength, and power. Holds up at the point and occupies blockers with his big body. Has shown the ability to collapse the pocket at times, and was particularly impressive to me at the senior bowl. Not a natural pass rusher and does not really have any moves, but he is strong as a bull and enables the people behind him to flow to the ball and make plays.

    This last one was interesting to me:

    47. Bernard Scott - RB - Abilene Christian - I am amazed at the number of people who do not know how good this player is. If he played in a BCS conference I think he would be discussed as a top 15 pick. Of course, there are a number of reasons he does not play in a BCS conference and none of them are good. Scott has 5 arrests in his college career and when he failed to make grades out of JUCO, he had all of his offers from BCS schools pulled. No way he sniffs the first day of the draft, but if your team grabs him late, you are getting one of the 20 most talented players in this draft... mark my words.

    Just wanted to share
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    Thanks, JoRo. Good dope on each player. Nice to see a write-up on 64 players instead of the usual 32, who usually happen to be the same 32.

    There's been some serious criticism of Michael Oher - motivation, attitude, effort, intelligence, damaged by of 6 years of "coddling," etc. Why don't these concerns cause you to drop him down - to even the 2nd round. I wouldn't draft him with a 1st rounder?

    But I did love the book (Blind Side), and have been hoping for a happy NFL ending to that amazing saga.
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      Also, why no love in the Bronco Nation for Peria Jerry? Why don't more people lean to him over Raji and Brace? I'd have a good chuckle (and not be surprised) if the Denver brain trust announced, with the 12th pick in the Draft, oh, say, "Peria Jerry."

      I'm not touting him; he just seems to be bafflingly ignored - especially in the Mock Drafts.


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        I don't agree with everything, but I don't claim to be an expert.

        Look who made the list at #20. I would honestly rather have him than the guy at #15 because he has more raw talent.

        I'm gonna beat the drum that Gibbert makes it into the top half of the 1st round (16 or higher).
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          ooh ooh Bernard Scott!


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            seriously, if we somehow snagged Peria Jerry, Donald Brown, and Patrick Chung with our first three picks, maybe with a little shifting/manuevering, we'd be a better fb team. someone who defends the run, someone who can really run, and someone who'll clock you sideways aka Atwater, a pure hitter C-H-U-N-G

            I dont agree with all his assessments, but for these 3 I do.